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Alma Beoulve
Sprite(s) Alma's portrait Alma's in-game sprite
Japanese アルマ・ベオルブ
Romaji Aruma Beorubu
Age 15
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Leo
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Cleric
Affiliation House Beoulve, Church of Glabados, her elder brothers.
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"To live in an age so wondrous is a blessing-but to live in Ivalice, even more one."
—Alma Beoulve

Alma Beoulve is Ramza's younger sister from Final Fantasy Tactics. She is also the only suitable host body for the Lucavi demon Ultima. Unlike the two eldest Beoulve children who are only half-brothers of Ramza and Alma, Alma is Ramza's full sister.



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Friendship With Tietra

Alma lived at Eagrose Castle, stronghold of the Order of the Northern Sky and House Beoulve. Their father, Barbaneth Beoulve, brought the Heiral siblings Delita and Tietra under his protection. Tietra and Alma are about the same age, so they quickly became friends, despite the class difference between them. Unfortunately, Dycedarg, the eldest of Barbaneth's children, murdered him, and together with Duke Larg, began a campaign against the primarily peasant Corpse Brigade. During this campaign, a Corpse Brigade leader named Gragoroth attempted to assassinate Dycedarg, but when he failed he then tried to seize Alma. The second oldest Beoulve sibling, Zalbaag, intervened, and Gragoroth instead seized Tietra. Because of Argath Thadalfus' contempt toward peasants, Tietra was subsequently killed during a Northern Sky attack on Ziekden Fortress led by Zalbaag and Argath.

Assisting Ramza

Following the death of Cúchulainn, Ramza visited his brother Zalbaag in the Royal City of Lesalia in a vain attempt to have him stop the war. Alma was also at Lesalia, and she met Ramza as he was leaving the town by the back gate. Suddenly the Glabados heresy examiner Zalmour Lucianada arrived and attempted to arrest Ramza. Alma helped her brother fight back and Zalmour went away empty-handed. Alma then suggested that they search for the Virgo Holy Stone at Orbonne Monastery, as she had spent considerable time at the monastery and had seen the stone there before, but had not realized its significance at the time. Ramza reluctantly agreed to take her with him.

At Orbonne Monastery, Ramza discovered that Temple Knight Isilud Tengille had beaten Ramza to the monastery, and was inside searching for the Virgo Stone as well. Ramza left all of the Zodiac Stones he had collected with Alma, and rushed down to confront Isilud. Suddenly, Wiegraf Folles appeared and captured Alma. When Ramza and Isilud returned to the entrance, Wiegraf had Isilud take Alma away, while he battled Ramza. Ramza quickly defeated Wiegraf, but could not catch Isilud, who had mounted a Chocobo.

In the Hands of the Lucavi

Isilud did not get far with Alma before he was captured by Marach Galthena, who was working for Grand Duke Gerrith Barrington. Both Isilud and Alma were imprisoned at Riovanes Castle. When Isilud's father Folmarv arrived with Wiegraf, Isilud was brought before him by Marach. Negotiations between Folmarv and Barrington quickly went sour and Folmarv transformed into Hashmal, going on a rampage. In the chaos, Alma slipped out of the dungeon and came across Belias' dead body, as Ramza, entering the castle to rescue Alma, had just slain the creature. Continuing into the next room, she found Isilud mortally wounded. Isilud warned her that a monster was on the loose, and Alma, mistakenly believing he meant Belias, told Isilud that Ramza had killed the monster. Isilud then died and Folmarv, back in his human form, suddenly entered the room, discovering Alma. By now, the Virgo Stone was in Folmarv's hands and it reacted to Alma's presence, alerting him to what he least expected: Alma was the one he had been searching for to use as a host for Ultima, the Angel of Blood. Folmarv punched Alma in the stomach, knocking her out, and made off with her.

Ultima's Resurrection

When Folmarv learned how to reach the Necrohol of Mullonde he took Alma there and attempted to perform the ritual that would resurrect Ultima. This failed, since an insufficient amount of bloodshed had occurred since Ultima's resurrection. Just then, Ramza arrived in an attempt to rescue his sister. Folmarv decided to use Ramza as a sacrifice to Ultima to help make the ritual work. Activating the Leo Stone, he transformed into the Lucavi beast Hashmal and attempted to destroy Ramza. Ramza tried to awaken the unconscious Alma, but Hashmal had sealed her soul, making it impossible. However, Ramza did prove too strong for Hashmal to destroy, and wounded him enough to break his power over Alma. The girl woke up, but Hashmal refused to admit defeat and committed suicide to offer himself as a sacrifice to Ultima. As a result, the Virgo Stone finally triggered and Alma found herself possessed by Saint Ajora Glabados.

Alma's will, however, was too strong for Ajora, and she separated from him, reappearing nearby. Alma told Ramza to destroy Ajora, but the fake saint immediately transformed into Ultima. During the battle, Alma did what she could to keep Ramza alive by casting MBarrier on him. Ultima transformed again into a giant skeletal monstrosity, but ultimately Ramza prevailed. Ultima exploded and the entire area was consumed by the blast. It appeared as though Alma had been killed, but she was later glimpsed by Orran Durai, riding away with Ramza; it was the first and only time in the entire game that Orran had seen Alma.

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