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Every Dofus character has an alignment. However, the system is more akin to factions than the traditional kind of alignment. As of 1.29, there is an NPC named Snori Nairb who offers the chance to change alignments to F2P characters, but only to the alignment that is currently losing in territory possessed. These aligned F2P people cannot access anything other than the PVP function of their alignment, and do not benefit from their bonuses if they are in an aligned area. For P2P, becoming part of an alignment lets you enter regular PVP fighting and conquest of areas for your alignment.



Characters with an alignment can only aggress characters of different alignments. Similarily, many aligned NPCs will only fight characters of opposing alignment; some will also turn aggressive.


The default alignment is Neutral, and it is linked to Amakna. Neutrals cannot aggress other characters, but they get a knight on their side if someone aggresses them on neutral territory.

Bontarian (The "Angels")

Those siding with the city of Bonta. They can be spotted by the white angel-like wings above their name. Neutral characters can join Bonta's side by starting the Bontarian Quest of the Wings at (-33,-57).

Brakmarian (The "Devils")

Those siding with the city of Brakmar. They can be spotted by the red devil-like wings above their name. Neutral characters can join Brakmar's side by starting the Brakmarian Quest of the Wings at (-23,38).

The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries (often called Seriane Kerm, the name of the guild on Jiva which has the alignment) have no city of their own, but their headquarters are located in Astrub at (4,-21). Mercenary is an alignment that takes "contracts" in exchange for money. Unlike the other alignments, it relies heavily on role-playing, both from the Mercenaries themselves and anyone who wants to hire them. (In other words, anyone can take Bontarian or Brakmarian only for the game play benefits, but only people who role-play their characters can be a Mercenary.) The wings that appear above the names of Mercenary players look like wooden handcrafted wings that incorporate daggers.

It currently does not run on any English speaking servers. There is no known ETA for its incorporation on English servers, as it requires a solid player organization to take form first, as well as GMs to exclusively handle running the alignment, since all promotions within the alignment are given by higher-ups, rather than by NPCs.

Information on the Seriane-Kerm clan on Jiva can be found on their website. Note this is a French Role Playing association.


Alignment Level & Orders

Your alignment level is determined by the number of bonta/brakmar alignment quest you complete. Complete 1 alignment quest raises your alignment level by 1.

After completion of the level 20 bonta/brakmar alignment quest, you may choose to become part of one of the three orders in your alignment. Each order gives different abilities and bonuses ranging from resistance to camouflage to priests. Your order level and benefits are improved upon completeing the 40th, 60th, 80th and 100th Bonta/Brakmar alignment quest.

Alignment Order Level 1
20 Quests
Level 2
40 Quests
Level 3
60 Quests
Level 4
80 Quests
Level 5
100 Quests

Valiant Heart Menalt Disciple Page Knight of Hope Wonderful Champion Legendary Hero
Sharp Eye Silvosse Disciple Spy Renegades Hunter Supreme Assassin Master of Illusions
Salutary Spirit Jiva Disciple Apprentice Writting Work Follower Master of Parchments Knowledge Guardian

Bleeding Heart Djaul Disciple Traitor Knight of Despair Chaos Champion Apocolypse Hero
Putrid Eye Brumaire Disciple Dark Spy Soul Hunter Psychopath Master of Shadows
Unsound Mind Disciple of Hecate Dark Apprentice Follower of Pain Master of Brutality Guardian of Torture

PvP Mode / Wings Visibility

Aligned characters have the option of activating 'PVP mode'. When PvP mode, is on - the wings of your character are up / is visible to others. Whist in PvP mode you may:

Without none PvP mode on, none of the above may take place. You can still access alignment villages without having PvP mode on, and you may still be aggress by NPC (such as Bonta / Brakmar city guards) with your wings down.

Rank & Honor Points

See 'rank' for all the possible ranks obtainable.

Honor points determines your PVP rank, which gives various benefits. The higher your rank, the more and better the:

  • Possible equipment.
  • Shields.
  • Experience bonus (if area controlled by your alignment).
  • Drop bonus (if area controlled by your alignment).
  • Gathering profession bonus (if area controlled by your alignment).
  • Lower the prices of zaaps (to areas controlled by your alignment).

