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TNE Aliens of the Rim 1
Image:TNE Aliens of the Rim 1.jpg
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author Dave Nilsen, Loren Wiseman
Format paperback
Canonical Yes
Year Published 1995
Pages 96
Also See Hivers (Alien Module)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3

There are those who say that nothing takes place in Charted Space without the Hivers having anticipated it, planned it, shaped it, brought it into being by patient, careful manipulation.

The Hivers are the manipulators—motionless, perfectly rational beings possessed of infinite patient and subtlety. If interstellar history is a clock, the Hivers are the ones who wind it; the passage of time itself does their bidding.

The Ithklur are the most feared warriors known to man. To an Ithklur, Vargr plunder is like a walk in the park; Aslan warrior spirit is the babbling of a toothless child. Other races make such a fuss over violence—why not just do it and enjoy yourself.

To the Hivers, the Ithklur are their trained, elite shock troops, lovingly perfected by thousands of years of manipulation and social engineering. No finer tool has ever been fashioned.

But as far as the ithklur are concerned, they have the Hiver just where they want them. Who wants to be a boring taxi driver anyway? If the Hiver want to pretend to be in charge, what does that really hurt, so long as they leave the Ithklur alone?

Table of Contents

The Hivers ... pg 5
Open Source ... pg 6
Players Section ... pg 27
Referees' Section ... pg 36
The Ithklur ... pg 46
Open Source ... pg 47
Players section ... pg 65
Referees' Section ... pg 79
Appendix ... pg 81
New Rules ... pg 81
Equipment ... pg 83
Weapons ... pg 85
Inter species Equipment use ... pg 86
Glossary ... pg 89
Character generation worksheet ... pg 93
Character Sheet ... pg 94


Dave Nilsen, Loren Wiseman
Proofreading and Typesetting
Michelle Sturgeon
Art Direction
Julien F. Callahan
Interior Art
Bradley K. McDevitt
Cover Art
Christina Wald
Cover Design
Bradley K. McDevitt

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