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Production information

All Terrain Advance Raider[1]



Technical specifications

Heavy blaster cannon (1)[2]


Pilot (1)[2]


At least 1[2]


Heavy cavalry

"Ready for recon."
―An AT-AR pilot

The All Terrain Advance Raider (AT-AR) was a bipedal walker used by the Galactic Empire. AT-AR walkers were stationed in many Imperial garrisons throughout the galaxy.



Several views of the AT-AR.

The AT-AR had heavier armor than the AT-ST, and was more suitable for frontline combat than lighter bipedal walkers. It was also faster than the scout walker. The AT-AR's "head" was situated closer to its legs, giving it a more hunchbacked look, and it was armed with a single, large blaster cannon.[1]

The view out the cockpit was more extensive than on the AT-ST, and somewhat similar to the view from an AT-PT cockpit, especially notable in the forward heavy blaster cannon. One driver and one commander were seated side-by-side in the cockpit, while the elongated shape of the walker provided more room for cargo than the AT-ST models.[2]

At least one variant of the walker had relatively thin armor and went by the name light AT-ST.[4]


AT-ARs were shown as part of the military assets belonging to a garrison established on Tatooine, in the spaceport city of Mos Eisley in 0 BBY.[1] Other garrisons also had AT-ARs in their arsenal, such as the ones on Jarnollen[2] and Mandalore.[5] In 3 ABY, AT-ARs were part of Blizzard Force and participated in the Battle of Hoth.[1]

During the Sith-Imperial War over a hundred years later, the Fel Empire still employed AT-AR walkers. One participated in the Battle of Botajef against the Galactic Alliance-affiliated Mandalorian force.[3]

Behind the scenes

The AT-AR is based on a concept art for the AT-ST made for The Empire Strikes Back.[6] Its first use was in an issue of the Marvel Star Wars comic and in the Al Williamson newspaper comic strip.


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