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Dr Who

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Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was king of Macedon (336-323 BC) and one of the most successful Greek military commanders in history. The Doctor claimed to have met Alexander the Great. (DW: Robot)

It is possible that the Doctor met Alexander the Great in the same adventure that he met Pyrrho, as the two were contemporaries.

Behind the Scenes

In 1964 a six-episode story entitled Farewell Great Macedon was written for the First Doctor. It was never produced (the script would be published in book form in 2009). It's possible the meeting referenced in Robot could be this unproduced adventure.

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Alexander the Great was an ancient Human warlord, later known to be an alias of Flint, who was able to conquer most of the Europe and the Middle East in the 4th century BC. Because of his great skills, he became known as one of the greatest military commanders who ever lived. (TOS episode: "Requiem for Methuselah")

In 2268, Spock placed Alexander in a list of Human men who had wanted to have absolute power, such as Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, Napoléon Bonaparte, and Lee Kuan. (TOS episodes: , "Patterns of Force")

Mackenzie Calhoun took an interest in Alexander the Great after Jean-Luc Picard compared the two in 2353. (NF novel: House of Cards)


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Ian Dunn

Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was king of Macedonia and one of the most successful and legendary commanders in military history. Alexander's most notable achievement was conquering the Persian empire. He served as an inspiration and ideal for many later leaders, including Julius Caesar.

In the 1996 Creature Shop TV movie Gulliver's Travels, Alexander is one of several historical figures conjured by The Sorceror, using Gulliver's blood. The Sorceror questions Alexander about his death (a matter still of historical debate), and the general, with a British accent of course, insists that he died of a fever brought on by excessive drinking, and immediately asks where the alcoholic spirits are stored.

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Real Name
Alexander of Macedon
Current Alias

Alexander III, Megas Alexandros


King of Macedon

Philip II (father); Olympias (mother); Pyrrhus of Epirus (second cousin); might be a descendant of Hercules


Base Of Operations
Empire of Macedonia; a camp near Dodge City



Marital Status



Time traveler

Place of Birth
Pella, Macedon

First appearance



Born in 356 BC, the heir to the King of Macedon, Alexander studied under philosopher Aristotle. He became a scholar and a king himself, establishing a great empire from Greece to Italy.

Alexander and hundreds of his soldiers and courtisans were captured by a time anomaly and sent to 1870's Dodge City. As soon as he arrived, he lost some valued scrolls with Aristotle's dialogues.

Nevertheless, he decided to build a camp and capture land and resources. He had some twenty-six tents and so many troops and courtisans that nobody could stealth in. However, he soon found problems in form of two other armies competing with his own: Napoleon Bonaparte's and Genghis Khan's troops, all of them time-travellers. Alexander was blisfully unaware of a fourth army, made of Krozzar aliens, and of time-travelling super-villain Doctor Doom.

However, Alexander controlled the access route to a mountain the Krozzar needed for a tactical demolition scheme. Krozzar General Alzzan was making preparatives to use his troops and some slave recruits to fight the Hellenics.

Unknowing the danger, Alexander favored some pleasure by listening to scholars and poets. He met a Mark Twain, who impressed him with a work in process, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, gaining access to Alexander's camp. Alexander, meanwhile, intended to poison the water supply of Napoleon.

Alexander also met with some other time-travellers, super-heroes from the 20th century who wanted to warn him of the Krozzar and propose an alliance with the other generals. Mark Twain tried to liven up the evening, but the super-heroes noticed some anachronism in him. Twain tried to leave, but Alexander ordered his arrest. Twain was revealed to be an android sent by Doctor Doom to spy anyone with power. He attacked, but was defeated by the heroes.

Impressed by the heroes, Alexander accepted the proposed alliance. The three armies together and ready, led by the best military minds in history, were more than a match for Alzzan's alien forces: The Krozzar never managed to capture the needed route, not even after fifteen hours of non-stop battle. However, during this time, the super-heroes sneaked into the Krozzar base and defused their only bomb.

Eventually, the heroes managed to solve the time-crisis. Alexander and all of his men returned home.

Powers and Abilities




Horseman, swordsman, scholar and tactic





Based on historical character


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!


First series anime only characters

Shotaro Akaboshi

Main article: Shotaro Akaboshi

The Four Game Masters

Main article: The Four Game Masters

The Four Game Masters, consisting of Ridley Sheldon, Ryuichi Fuha, Aileen Rao and Daimon are a group of gamers who appear only in the first series anime, with the exception of Daimon. They were hired by Seto Kaiba to defeat Yugi.

Dr. Kekeru Goyu

Main article: Dr. Kekeru Goyu.


Main article: Haiyama.

Kageyama sisters

Main article: The Kageyama sisters.

Kaoruko Himekoji

Main article: Kaoruko Himekoji.


Main article: Mayumi

Miyuki Sakurai

Main article: Miyuki Sakurai.

Student Council Chairman

Main article: Student Council Chairman.

Tetsu Tasaki

Main article: Tetsu Tasaki.


Main article: Warashibe.

Second series anime only characters


Aaron, known in Japan as Juan was Alisters best friend growing up. Seto encontered him and two other boys when Alister showed Seto a vision of his past using the power of the Orichalcos. Kaiba decided to go outside his hidding place with the boy and plays chess with him. He is later killed in an explosion by a group of Kaiba Corp tanks (captured in the dub). He is voiced by Sebastian Arcelus in the Dub.


Main article: Alister.


Main article: Chris.


Main article: Ironheart.


Main article: Skye.


Main article: Dartz.

