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Aimee Wessling was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. Trained at the Academy as a counsellor she eventually joined the crew of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A) as the ship's counsellor in 2374. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Aimee Wessling was born to Bruce and Julie Wessling in San Francisco, Earth in 2343. She grew up in a house in the suburbs of San Francisco. As she was finishing school she told her parents she wished to join Starfleet. Her parents were against this as only a few years previous Aimee's older brother, who had joined Starfleet had been killed. She went against her parents wishes and joined anyway. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Starfleet Academy

Wessling entered Starfleet Academy as a counsellor. She preformed very well at the Academy. She surprised her fellow students and teachers during her studies with her empathy towards the people she was attempting to assist. During her fourth year she was assigned to a civilian institute in San Francisco for her practical training. ("Unfinished Business").

During her time at the academy she became good friends with cadet Terri Letac, who was a year below her. They formed a short-term romantic relationship, which ended with Wessling's graduation in 2365. ("Rode the 600", "Always on My Mind")

She did not just spend her time studying, she also took part in sporting activities. She was part of the Academy's winter sporting team in her second and third years and competed in downhill skiing events. She claimed to not have placed in any of her events. ("Section 214C")

Starfleet service

Wessling was initially stationed on the Miranda-class, USS Sitak. Her time on the Sitak lasted six years and in 2371 she was transferred to the Norway-class USS Sydney. In 2372 she was promoted to lieutenant junior grade.

Her time on the USS Sydney was cut short in 2374 when the USS Sydney was destroyed by Dominion forces while on route to the Breen border. Luckily most of the crew, including Wessling, survived and were rescued by the USS Lexington. ("Rode the 600")

Not long after the destruction of the USS Sydney one of Wessling's friends from the Academy, Lieutenant Terri Letac on the USS Swiftfire-A, asked the ship's captain, Captain Jonathan Masters, to consider asking Starfleet Command to transferring Wessling to the Swiftfire since the ship lacked a counsellor. The captain agreed and placed the transfer request with Starfleet Command. ("Unfinished Business")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

Starfleet Command granted Captain Masters' request and Lieutenant Wessling was transferred to the USS Swiftfire-A. She boarded the Swiftfire while it was at a starbase near the Cardassian border, just before the Swiftfire returned to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for repairs from its time at the front. ("The Founder Ploy")

While the ship was undergoing repairs Wessling along with the rest of the crew were given leave. For Wessling it would be the first time in over two years that she had set foot on Earth. She used the time to make a visit to her parents as well as the grave of her brother. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

She was assigned as the head counsellor on the ship and was given a staff of three. After boarding the Swiftfire she and her staff did an audit on the welfare of the entire crew and made six month "check-ups" mandatory for the entire crew. ("Always on My Mind")

Ensign Frank Cole sought help from Wessling after he suffered a traumatic encounter with a Jem'Hadar boarder that nearly resulted in his death. This event shook the young man's confidence, which Wessling was able to help restore. ("Change in Command")

Rachel Daley also started seeing Wessling for professional help at some point prior to the start of 2375. The female Starfleet Marine had been suffering from strange dreams which Wessling thought had something to do with Daley's emotional attachment to the Swiftfire's [[commanding officer, Captain Masters. Wessling even went looking for Daley to check on her state after Daley was given the news that Masters was reported killed in a shuttlecraft accident. She then had several regular session with Daley after Doctor Carol Murphy ordered that she sought counselling following a previous severe panic attack. ("Crossfire", "Always on My Mind")

At some point after she joined the crew she activated the ship's holographic counsellor, Gloria. She visited Gloria regualarly to assess the program and whether or not to have it join her staff in an official capacity. ("Always on My Mind")

During the ship's mission to Echla she attended a function between the Echlans and Federation held on the Swiftfire. Unlike some of the other senior staff she was genuinely interested in the event and excited to take part. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Wessling was still on the Swiftfire-A in 2376. During the Vendoth attack on Earth she took over the Ops station after Ensign Nair was killed when the ship was boarded by Ven. ("United We Stand")


Wessling integrated well with the crew of the Swiftfire thanks to her personable nature. This integration has allowed for the crew to find it easier to come to her for help with their problems. She was fortunate to already have a friend in Terri Letac already serving on the Swiftfire-A.



Aimee had a close relationship with her older brother, Gary as they grew up. Much older then her, Aimee really looked up to him and considered him the "perfect" brother. She was only seven when he was accepted in Starfleet Academy and at the time did not understand why he would want to move out of home and leave them. She attended his graduation four years later and considered it to be happiest she could remember him been. She was devastated when he was killed in 2358. His death motivated her into joining Starfleet several years later. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Conversely, her relationship with her parents is distant. The death of her brother made them averse to the idea of her also joining Starfleet and when she did so against their will it put a serious strain on their relationship. When she visited them in mid-2374, she had not spoken or seen then in two years. Her only communication with them was a message telling them of her recent change of assignments. Her visit was brief as she got into a heated argument with them over Starfleet. Her father then told her that it would be best for her not to make any more uninvited visits but that while the war was going that it would not hurt for her to send messages now and again saying she was alright. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Terri Letac

Wessling has known Terri Letac since her time at the Academy. They formed a friendship which would eventually mature into a romantic relationship. However, this was short-term as Wessling graduated and moved on while Letac remained to complete her final year. They kept in touch through out the years between their graduation and Wessling joining the crew of the Swiftfire. ("Rode the 600")

In 2374, they both received a rare opportunity to see each other face-to-face when both the vessels they served on were at Starbase 375 at the same time. It was during this meeting that Wessling expressed her desire to move on from her current posting and Letac suggested the Swiftfire-A. ("Rode the 600")

After Wessling was reassigned to the Swiftfire she and Letac remained friends. Their relationship again became an intimate one when the ship was hiding in the Tong Beak Nebula preparing to make its perilous run back to Federation territory. ("Always on My Mind")

They went on several dates. During the Swiftfire's repairs after battling the Vendoth in the Badlands they both spent time on Bajor together. They also double dated with Frank Cole and Autumn Bailey on at least one occasion, going skiing on the holodeck. ("Into the Fire", "Section 214C")

Several months later Wessling asked Letac to move into her quarters with her. They both found the transition difficult, with Wessling even seeking advice from Gloria, the holographic counsellor. However, following Letac's return from Dominion captivity they were able to patch up their relationship. ("Always on My Mind")

Service jacket

Background information

  • Wessling made two guest appearances in season 1 ("Rode the 600" and "The Founder Ploy") before becoming a full member of the cast in season 2.
  • Due to "The True" been written before Wessling fully joined the crew the author accidentally left her out of the story, though he plans to add her into the tale in a future edit to the "The True".

External link

  • Aimee Wessling's character page on Star Trek: Swiftfire

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