Honor points are gained by (whist having PvP mode on) defeating opposite alignment prisms (250 honor points) or by defending your own alignment prisms (100 points every 2nd defend). While a players wings are up they may be aggressed, or aggress someone of an opposing alignment. Losing an aggress will cause you to lose honour, while winning one will gain you honour - so long as the person/people who you defeated were around your level (e.g. A lvl 120 would gain no honour from aggressing a lvl 20).

Changing Alignment

You may change your character alignment ( to Bontarian,Brakmarian or Neutral) by talking to Morgan Faym'n at (4,-6) in Amakna Castle militia. You can now only change alignment once every 2 weeks (this includes turning neutral).

  • Changing to the minority alignment is free of charge.
  • Changing to the majority alignment is not an option. (To achieve this you would have to pay to go neutral and then give twiggy daggers or swords as per usual to select an alignment)


Brakmarian and Bontarian Only

  • A character whose alignment matches the current alignment of one of the alignment villages has access to that territory. The in-game map will show the current alignment of these territories. Only Brakmarians or Bontarians can control & access these territories.
  • Imp Carriers can only be used for transportation by characters whose alignment matches the current alignment of the Imp Village.
  • Reduced fees for using zaapis and at the Markets in the aligned character's home city (Bonta or Brakmar).
  • Reduced price on zaaps to a territory controlled by the character's alignment when zaaping from the characters aligned territory.
  • Bonus for earned XP, drops, and kamas are given when fighting mobs in a territory controlled by the character's alignment, if the character's wings are up.
  • Take on a PvP Quest against members of the opposite alignment.

Brakmarian, Bontarian & Mercenary

  • Some equipment can only be used by characters of a particular alignment, or of a particular Rank within an alignment. (See Category:Alignment_equipment)
  • The alignment chat channel can be read by any member of the matching alignment, but only characters with an alignment level of 20+ or rank 3+ can send messages.

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From The Vault

Karma's a real bitch, you'd be wise to remember that.

—-Michael Masters.


Generally referencing the actual concept of Karma, Karma (as a tab on your in-game character sheet) in the Fallout series is the reflection of all good and evil choices you make during the game. In the first Fallout, it only covered a statistic called "Reputation" , as well as the special Karma/Reputation perks. In Fallout 2, what was originally called Reputation was renamed to Karma, and Reputation became a measurement of how you are perceived by various communities.

As a statistic, Karma (Reputation in the original Fallout) is a measurement of your good or bad deeds and how perceived by the inhabitants of the wasteland. Also, you can gain "titles" displaying your "achievements". For example, in Fallout, if you kill a child, you earn the Childkiller award.


Fallout 2

Neutral Karma



You start off with the status of a 'wanderer' with 0 karma points. This Status can therefore also be called Neutral. You stay a wanderer until you either reach +250 or -250 karma points.

Positive Karma


  • If your positive karma reaches 250 you gain the status of the 'Defender'.
  • This karma is a reference to Batman.

Shield of Hope

Shield of Hope
  • If your positive karma reaches 481 you gain the status of the 'Shield of Hope'.
  • This Karma is a reference to Captain America even though that wasn't his shield's name.

Guardian of the Wastes

Guardian of the Wastes
  • If your positive karma reaches 751 you gain the status of the 'Guardian of the Wastes'.
  • This Karma level is a reference to the British Foot Guards.

Savior of the Damned

Savior of the Damned
  • If your positive karma reaches 1000 you gain the status of the 'Savior of the Damned'.

Negative Karma



If your negative karma reaches -250 you gain the status of the 'Betrayer'.

Sword of Despair

Sword of Despair

If your negative karma reaches -481 you gain the status of the 'Sword of Despair'.

Scourge of the Wastes

Scourge of the Wastes

If your negative karma reaches -751 you gain the status of the 'Scourge of the Wastes'.

