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The Alpha class super carrier was a type of starship used by the Sha'Kurian Ducal Territories.

The Alpha class was the largest ship within the Sha'Kurian fleets, almost measuring 1,000 meters in length. They were noted for their sleek appearances as well as the two large external hangar bays where the ship launched its swarms of fighter craft. These ships were a recent development of the Ducal Territories developed from technological advancements over the last five years.
The first prototype version of this ship was built in early 2290 and began its shakedown cruise shortly after that period. During the testing of the ship, it was attacked by Admiral Zla'krel's mercenary group which was hired by the Tre'Lak clan. During the battle, the ship sustained minor damage to its hull and structure. In retaliation, the Alpha class super carrier's single fighter squadron managed to destroy two Hunter class light carriers along with multiple squadrons of enemy fighters and bombers. Zla'Krel's Long Fang class carrier, the DTS Wolverine, was destroyed using the newly acquired Gravitational density distortion sphere technology.

These super carriers easily dwarved the ships of other races which added to its intimidation. Despite its advantage in size, the ship suffered from poor shielding and armour technology that was inherent with Sha'Kurian technology. Furthermore, its large size made it a primary target for enemy ships. This made the ships complement of two squadrons of fighters essential to its survival. One squadron of Sharp Tooth class bombers along with one squadron of Claw class fighters. Once past the super carriers screen of fighters, the ship would be much more vulnerable to attack and could easily be damaged.

The Alpha class super carrier made use of its advanced sensor suit to detect cloaked enemy ships. This nullified the primary advantages of both the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire's starships. And though the ship suffered from poor hull quality and shielding, it made up for this with its excellent speed making it deceptively fast and capable of escaping the battleships of most other empires. The typical tactic employed by the Sha'Kurians regarding this ship is attacking from long range through the use of its fighter squadrons.

One of the problems with the ships light weight construction and the ships devotion to hangar bays results in little space for marines in addition to the crew making it a poor troop ship.

(TOS game: Klingon Academy)


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