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Al Kharid minining site
File:Al kharid mine.png
Location North-west of the Duel Arena, north of Al Kharid.
Members only? No
Rocks 1 Tin rock
3 Copper rocks
5 Silver rocks
9 Iron ore
2 Gold rocks
2 Coal rocks
3 Mithril rocks
2 Adamant rocks
Monsters Scorpions
Requirements None
The allocation of rocks.

The Al Kharid mining site is located north of Al Kharid, north-west of the fire altar. It is also known as the Scorpion Mine, due to the abundance of those, and the Al Kharid Quarry, because it is an open pit mine. While not necessary, a combat level of 29 will keep the scorpions from attacking while mining. This mine is popular for players of all levels because of the variety of ores available.

This location is fairly effective for mining most materials, as it has every non-quest ore besides Clay and Runite.

It is also relatively close to the furnace and the bank in Al Kharid, which allows players to smelt metal bars and further proceed with crafting or smithing.

However, the mine is usually quite busy in F2P as:

  • The 3 north-western iron rocks are placed such that they can all be mined without moving.
  • the bank and furnace are quite near comparatively,
  • it is one of the few mines providing gold and silver ores (the other ones being the Dwarven mine, the Arzinian Mine, or Crafting Guild),
  • there are free water and fire rune respawns (see the allocation map).

The "Man" walking near the entrance of the mine is revealed to be Avan in the Family Crest quest.

The ores available are:

In addition, 3 water runes and 3 fire runes spawn within the mine as indicated in the mine map.

The end of the mine.

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