Demon Spawn

Demon Spawn
  • If your negative karma reaches -1001 you gain the status of the 'Demon Spawn'.
  • This Karma is a reference to Spawn.

Fallout 3

Karma is the system in Fallout 3 that keeps track of the moral actions and consequences of a character. Karma is the principle of cause and effect, and it represents the player's aptitude towards a certain status: good, neutral or evil. Although it is measured in points, the player never gets to see a numerical karmic value, only the title. You can only use the console command player.getav karma to get the current value of karma.

People will behave differently toward you depending upon your karma. For example, if a player has very good karma in Megaton, one NPC will talk to the player everyday to give them free items such as ammo, food or medicine. Players with evil karma can get the same benefits in Paradise Falls. Karma also factors into certain dialog options, such as recruiting followers and learning about Scribe Bigsley's side operation.

If the player's karma ever becomes Good, they will be targeted by Talon Company Mercs (even if their karma subsequently drops back to Neutral or Evil). Likewise, if the player's karma ever becomes Evil, they will be targeted by Regulators, even if their karma later raises to Neutral or Good. A player that has been both Good and Evil (i.e. in order to recruit all followers) may sometimes find themselves attacked by both Talon Company Mercs and Regulators at the same time (though they may attack each other first!) Keeping a neutral Karma level will result in neither Regulators nor Talon Company Mercs to bother you.

Companions and karma

Surprisingly, the two companions (excluding those who don't care about the player's karma) that prove themselves to be the most loyal are those who require low (or evil) karma: in other words, Clover and Jericho. After being hired, they will follow the player regardless of changes in his or her karma level, although they will often mention how boring the player is, should he become good. That is probably because the Lone Wanderer paid for their services (not to mention that Clover herself is a slave, thus blindly loyal), and because they don't really have a "conscience." Following the Lone Wanderer as he or she helps other people is boring, but not disturbing. Jericho is a companion that can prove himself handy when given good armor and weapons. Clover, however, appears to be much weaker than other companions (including Jericho), but when separated from you due to certain events of the story, she will join you again when you go looking for her, unlike Jericho.

Butch DeLoria and Sergeant RL-3, both recruited with Neutral Karma, are similar to Clover and Jericho. They will not leave if your karma becomes good or evil, but unlike Clover, you can't get them back with a high or low karma level when the main story separates you. Furthermore, while RL-3 can be an interesting follower, Butch proves himself to be the worst companion of the game.

Players with high karma may hire Fawkes or Star Paladin Cross. Both are very tough characters, and Cross is a very versatile fighter. They are not slaves or servants like Clover and Charon: they will follow you of their own free will, without any cost, if you ask them and have good karma. Be aware, however, that being good characters, they have a conscience and will leave your side if you become evil after hiring them, and will refuse to follow you again until your karma is high enough. If you want to pick one of them as your follower, be aware also that they appear quite late in the game. You cannot hire Star Paladin Cross before you gain access to the Citadel, which means that you cannot have her as your companion until the quest The Waters of Life is completed. Fawkes, although he appears when the player searches for the G.E.C.K. in Vault 87, cannot be hired before the player escapes from Raven Rock (end of The American Dream).

Karma levels

Karma levels

You begin the game with a value of zero, which increases or decreases based on the players actions. There are 5 levels of Karma:

  • 1000 to 750 : Very Good
  • 749 to 250 : Good
  • 249 to -249 : Neutral
  • -250 to -749 : Evil
  • -750 to -1000 : Very Evil


Good karma titles apply if your karma is above +250 points, neutral titles are awarded if your karma is between -249 and +249 points and evil titles are assigned if your karma is less than -250 points.

Ranks above 20 can only be reached with the add-on Broken Steel.

