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Alien Epoxy
uses: Repair item by 15 to 30% without duplicate
weight: 0
value: 25
base id: xx006be3

Alien Epoxy is an item which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.


It can be used to increase the Condition of your currently equipped weapon, up to a maximum of 100%. The percentage repaired depends on the player's Repair skill:

Repair Skill Weapon Condition
0 - 24 + 15 %
25 - 49 + 20 %
50 - 74 + 25 %
75 - 100 + 30 %

Alien Epoxy comes in tubes and over 100 tubes can be found around Mothership Zeta. Since they have no weight, all tubes found can be carried around. While the effect of one tube may (or may not) conform to the table above, you can always increase a weapon's condition to 100% by applying multiple tubes one after the other, regardless of your Repair skill, which makes Alien Epoxy perhaps the most significant item which you get from the Mothership Zeta add-on.

Alien Epoxy cannot repair armor or clothing.


  • Alien Epoxy can be found in the "Aid" section of the Pip-Boy.
  • It is useful for repairing unique weapons, such as the Gauss Rifle or Alien Blaster that cannot be repaired using other means without visiting a vendor.
  • At the end of Mothership Zeta, talking to Sally every 24 hours will give you a random alien item, one of which is Alien Epoxy.
  • The unique item must be equipped in order for the epoxy to repair the item.
  • It may happen when using Alien Epoxy to repair the Fat Man, that its condition improves beyond 100%. Version tested on: PAL. (Xbox 360).
  • If you use the epoxy on a weapon with 100%, the epoxy will be used and the weapon will not be further repaired (with the exception of the glitch above).
  • With the Operation: Anchorage DLC, the assault rifle used by the American soldiers in the simulation (which the player can obtain by exploiting the 'Gary 23 glitch' or using console commands for PC users) can be repaired beyond 100% with alien epoxy. Doing this can increase the weapons attack damage beyond what it should be.

Behind the scenes

  • An "Epoxy" is a step-growth thermoset polymer that solidifies around the applied area. This fits, suggesting that the epoxy fills in cracks or faults in the weapon.
Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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