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For the music track, see Al Kharid (music track).
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Al Kharid (pronounced "Al-car-id"[1]) is a city in the north part of the Kharidian Desert. It is the only desert city open to non-members and players in the city do not suffer from the desert effect.

Al Kharid is ruled by the Emir, although the vast majority of the work has been taken over by Chancellor Hassan since the Emir's son was kidnapped. The city is independent from both Misthalin, or any government in the Kharidian desert. Al Kharid was built in the last years of the Fourth Age, by settlers from Misthalin crossing the newly-constructed bridge over the River Lum.

This city is particularly useful to power miners because of the nearby Al Kharid Mine, which contains tin, copper, iron, silver, gold, coal, mithril and adamant ores.



Cheap passage to Al Kharid from Lumbridge
The gate you pass for 10 coins or for free if you have beat the Prince Ali Rescue quest.


Players can find a number of non-player characters in Al Kharid.

Notable Features

Al Kharid contains the closest bank to a range and furnace in non-members RuneScape, as well as two reasonably close net and bait Fishing spots. Al Kharid also plays home to a tanner named Ellis.


Main article: Al Kharid palace
The Al Kharid Palace.

The Al Kharid palace is the residence of The Emir and the seat of government for the emirate of Al Kharid. Hassan, the Emir's chancellor, is present in the palace's throne room and features in the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Osman, the emirate's spymaster, is found just outside the palace along the eastern section of the northern hedge. He features in the Prince Ali Rescue and Contact! quests and will also given Thieving experience in exchange for Sq'irk juice obtained in the Sorceress's Garden minigame.

Many Al Kharid warriors are in the palace and can be trained on and pickpocketed.


Al Kharid's bank is to the south-west of the city (See banks). The bank is populated largely by craftsmen, smiths and chefs due to the proximity of the tanner, range and furnace to the bank. In the free worlds, the bank is often crowded with players buying and selling cowhides, but it also can get crowded in members worlds too.


Zeke's Superior Scimitars

Zeke's Superior Scimitar shop is located to the north of the Al Kharid palace.

Zeke's Superior Scimitars

The store sells the following items:

Players are also able to ask about the Dragon scimitar, however Zeke will reply by making several puns relating to the Monkey Madness quest, which is required for players to be able to wield a dragon scimitar.

Dommik's Crafting Store

Dommik's Crafting Store is located to the north-east of the Al Kharid palace.

Dommik's Crafting Store

The store sells the following free-to-play items:

The store also sells the following members items:

Al Kharid General Store

The Al Kharid general store File:Gstore.PNG is located to the east of the palace.

Al Kharid General Store

The store sells the following items:

The shop is also often well-stocked with recently crafted leather armour.

Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar

Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar File:Platelegs shop icon.png is located to the east of the Al Kharid palace.

Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar

The store sells the following items:

Ranael's Super Skirt Store

Ranael's Super Skirt Store File:Skirt shop icon.png is located to the east of the Al Kharid palace.

Ranael's Super Skirt Store

The store sells the following items:

Kebab shop

The Kebab shop is located directly north of the bank, in the house with a range. Players may purchase a kebab from Karim, the kebab salesman, for 1 coin each.

Gem trader

The Gem trader File:Gemshopicon.PNG is located to the north of the Al Kharid township and to the south-east of the Lumbridge gate.


The trader sells the following items (prices may change and are only valid when there is one gem in stock):

Silk Trader

The silk trader, File:Silk trader icon.png located to the north of the Al Kharid palace, provides a quick and simple method for newer members to gain money quickly. If the player is prepared to click through a lengthy dialogue, they can buy silk cheaply (3 coins) which may then be sold for a profit at any general store excluding the general store in Al Kharid. (Note: It is possible for players to lower the purchase price of the silk by refusing the original offer by the silk trader and instead settling for a price of 2 coins).

Ali Morisanne's Bazaar

File:Alis discount wares.png

Ali Morisanne is found east of the gem trader to the north-east of the city near the blue star quest icon File:Questicon.PNG. He sells various items, and once The Feud is completed, he will open various other shops if you set up merchanting opportunities for him.

Talk to him (there is no Trade option) and select the "Ya, I'll get to it soon." option. When he asks "...Unless you want to make a small purchase from me first?", select Ok.

See Rogue Trader.

Faruq's Tools for Games

Faruq File:Tools for games shop icon.PNG sells tools which are useful for playing games with a clan. He is located in northern Al Kharid.


Sorceress's Garden

Main article Sorceress's Garden.

The Sorceress's Garden is found in the south-east of Al Kharid.

Scorpion-pit mine

Main article: Al Kharid Mine
The expansive desert north of Al Kharid city.

The Al Kharid Mine is also known as the Scorpion Mine, due to the abundance of these pests. This is a fairly good mine for most materials as it has everything except clay, blurite, daeyalt, elemental, runite, and lunar but is usually quite busy. Coal is the most sought after ore here. Players will try to mine it before the other players do so.

Duel Arena

Main article Duel Arena

The Duel Arena is found north-east of Al Kharid. It can be more quickly accessed with a Ring of duelling.

Miscellaneous Features


  • Prince Ali Rescue may be started by speaking to Chancellor Hassan, who is in the southern room of the palace next to the bank.
  • The Feud may be started by speaking to Ali Morrisane at his stall.
  • Shadow of the Storm may be started by speaking to Father Reen who is standing south of the Bank.



  • "The Infamous Carpet of '76" from The Great Carpet Crash can be found in a display case on the 1st floor of the Al Kharid Palace.
  • If you talk to the Scimitar salesman, he will tell you that the dragon scimitar (exclusively for members) is extremely hard to get.
  • The carpets in the Al Kharid palace have Saradomin symbols on them.
  • The furnace in Al Kharid is the closest furnace to a bank for non-members.
  • Al Kharid is pronounced "Al-car-id" according to Reldo.[2]
  • The path coming south of Varrock does not cost any money.
  • If you say that you do not want to pay 10 gp to go through the gate the border guard says "Very well then, if you want to take the long route."
  • According to the map of DeviousMUD, Al Kharid was to be called "Al Karid".
  • In the god letters, it was stated that Mehkmets lived in the area around the Second or Third Age.
  • Despite its Middle Eastern-sounding name, the phrase "Al-Kharid" does not actually mean anything in any language. If one takes it apart, the prefix "al-" equates to the article "the" in Arabic; "Kharid", however, has no meaning in Arabic, but in Persian it could translate to "purchase" (as a noun).


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