Level Good karma Neutral karma Bad karma Achievement/Trophy
1 Vault Guardian Vault Dweller Vault Delinquent -
2 Vault Martyr Vault Renegade Vault Outlaw -
3 Sentinel Seeker Opportunist -
4 Defender Wanderer Plunderer -
5 Dignitary Citizen Fat Cat -
6 Peacekeeper Adventurer Marauder -
7 Ranger of the Wastes Vagabond of the Wastes Pirate of the Wastes -
8 Protector Mercenary Reaver 10G/bronze
9 Urban Avenger Urban Ranger Urban Invader -
10 Exemplar Observer Ne'er-do-well -
11 Capital Crusader Capital Councillor Capital Crimelord -
12 Paladin Keeper Defiler -
13 Vault Legend Vault Descendant Vault Boogeyman -
14 Ambassador of Peace Pinnacle of Survival Harbinger of War 20G/bronze
15 Urban Legend Urban Myth Urban Superstition -
16 Hero of the Wastes Strider of the Wastes Villain of the Wastes -
17 Paragon Beholder Fiend -
18 Wasteland Savior Wasteland Watcher Wasteland Destroyer -
19 Saint Super-Human Evil Incarnate -
20 Last, Best Hope of Humanity Paradigm of Humanity Scourge of Humanity 30G/silver
21 Restorer of Faith Soldier of Fortune Architect of Doom -
22 Model of Selflessness Profiteer Bringer of Sorrow -
23 Shepherd Egocentric Deceiver -
24 Friend of the People Loner Consort of Discord -
25 Champion of Justice Hero for Hire Stuff of Nightmares -
26 Symbol of Order Model of Apathy Agent of Chaos -
27 Herald of Tranquility Person of Refinement Instrument of Ruin -
28 Lightbringer Moneygrubber Soultaker -
29 Earthly Angel Gray Stranger Demon's Spawn -
30 Messiah True Mortal Devil 20G/bronze

Ways of changing karma in Fallout 3

Add Karma (Doing Good)

Subtract Karma (Doing Evil)

  • Devour a corpse (Cannibal Perk required): -1 karma per corpse
  • Stealing from a non-Evil character or faction: -5 karma per transaction
  • Repeatedly hacking a locked terminal (Classifies as stealing, but can be done over and over again) -5 karma per hack attempt
  • Selling Ears taken from the corpses of good characters (you killed) to Daniel Littlehorn via the Contract Killer Perk: -10 karma per ear
  • Killing a Good creature: -25 karma
  • Performing an evil action in a quest: At least -50 karma
  • Killing a non-Evil character: -100 karma (although, this can be gotten around by shooting them once, making them hostile, then letting a follower kill them.)
  • Enslaving any character with the Mesmetron: -100 karma
  • Blowing up Megaton in the Power of the Atom quest: -1000 karma
  • Infecting Project Purity with the modified FEV in the Quest Take It Back! : -1000 karma
  • Blowing up the Citadel in the Who Dares Wins quest in the Broken Steel DLC: -1000 karma

To manually adjust karma, the console command rewardkarma xxx can be used, where "xxx" stands for the amount the player wants to add or use a negative value to decrease it instead. Best used when trying to recruit permanent companions.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Galvatron would sell his cannon for this to be canon.

"Alignment" is an unofficial Transformers novella written by Simon Furman, designed to tie up the loose threads left over from the Generation 2 comic book, and to bridge the gap between the Generation One era and the Beast Era. The storyline was produced without Hasbro's approval, and as such, is considered non-canon, but is included here on Teletraan-1 due to the insight it offers into the author's thought processes regarding the earlier storylines that it follows. As such, those elements of the story that enlighten official stories (namely, the true nature of the Liege Maximo and the purpose of the Hub) could reasonably be considered pseudocanon.

"Alignment" was published in two parts, both released exclusively at the UK convention, Transforce. Book 1 was released at Transforce 2001 in a magazine-styled format; at Transformers 2002, Book 1 was reprinted alongside the newly-written Book 2 in book format. In 2005, the whole story was made available online.

The story features covers and interior illustrations by noted Marvel UK artists, Lee Sullivan, Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Kev Hopgood, Jeff Anderson and Lew Stringer.


