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Akk dog


Planet of origin

Haruun Kal

"If you run from a pack of akk dogs, they will chase you until you're dinner. But if you stand firm and look the lead dog in the eye, they will ignore you out of respect."
Jedi Padawan Drake Lo'gaan

Akk dogs, also known as aak dogs[1], were large reptomammals native to Haruun Kal.


Anatomy and biology

"I can't fit what I know of Haruun Kal into a guidebook description. Too much of what I know is the color of the sunflash and the smell of the wind off Grandfather's Shoulder, the silken ripple of a grasser's undercoat through my fingers, the hot fierce sting of an akk dog's Force-touch. "
―Private Journals of Mace Windu

Akk dogs were Force-sensitive creatures. They were controlled by the Korunnai, the natives of Haruun Kal, by Force bonding. The akk dogs protected the herds of Grassers.

Akk dogs had triangular teeth in jaws strong enough to crush durasteel; large black tongues; scaly hides that could block a lightsaber; armored, muscular tails the length of their body; shovel-sized splayed claws; and armored, lidless eyes. Their bodies were as long as landspeeders. Their heads had six vestigial horns arranged in a triangular pattern, and they had olfactory pits next to their nose. Akk dogs had two smaller varieties, and were also related to akk wolves.

Akk dogs and Galactic history

An akk dog with Kar Vastor on Haruun Kal during the Clone Wars.

Around 32 BBY, they began being illegally smuggled from Nar Shaddaa to various worlds, most notably the Dug homeworld of Malastare.[2]

During the Jedi Council's peace mission there shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the local Lannik Red Iaro terrorist group unleashed a group of Akk dogs on the Jedi, though Mace Windu, a Korun, was able to calm them. Windu, headed to Nar Shaddaa to find out how the creatures had been smuggled to Malastare.[2]

When he arrived on Nar Shaddaa, he met up with his fellow Jedi Masters Depa Billaba and Quinlan Vos. After getting a map which could lead them to the smugglers, they borrowed a hover bike from a local and followed the map to the Circus Horrificus. There, they found out that they were being smuggled for entertainment by Gargonn the Hutt, and they stopped his operation.[2]

During the Clone Wars, Windu would encounter Akks once more when he returned to his home planet of Haruun Kal to find Depa Billaba, who had fallen into madness there.

Cultural influences

An akk dog.

Inspired by the ferociousness of akk dogs, a Naboo-based gang of criminal computer hackers who were active around 0 ABY incorporated the word "akk" into the name of their gang so as to give the impression that they were a pack of ferocious computer hackers.[1]


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