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Ajira Airways Flight 316

Flight 316

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Ajira Airways Boeing 737
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Ajira Airways Flight 316 was a scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, United States to Guam, a U.S. territory in the western Pacific. It was chosen by Eloise Hawking as a flight for the Oceanic Six to use to return to the Island. The plane crash-landed on Hydra Island in 2007. While some members of the Oceanic Six were teleported onto the Island in 1977 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid), most of the passengers survived the crash, though some with minor or severe injuries.


Flight significance

Saving the Island

The flight was the means by which the Oceanic Six were to return to the Island. Despite their personal motivations to go back, or lack thereof, their return was exceptionally important because it is the only way to save the Island, as was told to John Locke by Richard, who in turn was told by The Man in Black in the form of Locke himself. Locke received this information from Richard the era the Island was experiencing intensive time flashes. Soon after, Locke managed to leave the Island and begin a crusade to convince all those who left to come back. It is revealed later, however, that Ben had abruptly assassinated Locke and taken over Locke's role in returning the Oceanic Six.

Flight 316 was to fly through the Island's window.

“It must be this flight”

Ms. Hawking told Ben that he had 70 hours to gather all the Oceanic Six. This deadline correlated to the time the window to return to the Island would be open.

In the Lamp Post, Ms. Hawking expounded on the matter to help everyone understand the surrounding circumstances. She explained that the Island was always moving through time, and in order to determine where it was, they should look for where it was going to be.

She said that windows provide a route back, but they didn't stay open long, and the window through which they were supposed to enter closed in 36 hours. She handed Jack a binder that contained all air routes that flew over the coordinates of the Island, pointing out that the intented window was directly in the flight path of Ajira Airways Flight 316. Ms. Hawking emphasized that they must take that flight if they had any hope of reaching the Island.

The exact coordinates of Flight 316 as shown in the binder were as follows:

316 LOS ANGELES 34° 03 N 118° 14 W GUAM 13° 10 N 144° 48 E

Crew and passengers

The pilot of Flight 316 was Frank Lapidus, and co-pilot was Jack Ross. Flight attendant Rupa Krishnavani was aboard, as were the Oceanic Six, minus Aaron. Benjamin Linus, John Locke's corpse, Sayid's escort and a man, who offered Jack his condolences about his friend's death, were also aboard the flight. Several other unnamed flight attendants were aboard as were several dozen passengers. Prior to boarding the plane, Hurley bought all 78 remaining free seats in an effort to spare the lives of those who might have purchased those seats and been on the plane when it crashed. ("316")

At LAX Airport

Jack & Kate

A ticketing agent asked for Jack's signatory to transport Jeremy Bentham's body.
Kate showed up at the airport, which comforted Jack.

At the boarding pass counter, Jack was questioned by the ticketing agent about his relationship to the deceased Jeremy Bentham, and the purpose of transporting his body to Guam. Jack replied that he was a friend and that it was the deceased's wish to be buried there. The ticketing agent started to recite a transport procedure and plead for Jack's signatory when turned around and saw Kate passing by, which comforted him about her attendance.


Jack & Sun watched in disbelief as a handcuffed Sayid was escorted across the terminal.

A short time later, before they passed security, Sun approached Jack, who told her he thought she might change her mind. She assured him that she had to be on that plane if there was any chance Jin was still alive. To their disbelief, a handcuffed Sayid was escorted to a holding area by Ilana.


After being escorted in by Ilana, Sayid notices the rest of the Oceanic Six and asks to be put on a different flight. Ilana tells him she will buy him a rabbit's foot saracastically, and they go onto the flight.


Hurley bought the remaining available seats in an effort to save as many lives as possible.

Upon being released from custody after his false murder plea, Hurley got in a cab with Jacob who claimed he was only going a few blocks and that they should share the cab. After informing Hurley that he was not dead, but is from the island, he convinced Hurley that his friends need him on the island, and suggested that he take Ajira Airways Flight 316. Then Jacob left, leaving behind a guitar case, which he said was not his, leaving it in Hurley's possession. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Meanwhile, Hurley was sitting at the gate, reading a Spanish comic book, when the gate attendant announced pre-boarding and availibity on the "standby list". Hurley rushed to the counter, urgently explaining he had purchased the remaining 78 seats. The agent questioned why he wouldn't want people to get to their destination, but he dismissed her query, telling her that they could take the next flight. It was evident that Hurley was concerned the plane would crash, and took those measures to save as many potential passengers as he could by preventing them from flying on 316.

Jack arrived just as Hurley was finished speaking to the attendant, and he was surprised to see Hurley there, asking him what he was doing there. Hurley merely replied that it only mattered he was there, and he prompted Jack to board the plane.

On board

When Ben boarded the plane at the last moment, he was confronted by Hurley, who was unaware Ben would be joining them.

A dispute

Just before the door of the plane was going to be closed, Ben arrived with cuts on his face and his arm in a sling. Hurley became agitated when he saw Ben board, and yelled "He can't come". Jack rushed forward and attempted to defuse the situation by comforting Hurley and telling him that was the way things had to be (if they were going to get back to the Island). A flight attendant inquired if everything is okay, and Jack reassured her that everything was fine. Hurley unconvincingly replied he would be fine in response to Jack's prompting question. When the attendant heard Jack's name from Hurley, she handed Jack a note which she indicated security came across during inspection. The note was Locke's suicide note which Jack had intentionally left in the coffin because he did not want to read it. During the dispute , Sayid asks Ilana if she works for Ben. When she denies this Sayid describes him as a liar, manipulator and a monster and when asked why anyone would work for someone like that, Sayid replies "I did."