The story takes place several hundred years after "A Rage in Heaven!", by which time the Autobot-Decepticon alliance established in that story has broken down, and hostilities have begun once more. In the intervening years, Galvatron II destroys Megatron and assumes leadership of the Decepticons, arranging the construction of a fleet of Warworlds. In a major battle at Pinea Omicron, Optimus Prime succeeds in defeating Galvatron, but is knocked into stasis lock himself in the process, leaving both sides leaderless and in grave need of energon. Ultra Magnus assumes the role of acting Autobot commander on Cybertron, while the Decepticons, led by a High Council, regroup on "New Cybertron," a world transformed into a metallic sphere through use of the eco-structuring process previously employed by the Cybertronian Empire.

As the story begins, Ultra Magnus sends a crew under the command of Grimlock to search for energon, only for their ship to inadvertently enter the cloaked region of space concealing the Hub, a massive stucture of interlinked planets that is home to the menacing, mysterious Liege Maximo. Using this massive resonant web of worlds, the Liege Maximo plans to ascend to the realm of the gods, and with the time of the universal alignment that will allow to accomplish this goal about to begin, the Liege Maximo takes no chances and directs his forces to attack both the Autobots and Decepticons to keep them occupied. To fight back, a cabal of Decepticons led by Soundwave secretly restores Megatron to life, and the Decepticon leader is able to safely evacuate New Cybertron and blows the planet up to destroy the Liege Maximo's armies. Ultra Magnus is also able to get his fighting forces off Cybertron, and both sides then counter-attack the Hub.

Grimlock's crew attempts to sabotage the Hub from the ground, but they are systematically killed, leaving only Swoop alive by the time the united Autobot-Decepticon counter-attack arrives comes and draws the Liege Maximo's attention. As the Liege Maximo focuses his attention on the armada, Megatron performs a solo strike on the monster's exposed flank, dying in the process, but causing it to feel pain for the first time in millennia. Panicked, the Liege Maximo begins the alignment, separating his lifeforce from his corporeal form. His body is destroyed by the armada, and Swoop commits a final act of sabotage, causing the portal created by the Hub to collapse. With nowhere to go, the Liege Maximo's lifeforce dissipates, and he is destroyed.

The resolution of this threat leads to the signing of the Pax Cybertronia and the end of the Great War.

Relation to other works

"Alignment" served to answer several of the questions surrounding the mysterious entity, the Liege Maximo, that the Generation 2 comics raised. The story explained, as the comics had hinted, that the Liege Maximo was one of the first Transformers created by Primus, who sought to reconnect with the divine origins of the Transformers by gaining access to the realm of the gods. This was the reason for the eco-structuring that Jhiaxus and the Cybertronian Empire were subjecting planets throughout the galaxy to during the Generation 2 series—this interconnected series of metallic worlds formed the "Hub", a resonant structure that would allow the Liege Maximo to accomplish his goal.

The story also served to form an explicit link between the Generation One time period and the recently-concluded Beast Era. It is noted that while the Decepticons are leaderless on New Cybertron, the Decepticon High Council were unable to agree upon a course of action to further the Decepticon cause. Specifically, a splinter group referring to itself as the Predacons advocates "unconditional surrender to the Autobots, a pooling of resources, an extended time of gathering and secret re-building"—this, of course, being the tactic of the Tripredacus Council. At the conclusion of the story, this is ultimately the voice which wins out. Additionally, energon depletion forms a major part of the story, and to overcome it, the concept of downsizing the Transformers' physical forms is introduced.

The Furman-penned "Transformers: The Ultimate Guide" made reference to "Alignment," explicitly noting that it was unofficial, but reiterating the Liege Maximo's status as one of the group fiction now referred to as the 13 original Transformers. "Alignment" was also responsible for coining the name "Galvatron II" to refer to the Galvatron introduced in "Rhythms of Darkness!", which was later officialized by e-Hobby when they used it as the name of their exclusive version of the 2003 Galvatron reissue. Furthermore, the storyline which accompanied the e-Hobby Laser Ultra Magnus reissue described this Galvatron as possessing a Warworld, apparently taking its cue from the backstory briefly covered in "Alignment."

"Alignment" also featured the first mentions of Iacon's Stellar Galleries, and the Decepticons' fortress, Kolkular, both of which later appeared in Dreamwave Productions comic books.

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