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Alexi Garyn
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33 BBY (2:10), Ralltiir

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Rise of the Empire era


Black Sun

Alexi Garyn was a male Human and the head of Black Sun in the years before the Invasion of Naboo.




Early life

When Garyn was a child, he dreamed of being a Jedi, fighting with a lightsaber, and using the Force. He showed sensitivity to the Force when he was young, but he was judged to be too old to be taken under the tutelage of the Jedi Order. Nevertheless, Garyn found that life would lead him to great power.

Black Sun

Little is known how Garyn became the leader of Black Sun, the largest crime syndicate in the galaxy. Under his leadership, Black Sun built a reign of fear felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories. Even with thousands of soldiers to execute his every order, Garyn kept himself in his fortress on Ralltiir surrounded by a cadre of elite guards. Under his direct command were nine Vigos, his own personal bodyguard, an extremely skilled female warrior, Mighella, and his trusted secretary Oolth.

Dark threat

Around 33 BBY, Black Sun fell under attack by a mysterious dark warrior. After two Vigos had been brutally murdered, Asa Naga came to Garyn's fortress, which was crowded with the seven remaining Vigos. Asa told the Black Sun members that the Vigo Darnada and his henchmen were slain by a tattooed lightsaber-wielding warrior called Maul. Garyn assumed that his second Vigo, Morn, was slain by the same hand and steeled himself to kill this assassin. He was sure that this Maul was coming for them, so he stationed his finest men at the guard posts in his fortress and waited for Maul's arrival.

The massacre of Ralltiir

Darth Maul kills Alexi Garyn.

After a short wait, Maul appeared and killed all of the Vigos' bodyguards surprisingly fast. Garyn and the Vigos made a run for the turbolift, but Garyn shut all of the Vigos in the room with a cage door to buy him time and make a run to his yacht with Oolth and Mighella. However, Darth Maul sliced his way through the gate and soon followed. Maul then defeated the Nightsister Mighella in combat and the Sith Lord focused on his prime target, Garyn. By this time, Oolth had betrayed Garyn by hiding himself. Now alone, Garyn landed one swing on Maul, drawing blood, but Maul overpowered and drowned him.


Ex-Vigos of Garyn who managed (through luck and coincidence) to avoid the Sith Lord's destruction of Garyn's organization later banded together. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin they were known as the Garyn Raiders. From their base of operations on the moon Rori they harassed Imperial troops and tried to avenge their fallen leader.

Behind the scenes

Alexi Garyn's name is likely inspired by combining the names of two heroes of the early Russian space program, Alexi Leonov and Yuri Gagarin.


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