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Blind Faith

Alexi Garnoff (Earth-616)
Real Name
Alexi Garnoff
Current Alias

Holy Ghost




Base Of Operations
Formerly the 'Mutant Underground' in Siberia




Priest; freedom fighter


First appearance

X-Factor Annual #1
(October, 1986)



Under the Soviet government, all of the communist states viewed mutants as a threat to humanity's survival. As such, mutants were forced to band together in subversive hideaways in an elaborate safehouse system. A Catholic priest, Father Alexi Garnoff, was the leader of one of these cells, whose membership included Mentac, Concussion, Iron Curtain, and Siberian Tiger (later known as Sibercat). A German member of the KGB named Wolfgang Heinrich, also known as the Doppelganger, was capturing and vivisecting mutants. When the original X-Factor team came to the USSR to investigate, Doppelganger captured Iceman and posed as him. Garnoff and Iron Curtain rescued Iceman, who helped these exiles raid the Doppelganger's facility and with X-Factor brought the mutants to safety.

The cyborg assassin, Firefox, under orders from Project: Remont, soon infiltrated the safehouses looking for mutant runaways. He brutally killed many mutants until Blind Faith called for the abandonment of the safehouse system and escaped with five other mutants, Vanguard, Darkstar, Ursa Major, Sibercat and Stencil. Mentac, Concussion, and Iron Curtain were not so fortunate, as they were killed by Firefox.

Garnoff saw the need for a mutant freedom fighting force to undertake dangerous missions, and organised the surviving mutants into a team called the Exiles, dedicated to fighting for the rights of other Russian mutants. In one such mission, Blind Faith and Darkstar encountered an immensely powerful psychic being, the Soul Skinner, who had taken over a small Russian town. With the help of the X-Men, the Soul Skinner was defeated.

Garnoff was also once leader of an incarnation of the Russian superteam formerly known as the Soviet Super-Soldiers, now known as the Winter Guard. Blind Faith lost his mutant powers after the event known as M-Day.[1]

Powers and Abilities



Alexi could sense the thoughts of others, emit hypnotic lights from his eyes that are able to entrance others, alter their memories, and place them under his direct mental control.


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  1. New Avengers #18

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