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Alien Bodies
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 6
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Sam Jones
Enemy: The Faction Paradox
The Krotons
Setting: Earth, East Indes, ReVit Zone, Late 21st century
Author: Lawrence Miles
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: November 1997
Format: Paperback Book, 313 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-40577-5
Previous Story: War of the Daleks
Following Story: Kursaal

Alien Bodies is the sixth installment in the series of BBC Eighth Doctor Adventure novels. It was written by Lawrence Miles and first published in 1997.


Publisher's Summary

On an island in the East Indies, in a lost city buried deep in the heart of the rainforest, agents of the most formidable powers in the galaxy are gathering. They have been invited there to bid for what could turn out to be the deadliest weapon ever created.

When the Doctor and Sam arrive in the city, the Time Lord soon realises they've walked into the middle of the strangest auction in history - and what's on sale to the highest bidder is something more horrifying than even the Doctor could have imagined, something that could change his life forever.

And just when it seems things can't get any worse, the Doctor finds out who else is on the guest list.


  • Is tormented by an extract of biodata from her alternate timeline.
  • Marie
    • Is a Type 103 TARDIS.
  • Qixotl
  • The Shift
    • The Shift put the idea of 'paranoia' into Marie's weapons systems to make her turn them on herself.
    • The Shift can only manipulate ideas, it works with them.
    • The Shift is working for The Enemy.
  • Little Brother Manjuele
  • Kathleen Bregman
  • Is tormented by the City's defences by attacking her psychologically through her body image and how she is viewed by others.
  • Kortez
  • Colonel in UNISYC, has met the Doctor before when he was a Sergeant.
  • Was part of the ISC division of UNISYC during the Cyberbreaches in the 2030s. [2]
  • Is dead.
  • Is representing the Celestis' interests.
  • The Doctor killed Trask.
  • Trask was from era of Earth's history where the White House and the House of Commons were political centres.




Cultural references

  • The Doctor mentions Ace when talking about Sam and popular cultural reference. [3]
  • The Raston Hardware Company made the Raston cybernetic lapdancers Qixotl has in the auction room.

Dalek history

  • In the "Late twenty-first now, most of the Daleks are scattered around the edges of the Mutters' Spiral, trying to build up a decent galactic powerbase. The ones who got left behind on Skaro are just starting to think about putting together their own little empire. The 'static electricity' phase of the Dalek development"'.

The Doctor

  • The Doctor recalls finding his (faked) gravestone on Necros.
  • The Doctor is up to his seventh regeneration.
  • In his sixth body the Doctor had begun to see the logic in cold blooded murder.

The Doctor's items

  • The Doctor uses his mark one sonic screwdriver which was destroyed "centuries ago" he explains how this occurs to Sam as "'It's a Time Lord tool. Time doesn't work the same way for Time Lord tools.'".
  • The Doctor at one point had a winklegruber neural parameter predictor; you tell it what you're looking for and it works out the last place you'd think of searching.


  • UNIT was superseded by UNISYC "the militant wing of the UN's 'Security Yard'". [4]
Which means that UNISYC probably stands for United Nations Intelligence Security Yard Corps

Enemies of the Time Lords

  • The Doctor has met the Faction Paradox once before.
  • The Enemy are time-active.
  • The Faction's Shrine is like a TARDIS modelled out of pure mathematics.

Gallifreyan artefacts


  • Qixotl is what they call the god of ludicrous profit on Golobus. [7]
  • A "couple of weeks ago" Sam says she was in the 40th century. [8]
  • Faction Paradox cultists came to Dronid from far off places such as Lurma and Salostopus

Races and species

  • The organic ships of the Zygons and the thinker-weapons of the Selachians are mentioned with regard to the Faction Paradox's Shrine. [9]
  • The Celestis are Time Lords who saw the war coming and removed themselves from existence and turned themselves into idea based lifeforms.
  • Inside a Dalek spacecraft the walls are luminescent black, not visible by humanoid eyes.
  • The Enemy is described as; "...stood a shape dressed in an ornate golden robe, a huge semicircular collar raised behind its head." [10]
  • The Shift was a Gabrielidean, a liquid based lifeform on Simia KK98, he was fighting as part of the military, for the Time Lords.
  • The Kroton's original homeworld was called Krosi-Apsai-Core. The Kroton Absolute evolved from a quasi-organic telluium-based crystal.


