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Image:Quote1.png Heh. Mess with the little guy, will you? I'm still here, guys! Take that, alien dorks! Image:Quote2.png
-- The Atom

Appearing in "My Life in Miniature (Part IV of VI) - Aggressive Ideologies"

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Synopsis for "My Life in Miniature (Part IV of VI) - Aggressive Ideologies"

The Atom is trapped inside of an impenetrable sphere the size of a marble. Further, one of his colleagues from Ivy University, Professor Zuel, has swallowed him. Professor Zuel (infected by an entity known as M'Nagalah) stands over thirty-feet tall and begins stomping throughout the city.

The Atom attempts to contact Panda Potter, but Panda has his own problems. The super-villain known as Dwarfstar has broken into his home and is holding him at knifepoint. Threatening Panda, he tells him to make sure that the new Atom continues to fight on the side of the "good guys". Dwarfstar's perception of a "good guy" however differs from the norm.

As Professor Zuel continues to terrorize Ivy Town, the aliens known as the Waiting take the opportunity to attack her. Meanwhile, the Atom uses his knowledge of biology to force Zuel to regurgitate him. The insectoid Waiting ships flee from Zuel's "biological weapon".

Free of the impenetrable sphere, the Atom begins attacking the Waiting. In the middle of the fight, Ivy University's Dean Mayland pulls up in his car and compels Ryan to get inside. Driving away, he explains to the Atom that he was once close friends with Ryan’s predecessor, Ray Palmer. He further explains that Ray’s continuous experiments have permanently broken the laws of physics in Ivy Town – which is part the reason why so many strange things have been occurring.

Mayland brings Ryan back to his home where he reunites the young professor with his father. Meanwhile, Dwarfstar watches the entire affair from outside the windowsill.


  • This issue also includes a cameo flashback appearance by Laethwen. Laethwen is the late love interest of Ray Palmer, and appeared in the Sword of the Atom limited series.
  • This issue is the first canonical appearance of Ryan's father. Mister Choi was featured in flashback in All-New Atom #1.


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