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The CDS Aldara (CUW-8181) was a Cardassian Galor-class medium cruiser in service to the Cardassian Union's Central Command in the mid to late 24th century. This ship was responsible for the destruction of several Starfleet starships in the Federation-Cardassian War. (DS9 episode: "Past Prologue", TNG video games: Armada, Armada II; ST roleplay module: Starships, ST reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

In 2357, Ghel Rhukal was the first officer of the Aldara and held the rank of Dalin. (DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

In the late 2360s, the Aldara was commanded by Gul Danar. In 2369, the Aldara pursued a Bajoran scout ship across the Cardassian border to Deep Space 9 following the theft of an antimatter inverter by Kohn-Ma terrorist, Tahna Los in 2369. (DS9 episode: "Past Prologue", ST:CCG: Deep Space Nine)

In the Armada games, no specific history or definitive final fate was established for this vessel as its name was selected for a battleship by the game developers, and is sometimes placed randomly when the ship appears.
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