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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

Alchemy was an ancient Human theory involving the transmutation of lead into gold. In physics, it would have been much easier to do the reverse, however there was never much intrest in this research. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

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DC Comics

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From DC Database

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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus


Gathering style="text-align:center; width: 80%"
Farmer [ G / R ]
Lumberjack [ G / R ]
Miner [ G / R ]
Fisherman [ G / R ]
Hunter [ G / R ]

Alchemist is a profession. Alchemists can gather plants and flowers as well as making dyes and all kinds of potions.







See Alchemist/Recipes.


See Alchemist/Gathering.


See Alchemist/Guides

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Alchemy in Norrath involves combining base ingredients (roots, gems, soft metals, loams, and candles) into usable items such as combat art essences, potions, poisons, or adornments for equipment.


About Rare and Non-Rare Components

Alchemists use non-rare and rare ingredients to produce their wares. Combat art recipes with exclusively non-rare components result Apprentice IV skills. Those same recipes that include rare components result in Adept III quality skills.

Recipes for poisons and potions, be they rare or not, have no quality levels associated with them. The more successful you are at producing them, the more items you get. At the highest level of success, you get 10 items per combine.

About Fuel Costs

All crafting uses Fuel. Fuel for Alchemists is Candles. The amount and cost of fuel increases steadily from tier to tier. The amount of fuel required for a rare combat art essence recipe is typically double the amount of its non-rare counterpart. Rare Poisons and Potions typically require one less fuel than their non-rare counterparts.

There has been a change in the crafting and no Apprentice I,II,III are made anymore.For non rare recipes candles are returned instead and for rare recipes the rare is returned for these levels of the recipe.

Generic Combat Art Essence Recipes

Apprentice IV and Adept III combat art essences have the same basic recipe. Only one item is created with each combination (unlike potions and poisons, where multiple items are created with each combination).

The only difference between the recipe for an Apprentice IV art and an Adept III combat art is the substitution of a Rare Loam for the one of the regular Loams and twice the amount of fuel.

Generic Poison and Potion Recipes


All non-rare recipes, for tiers 1-7, require 1 Root, 1 Loam, and 5 Candles. For rare poisons (Neophyte through Grandmaster), substitute a Dust for the required Loam and reduce the fuel by 1.
Tier 8 Poisons, require 4 Loams, 2 Gems, 1 Soft Metal, and 2 Candles. For rare poisons (Expert), substitute a Dust for the required Loam, fuel cost stays the same.


All non-rare recipes, for tiers 1-7, require 1 Root, 1 Soft Metal, 1 Loam, and 5 Candles. For rare potions (Neophyte through Grandmaster), substitute a Dust for the required Loam and reduce the fuel by 1.
Tier 8 recipes, require 4 Loams, 2 Gems, 1 Soft Metal, and 2 Candles. For rare potions (Expert), substitute a Dust for the required Loam, fuel cost stays the same.

Alchemist-specific Quests and Items

See also: Artisan Quests and Items and Scholar Quests and Items.

Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack

Echoes of Faydwer Expansion

Special Recipes

Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack

The following spells may only be purchased at Apprentice II spell quality from the merchants in the 2 camps, and only after completing a series of quests. The recipes for the Apprentice IV and Adept III versions of these spells may also be purchased and are tradeable. All of these spells are level 35, and usually sell very well on the broker.

Class Subclasses Spell Name
Brawler Bruiser & Monk Devastation Fist
Crusader Paladin & Shadowknight Doom Judgment
Warrior Berserker & Guardian Unyielding Will

Desert of Flames Expansion

The following spells can be found as drops in Adept I and Master I quality, but the Adept III versions may only be crafted by Alchemists who have scribed the appropriate Ancient Teachings recipe book. Each adventurer subclass has one of these spells at levels 52, 55, and 58. As the Master I spells are very rare, the Adept III's are much sought after and the Alchemist who has them all will never be out of work.

