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Alien Captive Recorded Log
quests: Alien Archivist achievement
base id: see article

Alien Captive Recordings (called Alien Captive Recorded Log ingame) are items added to Fallout 3 in the add-on Mothership Zeta.



There are a total of 25 recordings. Although they are usually not physical objects, the recordings will appear as holotapes when spawned via console commands and are stored in the Notes section of the Pip-Boy. Collecting all of them will grant the Alien Archivist achievement /trophy.

You will need to collect all the recordings while playing through the DLC's storyline. After completing the DLC you are only able to access The Bridge, The Engineering Core, and the Holding Cells - all other areas are inaccessible.


Without backtracking, the order is roughly:

  1. Holding Cells (6 total)
    • The first three {14, 15, 22} are together to the east of your initial cell on the first level. Don't follow your new friend.
    • The next three {3, 1, 12} are again found together in the room just east of the quest map marker.
  2. Engineering Core (4 total)
    • The locations of the four recordings on this level {5, 6, 7, 8} correspond to the four individual stasis controls on the pods of the samurai, astronaut, medic, and cowboy.
  3. Waste Disposal (via Maintenance Level) (1 total) (note that you can do step 3, 4, and 5 in any order)
    • The recording {19} is in the southwest portion of the waste disposal map, to the right as you enter the 'ambush' room (after Sally mentions their radios going quiet, after traversing the string of rooms she unlocks for you one-by-one). Make sure you grab the unique General Chase's Overcoat before that string of rooms, as you can not return to this area. Also, you will want to pick up the Samurai's Sword which is located in a closet that is full of medical supplies that you encounter just before you teleport from this area.
  4. Cryo Lab and Cryo Storage (6 total; 2, 4, 11 and 17 in the former, 16 and 25 in the latter)
    • The first recording {4} inside the Cryo Labs is down a short flight of stairs to the right of the level entrance inside a room blocked by a blue stasis field with other earth-based misc loot; the button to open this stasis field (so you can enter and collect the recording) is actually located back by the entrance to the level (so if you went down the stairs, go back up them and hit the button). The second recording {2} is inside a stasis room containing two aliens and a Ghoul in stasis - the room south on the map, not the north one across from it. The third and fourth recordings {11, 17} are inside the room with Elliott's squad or (If you do not have Elliott with you) three wastelanders on operating tables. Make sure you get all four from the Cryo Lab before progressing to Cryo Storage. Teleporting back from storage locks doors behind you in the lab. If this happens, in order to get the recordings you will need to teleport from the lab to storage, and backtrack to the doorway from storage to the lab.
    • The first recording inside Cryo Storage {25} is just to the left of the entrance. The second {16}, is in the southwest corner of the map, downstairs.
  5. Research Lab (via Cargo Hold) (2 total)
    • The first recording {13} inside the Research Lab is in the "vehicular" (containing several pre-war cars and a human spacecraft) section on a four-sided console near the human spacecraft. The second recording {21} is located in the first Giddyup Buttercup room; it is in the central portion of the room near four alien consoles, on the opposite side of the room as a closed door containing a Healing Archway.
  6. Weapons Lab (1 total)
    • The only recording {24} in this location is inside the lab control room. Do not miss the fourth-largest group of 87 Alien Power Cells on a shelf inside this room.
  7. Experimentation Lab (3 total)
    • The first recording {20} is inside the room with the two large tentacle examination chairs, directly across from them. The second {10} is on the north wall of the observation room. The last {9} is inside the room being observed, next to the Abominations on the operating tables.
  8. Biological Research (1 total)
    • The penultimate recording {18} is in the northern-most area of the bio lab, on the second floor, in a depression ringed with computers. Before or after you reunite with Sally and the others at the end of this level, do not miss the largest stash of Alien Power Cells on Mothership Zeta (109) located in the adjacent room (after first disabling the door barrier)--near the entrance to the Bridge.
  9. Living Quarters (1 total)
    • The last recording {23} is inside a small room at the opposite end of the hallway from the samurai. When you enter, continue down the hall way. You will enter a large room, continue heading south until you come to a hallway, at this hallway turn right and keep going until you see a room with tables and chairs, it looks like an alien dining room/cafeteria, as soon as you enter this room it will be on your right. Alternately, it can be found in the southwest-most room on the map, due southeast of the exit to the Bridge.


Please note that this Alien Captive Recordings chart is in order by log number.

