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Aldebaran Prime
Star system: Aldebaran
Class: M
Surface: Habitable

Aldebaran Prime is the third planet (class M) in the Aldebaran system.


Astronomical data

Gravity: 1.2 g
Diameter: 15.500 km
Equatorial circumference: 49,000 km
Land/water ratio: 30/70 %
Year/Day: 376 days
Day: 27 hours


  • Beta Quadrant
    • Aldebaran sector
      • Aldebaran system


  • Aldebaran Prime
  • Alpha Tauri III
  • Aldebaran III
  • Aldebaran


  • Six (6), including:
    • Antrim
    • Armagh, which has a Class-M atmosphere.
    • Derry
    • Down
    • Fermanagh
    • Tyrone
Named for the historical six counties of Northern Ireland.

Further information


Location of a Federation colony, which became the 18th full member of the United Federation of Planets in 2207.

In 2224, the Federation Olympics were held on Aldebaran.


Almost 2.5 billion people reside on Aldebaran Prime. Approximately 1.9 billion of those are human. Centaurians make up 91 million, and various other races account for upwards of 350 million.

Most native Aldebaraners are descended from the original Irish and Australian colonists who settled the planet in the mid-22nd century. That Gaelic and Celtic heritage has remained a strong influence in Aldebaran culture. Native-born Aldebaraners have an accent that has been described as "a fusion of Irish lilt, and Australian brogue."

Aldebaran is nearly equivalent to Earth in most technological aspects, and maintains several key Federation facilities.

The planet is also known for its whiskey, a potent green beverage. Aldebaran whiskey is a popular ingredient in mixed drinks, including the Aldebaran Depth Charge. (TNG: "Relics", TOS novel: Ishmael, Star Trek: Pendragon)


The capital of Aldebaran Prime is New Melbourne. Another major city is New Canberra, where a Federation shipyard is located.

In 2370, Jonathan Kincaid was elected as planetary governor of Aldebaran Prime.


Classified as a temperate world, Aldebaran is cooler and wetter than Earth, with less seasonal variation. The atmosphere is slightly richer in oxygen and argon than Earth-normal.

Aldebaran has three continents, several smaller landmasses, and many islands. The hydrosphere is separated into five oceans. The world is rich in natural resources.

Excellent vineyards are located on the northern continent, where Aldebaran whiskey is produced.


The Aldebaran shellmouth is a species of mollusk native to the planet, and shellmouth stew is a local staple food. (Worlds of the Federation, Star Trek: Pendragon)

The Aldebaran serpent, a three-headed reptilian species, is found on Aldebaran Prime, but is believed to be native either to one of its moons, or to Aldebaran II.




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