Subclass Level 52 Level 55 Level 58
Berserker Insolent Gibe Vision of Madness Open Wounds
Bruiser Stone Deaf Sonic Fists Close Mind
Guardian Reinforcement Sentry Watch Tower of Stone
Monk Outward Calm Tsunami Fall of the Phoenix
Paladin Sigil of Heroism Consecrate Divine Favor
Shadowknight Mana Sieve Tap Veins Death March

Kingdom of Sky Expansion

Alchemist Essentials, volumes 60-69, were originally sold by Merchant Thryst on Whisperwind Isle in The Barren Sky. The hooluk still sells these books but as of Rise of Kunark, all up to level 80 can be found at any crafting trainer outside the crafting instances near which they stand.

Echoes of Faydwer Expansion

The Tender's Secrets Volume 3 is a legendary drop from the Tender of the Seedlings in The Emerald Halls x4 raid zone. The recipe requires a legendary ingredient that drops off of non-named mobs throughout the zone called Seed of Growth. Together with a Nimbus root and some common raws, an alchemist can craft up to 25 Poisoned Seeds of the Tender which is usable by the rogueor predator class. It is possible to purchase this recipe book from the broker along with the legendary component, however because of the difficulty of the zone the items will be very expensive and equally rare.

Rise of Kunark Expansion

In each of the major three centres (Bathezid, Riliss, Danak) you can get 2 recipes each when having earned enough faction (30000 for Volume I, 40000 for Volume II):

The Shadow Odyssey Expansion

For more detail see TSO Tradeskill Timeline

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

FMW Alchemy
Image of FMW Alchemy
Federation Full Metal Wrestling
Starring Alchemy roster
Slogan "All Action, F*** Your Restholds"
Theme music "Move" by Thousand Foot Krutch
General manager Dante Jones
Established Alchemy 2.2 (January 23, 2007)
Episodes 24
Creator Jaro
Booker Skyler Striker
Folded Ultimatum II (July 24, 2009)
External links
Website Alchemy website

FMW Alchemy was one of the two branded shows of Full Metal Wrestling alongside Anarchy.



Coming soon!

Final champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Notes
FMW C-4 Championship Drew Michaels February 10, 2009 Catalyst •Won in a Maximum C-4 match
FMW Abandoned Champion Skyler Striker June 16, 2009 No Holds Barred •Won in a 30 Minute Hardcore Ultimate Submission Match.
FMW Television Tag Team Champions Silver Pistols
(Michael James & Robert Pearson)
July 27, 2008 FMW Supremacy •Won in a Tag Team Fatal Four-way match


General Manager


Stables/Tag Team

Audio Team

  • Stone (Play-by-play Commentator)
  • Boss Foxx (Color Commentator)

External links

  • Alchemy website

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From Lostpedia

A table of alchemical symbols from Basil Valentine’s The Last Will and Testament, 1670 ce.

Alchemy (Arabic: الخيمياء al-khimia) was the precursor to modern chemistry. It was a psuedoscientific practice that attempted to use a rudimentary understanding of chemical processes to attain philisophical and material goals, namely the pursuit of substances with "unusual" properties, ultimate wisdom, and eternal life.

The fundamental ideas of alchemy are said to have arisen in the ancient Persian Empire. Alchemy has been practiced in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia (today's Iran), India, China, Japan, and Korea in Classical Greece and Rome, in the Muslim civilizations, and then in Europe up to the 20th century—in a complex network of schools and philosophical systems spanning at least 2500 years.[1]

In the Season 2 DVD extra Mysteries, Conspiracies and Theories, Michelle Rodriguez conjectured that Alchemy is a part of the Lost universe: "You know, Numbers are interesting, alchemy could have something to do with it, too. I think they use a lot of alchemy in the show, too, they hint at it. They hint at y'know, stars and signs and Masonry. A lot of that symbolism is in there."