Recording Area Location Screenshots Base ID
#01 Holding Cells To the right of the Recording Log 3 in another "Control" panel. xx009a0c
#02 Cryo Lab In the Southernmost corner in a "Control" panel. xx009a0d
#03 Holding Cells To the right of your holding cell in a room, you will pass under a "Healing Archway"and then it is right to the left as you go through the doorway in another "Control" panel. xx009a0e
#04 Cryo Lab Enter the lab, take a left, activate the "Release Mechanism" and then go down stairs into the room you just opened and it will be on a wall in a "Control" panel behind a Healing Archway. xx009a0f
#05 Engineering Core In the southern part, to the right of the doorway far south. xx00a88d
#06 Engineering Core In the same room as 5, 7 and 8 logs. xx00a88e
#07 Engineering Core In the same room as 5, 6 and 8 logs. xx00a88f
#08 Engineering Core In the same room as 5, 6 and 7 logs. xx00a890
#09 Experimentation Lab Near the tables with the Abominations being operated on. Dispenser
#10 Experimentation Lab In the room of the Experimentation Lab with the core and the core coolant switches, look on the right wall of the room for the log. Dispenser
#11 Cryo Lab In the northernmost part of the lab before you go into Cryo Storage, there is a "Control" panel to the right of a door when you go into the room where you can freeze everybody by pressing a switch. xx00ab76
#12 Holding Cells To the right of the Recording Log 1 in another "Control" panel. It is to the right of the door. xx00ab77
#13 Research Lab Near Colonel Hartigan's space capsule. xx00ab78
#14 Holding Cells In the same room as 15 and 22 on the wall opposite. xx00ab79
#15 Holding Cells To the left of your holding cell, down the hall in what looks like a control room, then you must activate a thing called "Control"on the wall. xx00ab7a
#16 Cryo Storage In the westernmost most part of the Cryo Storage room and in the southern part of the room to the west. xx00ab7b
#17 Cryo Lab In the northernmost part of the lab before you go into Cryo Storage, there is a "Control" panel to the left of a door when you go into the room where you can freeze everybody by pressing a switch. xx00ab7d
#18 Biological Research As far north as you can go, in what looks to be a small control center. Dispenser
#19 Waste Disposal (Can only be accessed once so make sure you get it while you are there!) In the room where you get "ambushed" or that's what sally says it is, as soon as you enter the room where the ambush occurs, directly to your right there will be a "Control" panel. This is the large room right before you meet back up with Sally. WARNING: don't miss this one before you get out of the waste disposal site as the teleporter shuts down (360) Note: Teleporter to Waste Disposal site is only open during the quest Among the Stars, during the subquest to destroy the three generators. As such, this is the only time to get the recording, as the teleporter is closed after destroying said generators. xx00ab7f
#20 Experimentation Lab As soon as you go into the lab, take a right and keep heading right until you see the weird experimentation chairs, it is on the wall in front of those chairs. Dispenser
#21 Research Lab In the center of the middle room by two horses on the tables. xx00abc5
#22 Holding Cells In the same room as the 15th one on a "Control" panel. xx00abc6
#23 Living Quarters When you enter, continue down the hall way. You will enter a large room, continue heading south until you come to a hallway, at this hallway turn right and keep going until you see a room with tables and chairs, it looks like an alien dining room/cafeteria, as soon as you enter this room it will be on your right. Dispenser
#24 Weapons Lab In the room where all the guns and ammo and grenades/mines are located, in what looks to be a control room. xx00ac05
#25 Cryo Storage As soon as you enter to the left in a "Control" panel. xx00ac06


The following is the recording played during the official trailer for Mothership Zeta:

This is my final message.

Whoever finds this tape; you've got to send help up here. They've been keeping us in cells, but I've managed to escape. I think I know what they want with our world, and they won't stop until they've taken hundreds, or thousands, of us.
I've got to keep moving. Good luck to all of us. And Godspeed.

It is revealed to be an edit of Alien Captive Recorded Log 19, which complete transcript is available here.


Alien Captive Recorded Log 1

What? Talk into this thing? I don't have to do anything else?

