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Air rune running (also known as Air running) is the interaction between two groups of players - crafters (also known as assisters), who create from between 1x Air runes to 10x Air runes and runners, who bring rune essence to the crafters at the Air altar.

Both parties benefit in different ways. The runecrafters gain fast, free experience, while the runners get their essence turned into Air runes. Air rune running was previously a very profitable venture, however the shop update of September 9 2009, which removed the price cap on water runes allowing them to increase to above 40 coins each, allowed Water rune running to be more profitable than Air rune running. The nearest bank to the Air altar is the Varrock west bank. It is very close and there are not any faster methods in which people will air rune run.

The official Air rune running world is World 16.



  • Air talisman (or air tiara) - Tiaras and talismans are not needed if you use the Abyss.
  • Rune essence, unnoted. Pure essence can be used, but it is more expensive and it is only profitable if you use rune essence. (It is recommended that you bring at least 25)
  • Pouches - Optional; can only be used when air rune running takes place on a Members world, and increase the amount of essence which can be carried per trip. A Small Pouch holds 3 essence, a Medium Pouch carries 6 essence, a Large Pouch carries 9 essence, and a Giant pouch carries 12 essence.
  • Some kind of teleport. Varrock tabs for members or for non-members you can just run back to varrock bank or use runes for the varrock teleport spell

Standard practice

Runners will need rune essence in unnoted form to begin. Rune essence can be mined from the rune essence mine (Rune Mysteries Quest required), or purchased from other players.

Once players have the essence, the final task is to enter the Air altar.

To request assistance from crafters already standing there, players should look for crafters that are standing around saying "open" or "assisting", and they should then proceed right clicking on the crafter and choosing the "req assist" option. After the crafter has accepted the assistance request, the player may then proceed to the air altar to craft air runes, giving experience points to the assister.

Trading Information


The Math

The calculations use real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. For more information, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting.

This example assumes that the Runner is carrying 25 Rune essence to the Runecrafter. It also assumed that the assister can make 10x Air runes (level 99 Runecrafting required). Also, both the Runner and the Runecrafter have sufficient quest points to "bypass" the trade limit system.

  • Wealth transfer (to runner): 1,500 coins

The wealth transfer of 1,500 coins is still within the maximum trade limit of 60,000 coins, and the trade can take place. Players can keep repeating the trades until the maximum limit of 60,000 coins. After that, they have to wait 15 minutes until the limit is reset. Since the runners take 3–5 minutes per run, the trade limit system will not affect the overall performance of Air rune running. However, both the runners and the crafters should have a trade limit of at least 1,500 coins. For maximum efficiency, both should have the maximum trade limit of 60,000 coins. Or you can ask them to assist you.

See Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting for current prices, or to update outdated prices.

Selling Air Runes

Air runes are always in demand, due to their use in casting many spells. While market price is constantly fluctuating, Air runes currently sell for 12 coins in the Grand Exchange. The table below shows the profit runecrafters can make in Air Running.

Runecrafting Multiplier Runecrafter Level Profit per trip with 28 Rune Essence Profit per trip with 25 Rune Essence Profit per trip with 25 Rune Essence * Profit per trip with 1000 Rune Essence Profit per trip with 1000 Rune Essence *
Single 1+ Coins  -1,344 Coins  -1,200 Coins  300 Coins  -48,000 Coins  12,000
Double 11+ Coins  -1,008 Coins  -900 Coins  600 Coins  -36,000 Coins  24,000
3x 22+ Coins  -672 Coins  -600 Coins  900 Coins  -24,000 Coins  36,000
4x 33+ Coins  -336 Coins  -300 Coins  1,200 Coins  -12,000 Coins  48,000
5x 44+ Coins  0 Coins  0 Coins  1,500 Coins  0 Coins  60,000
6x 55+ Coins  336 Coins  300 Coins  1,800 Coins  12,000 Coins  72,000
7x 66+ Coins  672 Coins  600 Coins  2,100 Coins  24,000 Coins  84,000
8x 77+ Coins  1,008 Coins  900 Coins  2,400 Coins  36,000 Coins  96,000
9x 88+ Coins  1,344 Coins  1,200 Coins  2,700 Coins  48,000 Coins  108,000
10x 99 Coins  1,680 Coins  1,500 Coins  3,000 Coins  60,000 Coins  120,000

* These columns assume that you mine the rune essence yourself.

Methods of Transport


This method is the most common. Run to the Air Altar from Varrock West Bank. Craft the runes and run back to the bank.




  • Although you will most likely use less then 20% energy per trip, it would be nice to wear some weight reducing gear.
  • A form of teleportation to a location close to a bank.

Using the air altar tablet to teleport right outside the altar. These can be purchased from the The Great Orb Project. This is by far the fastest method, though it does require time to gain more tablets from time to time.

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