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Almas Council
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Nerra Ziveri

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Almas Academy




177 BBY


19 BBY

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Rise of the Empire era


Jedi Order

The Almas Council was made up of all the instructors at the Almas Academy. The Council was subject to the orders of the Jedi High Council on Coruscant.



Four years after the Dark Jedi Conflict and the rediscovery of Almas, a small Jedi school was established on the other side of Almas to keep an eye on the Sith fortress. Over time, more students arrived, and the school on Almas became a full fledged Jedi academy after the formation of the Council, with Twi'lek Jedi Master Nerra Ziveri as its headmaster since 119 BBY. He was succeeded in 56 BBY by his former Padawan, Lanius Qel-Bertuk.[1]

The academy was an experimental one. They accepted older students, a tradition which began with the local Tarasin. Eventually they accepted adults to begin training as Jedi, although those they accepted were carefully screened. The Almas Academy could never accept an applicant that had already been rejected at other praxeum.[1]

The Almas Academy was kept under scrutiny of the Jedi Council on Coruscant because of this experiment. The Council yearly sanctioned Almas students, occasionally sent Jedi Knights to teach in Almas, and particularly kept an eye on the potentially dangerous situation of the Fortress. Ziveri, on his part, believed that the best place to study the dark side is near it, and so the nearby Fortress was a boon, not a hindrance.[1]


Clone Wars

During the first years of the Clone Wars, the Jedi of Almas Academy controlled Darth Rivan's old Almas Sith fortress, in the other hemisphere of the planet. A team of some 20 Jedi were sent to the Fortress at any moment, both to investigate the dangerous place and to kept it from the dark side sect known as the Believers. Jedi illusionist Treibeiu was assigned to the Fortress.[2]

The Almas Academy was used to research this situation and try to find a solution. Accidentally, Almas Academy librarian Oden Malksch handled a piece of jewelry in Nalvas's body and possessed his body. Malksch/Nalvas now could lead one of the search teams to the place where the Force essences of the victims were being kept, to free them.[2]


During the execution of Order 66, the academy was destroyed by Imperial bombardment from orbit, killing all masters of the Council.


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