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Alan Howard
Occupation Businessman
Born 23rd April 1924
Residence Newcastle
Spouse(s) Laura Dennet
Elsie Tanner (1970)
Children Mark Howard (1952)
First appearance 1st December 1969
Last appearance 16th January 1974
Duration 1969-1974
Played by Alan Browning

Alan Howard was the businessman husband of Elsie Tanner in the 1970s. After a few years of ups and downs in Coronation Street, the couple moved to Newcastle, where their marriage lasted until 1976.




Early life

Alan Patrick Howard's first marriage was to Laura Dennet and his son Mark Howard was born in 1952. A businessman and decent car mechanic, Alan owned a garage in Ashton.

The marriage was over by 1969 when Alan came to Weatherfield to oversee the salon he had just bought. After making Elsie Tanner manageress, he asked her out, but stood her up in favour of a club to see out the 1960s. Elsie wasn't that keen on Alan, having been through more than enough superficial men in the past, but Alan continued to pursue her into the new year. He won Elsie when Bill Gregory, who had had a serious relationship with her in 1961, returned to the area and proposed, but Alan took the next step with Elsie and asked her to move in with him in a detached house he wanted to buy. Once Bill had left the scene, Alan declined to fully commit himself and said he didn't want to marry Elsie despite living with her. They split up over it, as they both wanted different things, and Alan sold the salon to Dave Smith and left Weatherfield.

In July, Alan made a surprise return to make things up with Elsie, making it clear he was now open to marriage. Elsie was still hurt but soon changed her mind and they got married soon afterwards.

However, bad news came with the good news as Alan owed people money and his assets didn't amount to enough to pay them back. Just after returning from honeymoon, Alan filed for bankruptcy and had to sell his brand new white Mercedes to pay off creditors. The Howards' dreams of a better life shattered, Alan moved into Elsie's house, 11 Coronation Street, and tried to work his way back to the top having reached rock bottom.

New businesses

Alan got a job as a lowly mechanic at Billy Walker's Canal Street garage. It wasn't easy for Alan to adjust to not being the boss and doing what he wanted, as he learned when Billy had a go at him for repairing Ken Barlow's mini for free as a favour. Alan prided himself on good, honest work and got on well with Billy after that.

In 1971 Mark came up to Weatherfield and stayed with the Howards. He didn't like Elsie and warned Alan about Elsie flirting with Len Fairclough. Alan told Mark to leave as he kept making trouble out of nothing.

Alan got his first break since the bankruptcy when Billy announced he was moving to London to buy another garage and promoted Alan to manager and increased his wages.

He almost ruined his second chance when he was tempted by an affair with Janet Reid. Janet had initiated it and followed him when he went to Leeds on business. Alan swore to Elsie that nothing happened and she believed him, but warned Janet that she had better leave Alan alone or else.

Further, the Howards' marriage proved not to be so rock solid when Alan refused to move to accommodate Elsie's new job. When he let Mark stay despite Elsie not getting along with him, Elsie started a row and a tired Alan walked out on her. When he cooled off he returned, and the whole thing was instantly forgotten as Billy returned to sell the garage. Alan came up with the £2,500 from a mystery source, which Elsie later found out was his ex-wife Laura.

The later years of Alan and Elsie's marriage were not their happiest

In 1972, Alan entered into a partnership with Jimmy Frazer selling used cars, despite Elsie being against it. Overworking to manage both businesses, Alan turned to drink and by Christmas Elsie worrie that he was on his way to becoming an alcoholic. Fortunately the turning point for Alan came before it was too late as he nearly burned the house down while drunk. Elsie found him passed out and refused to listen to his excuses. Guilty Alan stayed sober and terminated his eal with Jimmy.

The following year, the Howards moved to Newcastle where Elsie had taken a job. Aside from a brief visit to sell the garage to Billy Walker and rent the house to Ken Barlow, Alan never set foot in Coronation Street again, but in 1976 Elsie returned, now separated. Alan wanted to know if Elsie was going to return to him but she decided to stay in Weatherfield for good.

In 1977, Alan had an affair with a work colleague, Elaine Dennett, who wanted to marry him but needed him to divorce Elsie first. When Alan cited Elsie as the reason they couldn't marry, Elaine went to Weatherfield to convince her to agree to a divorce. While the divorce came through in 1978, whether or not Alan and Elaine married is unknown.

Miscellaneous information

  • Alan knew Coronation Street resident Len Fairclough from their days in the Navy during World War II.

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