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Series: The Animated Series
Written by: Dario Finelli
Directed by: Hal Sutherland
Novelization in: Star Trek Log Six
Production information
Episode no.: 2x04
Production no.: 22019
First aired: 28 September 1974
Date: 5275.6 (2269)



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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Production information



Heavy Dropship

Technical specifications

36.8 meters [1] (120 ft, 9 in)





Slipspace Drive






Year introduced



Logistical Support


Human-Covenant War


United Nations Space Command


The Albatross Heavy Dropship is a heavy-lift dropship of the United Nations Space Command.



From its general design and structure, it seems to be a dedicated cargo dropship for vehicles, crates, weapons and raw supplies such as hydrogen for the ground units in the field, rather than possessing any combat capabilities. It appears suited more towards ferrying supplies to a planet's surface once a landing zone has been secured, as vehicles such as the Pelican have a more aggressive nature and can also double as gunships[2].

The Albatross has a large cargo bay. It is capable of transporting multiple vehicles and other heavy weapons at a time. Once it has landed, it lowers three metal ramps holding the bay, allowing its cargo to be unloaded. Both times the Albatross has been seen, it can be used as a makeshift base, indicating that it may also serve as a mobile field command post for the UNSC[3].

Appearances of the Albatross

The Albatross first appeared as concept art in the book The Art of Halo. It has since made appearances in Halo 2 and 3 (on the multiplayer map Relic and Sandtrap respectively). In both Halo 2 and 3, the only observed Albatrosses had crashed into hillsides or had been partially buried. Though some people believe that the Albatross is the ship that ferries supplies in Halo Wars, no official information regarding this matter has been released, and it is therefore assumed that the two ships are different.

Known Albatross Class Dropships


  • The Albatross appears on two maps, Relic and Sandtrap. By coincidence, both maps are large, and meant for Big Team Battles, however, both are crashed and unusable, only able to serve as makeshift bases, and sometimes weapon caches.
  • An Albatross is a seabird, in keeping with the UNSC dropship naming tradition of naming all their vehicles as animals (with the exception of the Cyclops and Gremlin).
  • It is possible that Albatrosses are only seen crashed in the Halo universe, considering the Albatross is considered by seamen traditionally as a sign of bad luck on a voyage.
  • Some Albatrosses have words inscribed on their hulls by their crews, similar to what pilots would paint on the exterior of their bombers in World War 2. On Sandtrap, the crashed Albatross has the words "Covenant Killer Mk C" and "Humanity-1 Flood-0".


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  2. G4TV Ensemble interview.
  3. Halo 2, level Relic
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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This Albatross, known formerly as The Scourge, is the flagship of Rabid Jack, the infamous pirate lord that attacked Mos Le'Harmless recently in the Fifth Age.

This Albatross was first known as "The Scourge". Jack used the ship as his main offensive centre when he attacked Mos Le'Harmless in an effort to gain complete control over the Eastern Sea. When this failed, Jack renamed his ship "This Albatross", which he said would be a curse upon pirates forever.

Eventually, the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless rallied under Gentleman Mallard and attacked Jack in his hideout in the Cursed Archipelago. Eventually the battle became centred around This Albatross, where Jack finally jumped overboard, seemingly to his death.

Although the ship was likely destroyed after the battle, recent activity suggests the ship may have been revived along with its captain.

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