Alchemic symbol on a tree
The alchemic symbol for spirit
The Staff logo

See also

External links

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

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Thomas Jones (Earth-616)
Real Name
Thomas Jones
Current Alias



198; Formerly: X-Factor, Excalibur

Ophelia Jones (mother)



5' 11"

142 lbs (65 kg)





Paul Bestow

First appearance




Jones, son of a widowed mother, was a student studying chemistry when his powers first appeared. He was kidnapped by the Troll Associates as part of their plan to use his powers in order to collapse the economy of the global free market and allow creatures of myth and legend to roam free again. Jones was rescued by X-Factor, but not before he was forced to turn a couple of his captors to gold in self defense. He planned on studying molecular chemistry in order to return the trolls to life.

A few years later, the Troll Associates kidnapped Alchemy's mother. Alchemy was forced to obey them, but he secretly called X-Factor for help (His call was forwarded to the X-Men). On their way to restore the leaden trolls back to normal, the Troll Associates and Alchemy ran into Excalibur. The two groups fought and Alchemy turned Captain Britain and Meggan into gold. The X-Men met up with Excalibur and together they tracked down the trolls, but both groups were captured. Excalibur-leader Nightcrawler managed to convince the majority of the trolls that the Troll Associates' methods were wrong. He challenged the new leader of the Troll Associates, Phough, to single combat, while Excalibur and the X-Men freed themselves. Phough then tried to kill Alchemy's mother, but Nightcrawler saved her and Alchemy turned Phough into a golden statue. Alchemy then revealed to Excalibur and the X-Men that, due to his biochemistry studies, he could now restore humans back to normal and restored Captain Britain and Meggan.

Alchemy was one of a handful of mutants to retain their powers after the events of M-Day.

Powers and Abilities


Transmutation: ability to alter the chemical composition of anything he touches into its elemental components. He can also change matter into other forms so long as he fully understands the physical composition of the desired result. In his first appearance he could only change objects into simple chemical elements, usually gold. Due to his study of biochemistry, he can now also change objects into more complex molecules, allowing him to change transmuted living beings back to normal.

  • Alchemy can transform any substance into a desired element with intense concentration
  • By studying physiology and bio-chemistry, he is able to transform any substance into complex molecules, including organic systems (like human bodies).

    Strength level

Weak Human


  • Created by Paul Bestow, a Marvel Comics fan, through a contest called "The Mutant Registration Act" during the story arc "The Fall of the Mutants." Fans could write a bio and power for their mutants, and if picked, their mutant would "star" in an X-Factor comic.


  • Appearances of Thomas Jones (Earth-616)
  • Character Gallery: Thomas Jones (Earth-616)
  • Images that feature Thomas Jones (Earth-616)
  • Fan-Art Gallery: Thomas Jones (Earth-616)
  • Quotations by Thomas Jones (Earth-616) 

Character Reference: Alchemy

Discover and Discuss

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Low/High Level Alchemy
Members only? No
Level 21/55
Runes 1 nature,3/5 fires
Spellbook Standard
Experience File:Low_Level_Alchemy_icon.png 31 - File:High_Level_Alchemy_icon.png 65
Quest None
Lectern None

Low Level Alchemy and High Level Alchemy are magic spells that convert items into gold.



All alchemy spells use nature runes to convert an item into a different item.

Icon Spell Magic Level member's only Runes Required Experience Notes
File:Bones to Bananas icon.png Bones to Bananas 15 No 1Nature2Earth2Water 25 Converts all Bones in inventory into Bananas.
File:Low Level Alchemy icon.png Low Level Alchemy 21 No 1Nature3Fire 31 Converts items into the same amount of coins as a general store would pay for the item. Can be cast free of runes 30 times a day with the Explorer's ring 2 or 3.
File:Superheat Item icon.png Superheat Item 43 No 1Nature4Fire 53 Smelts ores without the need for a furnace. Iron ore will have a 100% success rate using Superheat Item.
File:High Level Alchemy icon.png High Level Alchemy 55 No 1Nature5Fire 65 Converts items into more coins than Low Level Alchemy spell, equivalent to selling the item to a specialist store.
File:Bones to Peaches icon.png Bones to Peaches 60 Yes 2Nature4Earth4Water 35.5 Converts all Bones in inventory into Peaches. You must buy this spell from the Mage Training Arena or use the spell in tablet form.
A player casting Low Level Alchemy using the Explorer's ring.

