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Official Name
Alpha Squadron

Team Identity


Team Leader(s)
Karma, Formerly Northstar

Former Members


Alpha Squadron are one of the many six-member squads formed to facilitate the training and development of the older students at the Xavier Institute.

Place of Formation
Xavier Institute

Place of Defunction
Xavier Institute

First appearance

New X-Men: Academy X #13



Alpha Squadron was advised by former Alpha Flight member, Northstar. Thus the name Alpha Squadron. When Northstar was seemingly killed by Wolverine, the squad was assigned a new advisor, Karma.


  • Anole - Victor Borkowski was the leader of Alpha Squadron. He has a reptilian mutation with the power to camouflage himself, blending in to his surroundings.
  • Rubber Maid - Andrea Margulies is able to stretch any portion of her body to great lengths due to her ultra-elasticity. Andrea was the youngest member of Alpha Squadron.
  • Indra - Paras Gavaskar is from India. Endowed with the ability to extend exoskeletal plates over his body, he can increase his physical resistance to injury.
  • Loa- Alani Ryan is Hawaiian. Her powers allow her to "swim" through solid matter, causing it to crumble around her as she does so.
  • Network - Sarah Vale's power is cyberpathy and can mentally control machines.
  • Kidogo - Lazaro Kotikash is a Masai and almost a head taller than anyone else on the team. His power is to shrink himself to 4 inches in height.

There are also other teams advised by different X-Men. For a complete list of students prior to Decimation see Xavier Institute student body.


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  • The squad’s colors were white and charcoal grey with red accents.

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This article is about a TIE fighter unit active during the Galactic Civil War. You may be looking for Alpha Squadron, a seatrooper unit active during the Second Imperial Civil War.
Alpha Squadron
General information
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Galactic Empire

"Flight Ops, launch TIE Interceptor squadron Alpha."

Alpha Squadron, or Alpha Squad, was an Imperial TIE fighter unit that was employed in various duties and battles throughout the Galactic Civil War.

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During the construction of the first Death Star, Alpha Squadron was assigned to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Steel Talon at Despayre. The squadron was later transferred to the Death Star as it progressively became operational. When Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya requested provisions of the Imperial stewardess Ysanne Isard in the wake of the Nagai-Tof War, Alpha Squadron was transferred to the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Revenant within her fleet, and participated in an assault on the Communications Research space station Epsilon Nine.


On board the Steel Talon:

On board the Death Star:



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Alpha Squadron consisted of Alpha-138, Alpha-126, and Alpha-153. These Commandos are specially trained with a Jedi starfighter. The squadron won several attacks on the CIS.The Squadron was also given the responsibility to lead an attack on the CIS Super Cannon. The Alpha Squadron helped the Jedi fight battles that Jedi would die. The Jedi would honor the Alpha Squadron by giving them pot filled with credits. The Alpha Squadron would be the highest-ranking stormtroopers during the reign of the Empire.

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