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All For You

Adam Gallardo


Greg Titus


Julian Washburn


Steve Dutro


John Rauch

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

Rise of the Empire era


996 BBY

Part of

Star Wars Tales

Published in

Star Wars Tales 17

All For You is a comic in Star Wars Tales 17 and collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 5.

Plot summary

An unidentified Jedi crash-lands on the planet Ceriun, and gives a cubical Holocron to the local farmers of Drop Canyon before dying. The Holocron supposedly acts as a map. As the farmers debate whether to keep the Holocron safe or get rid of it, a teenaged boy named Tenno, desperate to escape the rural planet and his abusive father, convinces his friends to steal the Holocron from the meeting and turn it over to the Sith, who will surely reward them.

When Tenno and his friends arrive at the meeting, a brawl breaks out, and at least two farmers are killed, including Tenno's father. The brawl is interrupted by a Sith Lord, who takes the Holocron. When Tenno asks for their reward, the Sith Lord draws his lightsaber and kills all the boys except Tenno, to teach him a harsh lesson: that the Sith are powerful enough to take whatever they want, without needing the help of some pathetic farmboys.

But as he prepares to leave with the Holocron, the Sith Lord decides to leave Tenno with the farmers, warning them not to harm him, as the Sith Lord will know if they do.

Behind the scenes

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The Sith Lord that appears in this story bears a resemblance to Darth Bane, although, given that the story is set in 996 BBY, Bane would have been at least partially covered in Orbalisks at this time.


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