Alchemist's Playground

The Alchemist's Playground is a Magic-based minigame based around the concept of alchemy spells, situated in the Mage Training Arena north of the Duel Arena. Players have to use High Level Alchemy or Low Level Alchemy spells to convert items in eight cupboards to gold coins in an attempt to earn pizazz points which can be traded for certain rewards.

Alchemy for Profit

Due to the nature of alchemy spells, they are considered a decent way to make money. Alchemy is particularly useful when players want a quick way of making money that doesn't interfere with training.

Common Alchemy Items

Some of the most commonly alchemised items are:

Alchemy Moneymakers

These are items that are generally considered good alchemy money makers.

In order to make a profit, it is recommended to use alchemy only on items that cost more than the current price of a nature rune, but if you make the rune yourself using Runecrafting, the profit increases dramatically, as a single nature rune almost always costs over 300 gold.

Skills used with Alchemy

The skill used most commonly with alchemy is fletching. Many players make bows, then instead of selling them, they alchemise them and gain a small profit. This allows players to spend more time fletching, while allowing them to make a little money.

Alchemy is often used in Farming while waiting for crops to grow.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

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Sith alchemy/magic
"But ask me the secrets of Sith alchemy, and I would ask you for three measures of blood: one from a person you love, one from a person you hate, and one from yourself."
―Naga Sadow

Sith alchemy was a science that referred to a number of areas under the Sith.



While the Sith species practiced Sith alchemy long before the Exiles arrived on Korriban, it was the Exiles who perfected it, using the knowledge to create the Leviathans that they acquired during the Hundred-Year Darkness.[1]

Monsters created by Sith alchemy: a Sith war behemoth, a Sith war worm, and a chrysalide rancor

Sith alchemy was primarily used to enhance the strength of weapons and armor (such as the famous Sith swords), or to genetically engineer and enhance alien species, making them more dangerous and easier to control by the Sith Lords. More sinisterly, Sith alchemy was capable of waking the dead in servitude to the Sith. Korriban zombies, and possibly Sith undead, were creations of this branch of the art.[2]

Naga Sadow wrote many texts concerning the art of Sith alchemy.[1] These were studied by Seviss Vaa, whose experiments were responsible for the Behemoth from the World Below.[3]

While he was on Yavin 4, the Sith Lord Exar Kun used alchemy to create terrifying creatures twisted by the dark side's influence. Around this time, the Sorcerer of Tund Karnak Tetsu practiced Sith alchemy.[4]

Darth Plagueis was a master of this dark art.[5] Plagueis' apprentice, Darth Sidious, later wrote a book about Sith alchemy entitled The Creation of Monsters, and was responsible for the creation of such monstrosities as shadow droids and chrysalis beasts.[1] Darth Sidious may have also utilized the mask ability to hide his true, corrupted features.[6]

The Prophet of the Dark Side Cronal was referred to as Sidious's "monster-maker", and was responsible for the creation of such sithspawn as Gorc and Pic through the dark art of Sith Alchemy.[7] He may have also had a hand in the dark arts that spawned a reborn Darth Maul.

Much of Sith alchemy was based on Spells, or Sith magic. It is unclear which Sith followers practiced this art, and to what extent it was followed.


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Technobeast created by Sith alchemy


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

The Alchemy cards are a series of mostly anime only cards used by Amnael in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The main strategy of this deck is to removed from play your own monsters to power up your stronger monsters and relying on the weak monsters ability to attack directly.

Facts about AlchemyRDF feed

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Alchemy
Attribute: Trap Cards Image:Trap.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: Add/Send 1 monster with 'alchemy' in it's name to your hand, deck, graveyard or remove from play zone. Special summon 1 monster with 'alchemy' in it's name from the same area.
Sets with this Card: Ancient's Law of Life - ALOL - EN0038
Card Limit: Unlimited.
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names

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