(Alien Babble)
Ow! All right! <Zap!> Ow! I said all right! Just stop!
Hello. Um...hello. My name is Andrew Endicott.
On the night of May 17th, the year our Lord 1697, I was...I was taken. From my home in Salem Village.
I...I do not know where I am, exactly, or why I came to be here.
I have seen, stars, and sun, and beloved Earth. Down there, below me.
So it would seem I am aboard some vessel, suspended in the ether; ironically, it would seem, so close to where I thought Heaven must surely lie.
But this is not Heaven. And my captors are not angels. I am not entirely unconvinced that the scripture is wrong. That Heaven and Hell are reversed.
For my captives are devils. Demons from my nightmares. Even now they watch me, make me talk.
They seem to want me to tell my story. I know not why. A record of their deeds, perhaps? Or am I just a pawn in some...some evil game.
And there are others. Other...captives, I mean. From whence they came I cannot say.
Some wear strange dress, as if they are from...a different time. And some are...frozen! As in ice! Unmoving! But, I think...alive.
I believe they plan the same fate for me. Will I be frozen, too? Will I...
(Alien Babble and Physical hit)
Ow! Stop it! I did what you said! You wanted me to talk, so I talked! Just leave me! Leave me be!

Alien Captive Recorded Log 2

(Alien Babble)

What? What the fuck is this thing? Ya got some kind of Martian sex machine, you sick fuck? Uh uh. No way.
(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)
Ahh! God DAMNIT! Fuckin' crazy-ass Moon Man! Go ahead! Do your worst!
(Alien Babble)
Gaaaaahh!! Jesus H! Do you not get it, space cadet? I. Do. Not. Fucking. Understand. What. You. Want. Me. To. Do!
This thing? This? What? Talk? I AM TALKING! What do you want me to say?!
(Alien Babble)
Blah blah blah, yakkety yakkety! That all you assholes can say?! Space men with all this science, AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SPEAK FUCKIN' ENGLISH!?
Okay, how's about this. My name is Vin. I am on a fucking UFO. I'm from Flatbush, and I want to get home. Can I get a taxi, please?
How's that? Huh? That work for ya, starstruck?
What? Don't you raise that fuckin' thing to me again..., No, you're gonna hit me again! Is that...?
(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)
AAAAHHHHH SON OF A... Why don't you go back to Uranus, huh? Ha ha ha <zap!> AHHHHHHhhhhh!

Alien Captive Recorded Log 3

(Alien Babble)

Yes, yes, I understand! I've seen the others. I'll do what you want.
This is Doctor Morrison Rand, Professor of Anthropological Archaeology at Banfield College, Humboldt, Oregon.
Shortly after 10:00 p.m., on August 16, 2041, as I was leaving the college campus, headed to my car, I saw a blinding light.
It just...appeared. In the sky, directly over me. I was blinded. I also found my body completely immobilized. I couldn't move, not at all.
What happened next is...hazy. I don't remember much. But what became clear later - what is certainly clear now - is that I was abducted.
I am now the captive of an alien race, one of many people held here, against our will. And, like those others, I am recording who I am.
Why? Because the aliens want us to, for some reason. They have us do it right before they put us into some kind of...suspended animation.
These's almost as if we're creating our own library catalog entries, before we get put into a giant collection.
The entire experience would be fascinating if I weren't so completely terrified.
(Alien Babble)
What? Stop? You want me to stop now. All right! All right, see? I'm stopping...

Alien Captive Recorded Log 4

(Alien Babble)

Oh! I see! Like a tape recorder, right? You just want me to talk? I can do that, certainly.
Hello there! I'm Madeline Wallace. Of the Cincinnati Wallaces?
Well, I...I'm here, on this rocket ship. I'm with the strange men, the space men. The ones who brought me here.
My entire family is onboard, actually. My husband, Roy, daughter Margaret, and my son Arthur, as well.
Oh, you should see Arthur! He's so excited. He says this is much better than the things they show on Captain Cosmos.
And I have to say - I agree! Everything is just so...fantastical! I can only hope our hosts have been talking with Uncle Sam.
Because with these doohickeys, we'd have the Reds beat in no time! Heh heh heh heh.
(Alien Babble)
Hmmm? I'm terribly sorry, sir. I'm doing my best. I really don't know what you want me to say.
Whomever will listen to this recording, I would just like to state that if you find yourself in the same boat as the Wallaces, don't be afraid.
I'm not entirely sure what our hosts want, but the situation has been entirely acceptable. We have been treated fairly.
Anyway, the space man is waving his little electrical stick thingy, so I think I'm done. Goodbye!

Alien Captive Recorded Log 5

Paulson's recording.

(Alien Babble)

Where's my wife? Where's my boy? What have you done with them?
When I get free, so help me God I'm going to kill every last one of you!
(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)
Arrgh! What are you doing? What the hell do you want with us? LET ME GO!

Alien Captive Recorded Log 6

Elliot Tercorien's recording.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...

