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Alderaan system

Core Worlds


Alderaan sector

Grid coordinates



1: Alderaan

  1. Raisa
  2. The Graveyard Asteroid field (formerly Alderaan)
  3. Delaya
  4. Avirandel
    1. 1 moon
  5. Avishan

An asteroid that was the source of Bondar crystals

"We've entered the Alderaan system."
Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, to Grand Moff Wilhuf Tarkin, just prior to Alderaan's destruction by the first Death Star

The Alderaan system was the home system to the planet Alderaan. It was the primary system in the Alderaan sector of the Core Worlds.



Early in the Galactic Civil War, Carlist Rieekan commanded covert operations for the Rebel Alliance in the Alderaan system, overseeing a network of communication satellites that linked star systems near the planet Alderaan. When the Death Star entered the Alderaan system, he withheld from providing the citizens of Alderaan with evacuation ships, fearing evacuation at the moment would reveal Alderaan's Rebel sympathies to the Empire. He was horrified to see his homeworld destroyed shortly thereafter.

Following the destruction of Alderaan, its orbit became the site of The Graveyard, an asteroid field consisting of the planet's remains. Surviving Alderaanians who found themselves offworld at the time of the planet's destruction often returned to the site to pay homage to their murdered family members.

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Behind the scenes

In materials created for licensees of the Expanded Universe in 1977, George Lucas described the Alderaan system as having seven planets.


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