  • Marie started her life on Simia KK98. She mated with a Type 105, when the mini-TARDIS had grown in her womb the Time Lords took it from her.

Temporal Wars

  • "The Time Lords had fought the first battle of their war on Dronid almost half a century ago...the off worlders liked to think of it as a War in Heaven, all hellfire and thunder". [11]
  • The Time Lords are fighting a four dimensional war against the Enemy.
  • The Time Lords need the Relic for the biodata codes.
  • At the start of the war a lot of stuff was wiped out by the Enemy. The De-mat Gun and the Sash of Rassilon were taken out early on. The Hand of Omega was also (probably) lost early on.
  • A future Doctor, probably 'the last one' visited Mictlan and made a deal with the Celestis for them not to involve themselves in the attack on Dronid, for his body, with a few stipulations attached. [12]
  • At some time around the local Dronid year of 15367 the Time Lords launched an offensive on Dronid, The Enemy took counter-measures, the Doctor was there and (probably) died during the assault. Qixotl was there.
  • Justine believes/understands that (from the point where Homunculette is from) the Time Lords have been fighting the war for half a millennium.

Theories and Concepts

  • Silverberg energy is present when there is signs of psychic energy.
  • The Faction Paradox cultists wear masks that look a bit like bats which looked the way they did because...: "'The Time Lords fought a great war many years ago...They won. If they'd lost, by the grace of Time, then this is how they would have looked.'" [13]
  • "Homunculette is a Time Lord, one from an era of Gallifrey's future, How far in the future, I'm not sure." [14]
  • Learning about future history (possibly Gallifrey's, or your own personal future) is against the Laws of Time (probably the third). [15]
  • Displacer syndrome is the likelyhood of going mad/comitting suicide after seeing the things UNISYC deal with.
  • The Doctor says in passing that Susan was the psychic one in the family. [16]

Time Lords

  • Homunculette spent time in his house on Simia KK98 sealed in under silos and permafrost trying to go made or get drunk. [17]
  • Homuncultte is (like all Time Lords) alcohol-immune.
  • The Doctor has childhood memories of "the Spirits of the Faction had been numbered among Time's bogeymen just like Rassilon's Mimic or the Great Vampires."
  • Biodata goes deeper than DNA and genetics, though it is part of the biodata matrix, as certain experiences [particularly those involving time travel] get encoded into the biology of the being whose biodata it is. Time Lords have certain mechanisms built into their biodata that makes them sensitive to distortions in the biodata around them.


  • Colonel Kortez gives the Doctor a Selachian thermosystron bomb, which he uses to destroy the Relic.
  • Bio-induction pumps genetic material into an eco-system. But was also used as a security system that protected the Relic using biodata.
  • Homunculette is paranoid about Anarchitects when visiting 22nd century Earth to look for artifact.


  • "...there's at least one Celestis agent in each of the seven "flashback" stories; the Celestis have been watching the Relic's progress for quite a while, just waiting for the right time to seize it (as the narrator notes on p.288). All these agents finally line up on p.295."
  • "If you want to know the history of the Relic - and, indeed, some of the history of the War - all you have to do is read the seven "flashback" stories in reverse order. Qixotl hears about the Doctor's demise in Mr Qixotl's Story, and thereafter begins his search for the Relic. It's Faction Paradox who finally dig it up from the ruins of Dronid, and thereafter send it into the vortex, from whence it eventually finds its way to Earth in 2069. The American authorities hide it in the Toy Store, where it stays for a hundred years, until the planet's invaded by the Daleks and the Relic falls into the hands of the Black Man (in 2169, as we see in Homunculette's Story). It's here that Qixotl finally catches up with it, and takes it to the Unthinkable City in time for his auction. However, if p.309 is anything to go by, Qixotl has learned something about the Relic while he's been searching for it. Something he's not sharing with us, natch."
  • On Dronid's name Lance Parkin notes: "In the note about Drornid it's claimed that I got the name of the planet wrong in A History of the Universe. The spelling 'Drornid' appears in the script which came with the video (of Shada). The spelling 'Dronid' first appeared in The Universal Databank - the joke that Lawrence is making is that so many people read the 'guidebook' without checking the facts that the name 'Dronid' stuck in the end! For the record, it's spelt 'Drornid' in A History of the Universe (p.251)."[18]


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