(Alien Babble)
Gah! Just let me go, okay?! This is crazy, this is like batshit unbelieveable crazy. I didn't do anything, I don't know what you want with me.
Is this because of Anchorage? I swear I didn't even want to be there, man. You gotta believe me.
I didn't even WANT to be out in the field! I was looking for a job in Washington, you know?
(Alien Babble)
What? What do you want? I don't understand! Why is this happening to me?

Alien Captive Recorded Log 7

Toshiro Kago's recording.

(After a few seconds of silence)

Nanda kono arisama ha? Youkaihenge ka?
Hanase, imasagu!
Kikoenuka, hanase, ima...<zap>

Alien Captive Recorded Log 8

The late Colonel Hartigan's recording.

This is...this is incredible! I'm...I'm Colonel Hartigan, of the United States Air Force.

(Alien Babble)
I'm sorry, what? I don't understa...oh, speak into this? Yes, I was saying, I'm Colonel Hartigan, United States Air Force.
Our nation has been conducting manned spaceflight tests...I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me. Frankly we never expect to meet you all!
I'm sure there's a great deal that our two species can learn from <zap>
Oww! What the Hell? What is this, what are you doing?
(Alien Babble and Physical hit)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 9

(Alien Babble)

Oh god, what are you doing to me? What's that thing? Get it out of me!
Ahhh...that hurts...oh, <grunting>
<growling noises>
(Alien Babble)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 10

A note about an encounter with Frank.

(Alien Babble)

I can't feel my legs...what did you do to my legs...
...Frank, I can't see you...
<growling noises>
Frank? Frank! What did they do to you?!
<growling noises>

Alien Captive Recorded Log 11

Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511.

(Alien Babble)
Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511.
(Alien Babble)
AGH! Fuck! You...can do what...ever you want to me...I'm not saying jack sh...Stick it where the...sun don't shine...
(Alien Babble)
AGGGH! Oh my g...P-priv...ate Law-lawrence U.S. M-m-m...edic...
(Alien Babble)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 12

Possibly Sally's first recording (or Sally's sister).

Where am I? Where's my sister?

(Alien Babble)
I can hear some weird noises, but I can't see you. Why is it so dark in here? What's this machine? Please...someone talk to me!
(Alien Babble)
I want to go home! Please! Where's my mommy and daddy?! I just want to go home!
(Alien Babble)
<Sound of a light being turned on>
OW! That's bright! Ugh...wait...what...OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOO! Stay away from me! GET AWAY!

Alien Captive Recorded Log 13

(Alien Babble)

Hey now. No reason to get yourselves worked up. Whatever you need, I'm going to tell it to you.
(Alien Babble)
Well, I'm pretty sure you want me to talk into this thing, so here goes.
My name is Giles Wolstencroft...I'm the current Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Vault-Tec Corporation.
I was inspecting the construction site of Vault 76 when I was captured by what I can only assume are alien beings from another world.
I'm not sure what they want from me, or what they will do to me, but whatever they need, I will readily provide.
Perhaps if I can bridge our communication gap and establish a rapport with them, we can enter into an exclusive trade agreement.
In fact, instead of talking to this damn machine, I'm going to attempt to address them directly.
On behalf of the Vault-Tec Corporation, I'd like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you. don't need that...wait! WAIT! <zap>

Alien Captive Recorded Log 14

Female voice: What are we gonna do? They just threw me in this cell with you after they poked and prodded me and now I just hope they won't kill us.

Male voice: Just take it easy. If they wanted us dead, we'd be dead. They must need something from us.
Female voice: Yeah! They need us for FOOD or something! You saw that guy! He was all...cut he'd been butchered! Oh my god! We're gonna be next!
Male voice: Hey! I said, calm down! If they hear you they may come for us. Try and take it easy!
Female voice:NO! GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE! <pounding noise> SOMEONE! GET US OUT! PLEASE! <pounding noise>
Male voice: I said to SHUT UP! <slap>... I'm...I'm sorry I did that. Please, forgive me. But we need to keep our heads on straight if we're going to survive.
Female voice: (crying) Please, please. I just want to go home...I just want to go home...

Alien Captive Recorded Log 15

Well this is just ridiculous! I demand to see whomever's in charge!

(Alien Babble and Physical hit)
AGGHH! What the? Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?
(Alien Babble and Physical hit)
AGGHH! Stop it! I am a U.S. Senator and I warn you. If any harm comes to me, you'll bring the full wrath of the U.S. Military upon yourselves.
(Alien Babble)
What? Where are you taking me? Get your god damn hands off me! You'll all pay for this. The U.S. doesn't bargain with aliens...

