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Allotments are farming patches that players can grow vegetables and fruits in. Most allotment patches also have a compost bin, a Tool Leprechaun, a herb patch and a Flower patch very near by. There are allotment patches south of Falador, in Port Phasmatys, north of Catherby, in Hemenster (north of East Ardougne). There is an allotment patch on Harmony Island, however there are no flower or herb patches.

The following fruits and vegetables can be grown in any allotment:

Each patch requires three seeds of the same type to begin growing that fruit or vegetable type.

Potatos are used as an ingredient in stew and baked into a baked potato, which with added ingredients creates high health-restoring foods; eaten raw, they only heal 1 hitpoint. Onions are used in making yellow dye and as an ingredient in certain other cooked foods; they also only heal 1 hitpoint when raw. Cabbages are used in the Black Knights' Fortress (quest), but cannot be cooked and only heal 1 HP when eaten. Tomatos are used in making pizza and other baked foods, and they can also be eaten to restore 3 health. Strawberries can be eaten and heal a good number of hitpoints and are also one ingredient of Summer pie. Watermelons are used in making Super compost or Scarecrows and are another ingredient of Summer pie; they can also be cut into watermelon slices and then eaten.

  • The fastest ways to get to the Hemenster allotment are by casting the Ardougne Teleport spell or by using a Bracelet of Combat to go to the Ranging Guild. (Plague City Required for teleport). Players on lunar spell book could also use the fishing guild teleport (85 magic required). The fastest way is to teleport there using the Ardougne cloak; however this requires the player to complete all of the medium tasks in the Ardougne Diary for a teleport once per day, or all the elite tasks for unlimited teleports.
  • A fast way to get to the Catherby allotment is through the Camelot Teleport, and then walking east to get there. The fastest way is the Catherby Teleport (87 magic required) on the lunar spellbook.
  • The teleports that get you near the Falador allotment are, Falador Teleport, Amulet of Glory to Draynor, or Teleport to House (provided it is in Rimmington). The explorer's ring provides a cabbage-patch teleport, designed for access to this allotment.
  • The fastest way to get to the Port Phasmatys allotment is by the Ectophial, and then walking west to get there. Ghosts Ahoy required for teleport). An alternative is to use the Fairy Ring network to the Haunted Woods (code ALQ), a short walk south of the allotment.
  • The fastest way to get to the Harmony allotment is to use a bottle of Mos Le Harmless 'rum', then walk through the jungle to get to the main city and teleport to Harmony by Brother Tranquility.

Also, it should be noted that the first thing players can grow at level 1 farming is grown on an allotment. The rest of the things that can be grown are still low to low-medium level foods.


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