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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Air Force
Japanese エアフォース
Romaji Ea Fōsu
SNES Name Air Force
PS Name AirForce
GBA Name Air Force

The Air Force is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is flanked by a Laser Gun and a Missile Bay.


Since a lot of magic is used in this battle, summoning Zona Seeker is not a bad opener. The Missile Bay should be defeated first. It attacks with Missile, which can cause Seizure. When it gets low on HP, it begins to use Launcher. Locke can steal a rare Debilitator from it if he is in the party. Once Missile Bay is defeated, summoning Kirin for Regen can be helpful. Laser Gun should be killed next. It uses powerful magic such as Atomic Ray that affects all characters, as well as Tek Laser. When it gets low on HP it begins using Diffuser instead of Atomic Ray, which is actually weaker. During this time, Air Force itself uses Tek Laser and Diffuser until both of its allies are defeated.

Once both Missile Bay and Laser Gun are defeated, Air Force launches a Bit. The Bit does not attack; it is a permanent Runic and prevents any Magic from being used or Espers being summoned. It should be defeated as quickly as possible so party members can use spells again. Air Force will begin counting down from six without attacking, and when it reaches zero, it uses WaveCannon, a very powerful Lightning-elemental attack used against all characters. It then resets the counter, but starts at three instead.

The same basic strategy should be used against all three parts. Thundara spells work well (for best results, use Terra or Relm), as does Wind Song. Mog can also try Water Rondo, as El Nino deals a lot more damage than Wind Slash due to weaknesses, and Plasma shows up more frequently. However, Wind Slash is the home dance, so it does not have a chance of failing. If Gau is around, he can use Chimera for Aqua Rake, which Strago can use. If Locke is around, it is a good idea to try and Steal the Debilitator from Missile Bay. Once the Bit is launched, physical attack should be used against it until it dies. Locke's Hawk Eye, or the Ultima Weapon, yield the best results here, as the Bit has high defenses.

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UNSC Air Force

Probably since 2163


United Nations Space Command


United Nations Space Command Defense Force


Aerial support and defensive force


F99 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

The UNSC Air Force is a division of the UNSC Defense Force along with the UNSC Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. It serves as an aerial defense and support force.[1]



Much of the Air Force's operations are currently unknown. It is likely that it is tasked with organizing aerial operations, conducting tactical strikes and bombing runs, providing close-air-support for infantry forces, and transportation of UNSCDF personnel. It is known that it was present during the Battle of Mombasa, where Air Force F99 UCAVs supported Marine forces. Although its specific functions and battlefield role are unclear, the Air Force was most likely assigned to support UNSC Army and Marine ground forces. It is also plausible that they made use of bombers, such as the Shortsword, and fighters such as the SkyHawk.


Behind the Scenes

Like the Army, extremely little is known about the Air Force. Initially, author Eric Nylund expressed the opinion that its role and function would have been absorbed into the UNSC Navy, though denied that this was canon[2]. Later, in an interview, Frank O'Conner confirmed the existence of an Air Force branch of the UNSCDF[3].

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  1. HBO Interview with Frank O'Connor and Robert McLees
  2. Halopedia:Letter - Re:UNSC Army
United Nations Space Command Defense Force
Uniformed services Army • Air Force • Marine Corps • Navy
Major sub-divisions Special Forces • Naval Intelligence • Colonial Militia

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Team Template Team Template
Air Force

Official Name
Air Force

Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Mercenary group

Place of Defunction

First appearance
Last appearance

New Warriors #54
(December, 1994)



History of team is unknown.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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