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Air Guitar
The icon for Air guitar.
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Requirements Unlocked at least 500 songs
A player performing the Air Guitar emote.

Air Guitar is an emote. It requires the player to unlock at least 500 songs in the RuneScape Music Player, and features the player rocking out on an air guitar, and even plays 5 notes when activated. The player must have been a member to have unlocked the number of music tracks required. However, a former member can perform this emote on an F2P world if said player has already fulfilled the 500 track criteria. However, one can eventually fulfill 500 tracks by waiting every year for holiday events to unlock new tracks.

This is one of few emotes with audio, along with Beckon (when used with a piece of the Builder's costume), Skillcape, Trick, Freeze and Melt, Dramatic Point and Around the World in Eggty Days, that it is only the user who can hear the sound. The Air Guitar emote is needed to complete the Ardougne hard Achievement Diary.[1]

A Cape of Accomplishment ("Music cape"), instead of an emote, was the original plan for the reward for unlocking 500+ music tracks. An emote was decided instead.[2]

Listen to audio.
Air Guitar (link)
Plays when the emote is performed.


This is the message that appears in the chatbox when you have unlocked 500 pieces of music.
Mod Mark saying that they had imagined there was a music cape.
  • While performing the emote, in the background you can hear an electric piano and drums playing steadily.
  • Mod Mark recently replied to a user's question on the forums saying that "they had imagined there was a music cape" but instead this emote was released along with a clan chat talk saying "the music cape would be too hard to get".
  • It is commonly thought of as the 2nd hardest emote to acquire, besides the Skill cape emote of course.

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