Duel Robot

Main article: KC DuelTek 1000

Great Leviathan

The Great Leviathan (known as Orichalcos God in the Japanese version) was a giant serpent creature that intended to destroy the world. It employed the Orichalcos stones to corrupt people. It and it's followers destroyed Atlantis but the Great Leviathan was weakened and lied dormant in the ocean. Dartz gathered souls to revive it. Near the end of season 4 Dartz succeeds in awakening the Great Leviathan and merges with it. He battles Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler but they defeat it. It lingers on in spirit form inside Dartz and attempts to turn Yami Yugi's darkness against him but Yami Yugi conquers his darkness and seals the Great Leviathan away.


Main article: Grerimo

Rebecca Hawkins

Main article: Rebecca Hawkins.

KC DuelTek 760

KC DuelTek 760

The Virtual dueling computer Yugi defeated at the start of the KC Grand Championship. Since it is a computer designed by KaibaCorp, its deck features cards from Kaiba's card database. It had 5 levels with varying decks. Zigfried von Schroeder briefly hacked trapping them and forcing them to duel. Yugi dueled with Rick's deck. In its duel with Yugi it relied mainly on the abilities of "Robbin' Goblin" and "Berserk Gorilla". Yugi countered its strategy using "Heart of the Underdog" a card he actually gave to Rick at the beginning of the previous episode and "Spirit Ryu" which gains more attack points depending on the number of dragons discarded to the Graveyard in the turn it was Summoned. In the end Yugi defeats the DuelTek and frees his friends.


Oricalcos Soldier

Main article: Orichalcos Soldier.

Jean Claude Magnum

Main article: Jean Claude Magnum.

KaibaCorp Grand Championship Contestants

Main article: Grand Championship Contestants.

The contestents, who only appeared in the KaibaCorp Grand Championship. These included: Abe the Monkey Man, Apnarg Otom, Balfry Ginger, Ethan Shark, Dr. Richard Goat, Jafar Shin, Fortune Salim, Paul McGregor, Sergei Ivanoff, Shane Jordan, Totani Ialos and Vivian Wong.

Noah Kaiba

Main article: Noah Kaiba.


Main article: Mikey.


Main article Rafael.


Main article: Rick

Leon von Schroeder

Main article: Leon von Schroeder.

Zigfried von Schroeder

Main article Zigfried von Schroeder.


Main article: Valon.

Manga only characters

Amane Bakura

Main article: Amane Bakura.


Main article: Chopman.

A.D. Fujita

Main article: A.D. Fujita.

Tomoya Hanasaki

Main article: Tomoya Hanasaki.

Goro Inogashira

Main article: Goro Inogashira.

Junky Scorpion store owner

Main article: Junky Scorpion store owner.


Main article: Johji.

Mr. Clown

Main article: Mr. Clown.


Main article: Nezumi.

Old Man Dentures

main article: Old Man Dentures


Main article: Sozoji.


Main article: Tsuruoka

ZTV Director

Main article: Director Lucius.

ZTV Producer

Main article: ZTV Producer.

Capsule Monsters only characters

Alex Brisbane

Alex Brisbane

Professor Alex Brisbane is a direct descendant of Alexander the Great. He was working with Dr. Solomon Muto in India exploring a mysterious pyramid. They entered it and only Brisbane got out, Dr. Mutou apparently disappeared in to thin air. Later, when Yugi and friends came, he led them to the chamber in the pyramid where Dr. Mutou disappeared. It turns out that when professor Brisbane entered, he got possessed by the dark side of Alexander the Great and used Yugi and his friends to unleash the "ultimate power." He is voiced by Pete Zarustica in the dub.

Alexander the Great

The greatest conqueror in history, Alexander the Great was an ancient king who nearly conquered the world, and serves as the main villain during the Capsule Monsters mini-arc. Through his armies some of the ancient world's greatest nations fell before him, including Greece, Persia, and Egypt (the latter of which made Alexander into one of the great pharaohs). During his adventures Alexander came into possession of the Millennium Ring and began to carry it as a lucky charm. However, the ring soon began to cloud his mind, causing him to turn power-hungry and losing the respect of his troops (except for a handful of his servants). Wanting ultimate power Alexander was confronted by Shadi who told him to take the trial of the Capsule Monsters if he wanted the power. Alexander passed the trials, but was not allowed the power he wanted and his soul was trapped within the legendary Pyramid of Alexander (located in India). His spirit was also torn in two, one good (which was trapped within the game) and one evil (this one being trapped within the temple). Alexander's evil half would later possess his direct descendant.

After Yugi and friends passed the Capsule Monster trial (with the help of Alexander's good side), they crossed back into the pyramid and confronted Alexander's possessed descendant. He managed to steal an artifact that would allow him to unlock an ultimate power from within the temple. However, he was foiled by Yugi and friends and Alexander's dark half was banished forever, while his good side's spirit finally passed on to rest.

Movie Only Characters

Shougo Aoyama

Main article: Shougo Aoyama


Main article:Anubis.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters
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Melody (Miho Nosaka) - Seto Kaiba - Mokuba Kaiba - Ryo Bakura - Solomon Muto (Sugoroku Mutou) - Shadi - Mai Valentine (Mai Kujaku)
Serenity Wheeler (Shizuka Jonouchi, Shizuka Kawai) - Mako Tsunami (Ryota Kajiki) - Rebecca Hawkins (Rebecca Hopkins)
Duke Devlin (Ryuji Otogi) - Ishizu Ishtar - Odion Ishtar (Rishid Ishtar) - Dark Magician Girl (Blamagigirl)
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