Alien Captive Recorded Log 16

I'm Holly Barrisford, a linguistics specialist for the U.S.S.A. I think I'm beginning to understand you, but you need to stop shocking me!

(Alien Babble)
Damn. I wish you could understand me. <Alien Noises>. Do you understand?
(Alien Babble)
That's it. You get it. I mean you no harm, I just want to learn how to speak with you. Then perhaps we can discuss what you need from us.
(Alien Babble)
What are you doing with that needle? No! Get it away from me! NO! PLEASE! We can be friends! You don't need to...unhhhhh.

Alien Captive Recorded Log 17

The human voice is completely silent. The only audio is that of the Alien babbling.

(Alien Babble)

Our defenses consist of 3 battalions of light infantry, 34
pieces of field artillery, 108 armored vehicles and 42
aerial vehicles.
(Alien Babble)
We have 38 ICBM's always on alert and ready to fire when
the word is passed down from the White House.
(Alien Babble)
The codes to activate the launch sequences are...are... can't let you...uggh...get out of my mind!
(Alien Babble)
Agggh! The can't betray...AGH!
My head! I can't...won't...AGGGGH! agggh...

Alien Captive Recorded Log 18

Just wait until I tell Marsha and Karen about this! Imagine...I'm actually on a SPACEship!

(Alien Babble)
Oh, they're pointing at...oh, talk in to this? What is this? Is this the space phone? Hey Marsh, this is Janet, you will NEVER guess where I am. Never. Ohhhhh...I wish I could hear you but I'll just tell you. I'M IN SPACE! I was driving along the highway when there was this light...and suddenly, I'm on this real spaceship! No joke! Now all these little green men are making all these noises and pointing at stuff trying to talk to me! I bet I'm the first one they've met! So I figure I'll talk with them a while, then I'll join you later and I can tell you all about it over lunch! Oh, if I only had my camera. Well, they're pointing at some table with all sorts of gizmos sticking out of it. Gotta go! Kisses!
<Kissing Noises>

Alien Captive Recorded Log 19

Parts of this recording were used in the official trailer.

This is my final message. If this doesn't work, I hope someone gets this recording and can bring it back to Earth.

I've been able to figure out how to use some of the alien devices, like this recorder, and I think I know what they want with our world.

They mean to take as many of us as they can and change us into...some sort of abomination. Many have been killed because of their experiments.

They've been keeping us in cells, and then moving us one by one to their experimentation labs. I've managed to escape, but they are looking for me.

You've got to send help up here. As far as I can tell, they're never going to stop until they've captured hundreds...maybe thousands of us.

The good news is that they're totally reliant on technology. Without it, they're no tougher than you or I.

A small, well-equipped force could take this ship and free all of the prisoners on board. That's your best chance.

I've got to keep moving, so I need to hide this tape. Good luck to all of us, and godspeed.

Alien Captive Recorded Log 20

(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)

Oh man...what did you...why can't I feel my arms...
...wait...are those...are those MY ARMS? WHAT DID YOU DO?
(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 21

Sally's second recording.

Hello, Mr. Alien. Yeah, I know...I'll talk into the thing.

I don't know why you brought me back here. We've done this a whole bunch of...Hey! Giddyup Buttercup! Wow!
I always wanted one of those!...Why do you have one?
I don't understand...What do you want? It's a toy. A TOY. Why are you so excited? You're weird.

Alien Captive Recorded Log 22

Somah's interrogation.

(Alien Babble)

Oh, no way, no way. This is a bad dream right? I'm dreaming. Shit. So what, I'm being held hostage now or something? I'm some kind of prisoner? Listen, if this is because of what they did, I just work for those guys, okay? It's not like I enjoyed it. I was just in it for the caps, alright? Can I go now?
(Alien Babble)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 23

(Alien Babble)

Please...just please, let me go...
<mechanical sounds>

Alien Captive Recorded Log 24

This log is evidently a recording of a Cow or Brahmin.

(Alien Babble)

(Alien Babble)
(Alien Babble)

Alien Captive Recorded Log 25

Oh man, I've seen this on TV...

(Alien babble)
You're going to eat me, aren't you? I'm like some sort of delicacy on your planet right? RIGHT?! Well, I hope you choke! I hope you stuff your stupid little green faces and choke to death! Unless this is like that other show where I get put in to some sort of weird alien zoo...that might be okay...


Sometimes after Recording 17 finishes your game will freeze [360 confirmed]

Behind the scenes

Log 24 is a reference to cattle mutilations.


Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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