Meeting an old friend

Lapidus began noticing the Oceanic Six on-board his flight.

As the plane was ready to take off, Jack and Kate were having a conversation when they were sidetracked by the "welcome aboard" message over the airplane's PA system, announcing an old friend, Frank Lapidus, was the pilot. Jack immediately went forward toward the cockpit and requested a meeting with Frank. A clean-shaven Frank emerged from the cockpit a few moments later, sharing a pleasant reunion with Jack. As they were exchanging pleasantries and Frank was explaining how he came to be Aijira's pilot, he noticed and questioned if one of the other passengers in first class was Sayid. As his eyes travelled the first class cabin, Frank noticed the other Oceanic Six on board, and with a strange look upon his face, he remarked to Jack, "We're not going to Guam, are we?"



A white light immersed the cabin, similar to those experienced on the Island.

While the plane was traveling at night, it suddenly experienced heavy turbulence. A few calm seconds later, it hit more turbulence and passengers started to get worried. The situation escalated and the plane started to shake heavily and emergency lights lit up. Inside the plane's cockpit, the pilot and co-pilot were trying to control the situation. The co-pilot switched off the autopilot which regained full control to the pilot. Meanwhile in the passengers' cabin, a stewardess came out and began instructing passengers to fasten their seat belts and lift up fallen luggage when suddenly a bright beam of white light engulfed the whole cabin. Immediately after the flash of light, the pilots found themselves in daylight, although the plane was traveling at night. Jack, Kate, and Hurley (with his guitar case) found themselves in or near a lagoon on the Island. None of them had any recollection of a crash, nor of anything past the white light. ("316") ("Namaste")

Emergency Landing

The plane moments before landing on a runway on Hydra Island.
Flight 316 after landing on Hydra Island's runway.

The plane landed on the runway of the Hydra Island, offshore from the main Island. The co-pilot died when a tree branch came through the window and harpooned his chest, spraying blood over Frank Lapidus. All passengers are thought to have survived, although many are injured. Led by Ilana and Caesar, the passengers set up camp on the Hydra Island beach and fashioned one of the Hydra station buildings into an infirmary, where they attended to injured survivors, including Benjamin Linus.

On the beach, the passengers found Outrigger canoes. Ilana said that one of the canoes was missing, having been taken by the pilot and a woman. The passengers were also troubled by the sudden appearance of John Locke, whom they did not remember being on the plane, and Caesar and Ilana complained to Locke that they saw some of the Oceanic Six disappear from the plane during the flash of light and before the crash. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") ("Namaste")


Hurley's ticket seen at Lost: The Auction

Some notable seating arrangements on Flight 316 were:

Proxies and substitutes

Main article: Proxy

As Eloise Hawking told the audience at the Lamp Post, the circumstances that led the Oceanic Six to board Flight 815 must be recreated as best as possible. However, the nature and possible outcomes of the recreation is unclear, as described by Ms. Hawking.

If you... want to return, you need to recreate as best you can the circumstances that brought
you there in the first place. That means as many of the same people as you are able to bring with you.
JACK: And what if we can't get anyone else to come with us? What if we're it?
MS. HAWKING: All I can tell you is the result would be... unpredictable.

Ms. Hawking, ("316")

Jack seemed unconvinced and criticized planning the whole matter on mere hope, to which Eloise replied that it might not be the case, at least for him. She brought him into her office alone and gave him specific instructions about recreating circumstances to mirror Flight 815, telling him that a proxy was needed. When Jack inquired about the proxy and who it was meant to represent, Eloise merely replied, "Who do you think? She then informed Jack that he had to place an object that belonged to his late father inside Locke's coffin.

Failure to completely comply with Eloise's instructions resulted in some passengers experiencing time travel before impact. While most of the circumstances were recreated, not enough were for the expected crash, and complications arose resulting in four of the passengers waking up in 1977, rather than 2007. ("Lost: A Journey in Time")

Fans have commented about other similarities between Flight 316 and the original Flight 815, speculating that other proxies are needed and were used. However, these speculations have not been confirmed within canon, and, therefore, are considered theoretical, no matter how plausible they may seem.


  • Ajira Airways Flight 316 and its fateful crash on the Island reintroduced the show's primary storyline: the eventful lives of a group of seemingly unrelated people in the aftermath of a plane crash on a mysterious Island.
  • Los Angeles was the departure city for Flight 316, and the intended destination of Flight 815.
  • Frank Lapidus, replaced as pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, was the pilot of Flight 316. His successful crash landing, keeping the plane intact, on the Hydra runway corroborated his reputation as a "pretty good pilot", as praised by Matthew Abaddon and self-proclaimed by himself in "Confirmed Dead".
  • The episode in which most of the events of Flight 316 were shown was titled after the flight number. ("316")
  • The 4 people on the flight who vanished and went back in time (Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid) were also visited off the island by John Locke before the flight. Neither Ben nor Sun, both of whom did not vanish, were visited by John Locke. Ben called on John however, which resulted in Locke's murder.
  • According to the lie the Oceanic 6 told, 316 would be the number of people who died in the crash of flight 815. 324-8=316

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • When did Flight 316 leave Los Angeles?

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