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Ailon Nova Guard
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High Marshall of Ailon


Ailon system

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"I could break you in a hundred places and kill you in a thousand ways. Yet your territory is vast and your power immense. The Nova Guard will serve you."
―Ailon High Marshal Raumpf, accepting Supreme Chancellor's Affeltelti's offer to join the Republic

The Ailon Nova Guard was a mercenary group based on the planet Ailon.



The Ailon Nova Guard had a rich history that dated as far back as 13,000 BBY, with many successes and battle honors and consisted nearly exclusively of non-Humans of the Ailon species. They were long allied with the Galactic Republic and joined during the administration of Supreme Chancellor Affeltelti.[1] They believed in the concept of survival of the fittest and as such they often trained—almost religiously—to the highest possible standard. The Guard used a wide variety of weaponry, most notably the Eklot.

Ailon Nova Guard

The reputation of the Ailon Nova Guard was so impressive that they were often compared to the Mandalorians and the Emperor's Royal Guard. Their annual Ailon Military Celebrations were a major tourist attraction for the Ailon system, and were broadcast galaxy-wide. During the reign of the Empire, elite Imperial units also participated in these parades and ceremonies.


During the Clone Wars, the Nova Guard fought for the Galactic Republic and participated in at least two battles, the Battle of Ord Canfre and the Battle of Bassadro. The Nova Guard was also said to have participated in the slaughter of the Mandalorian Protectors at Norval II.

The Nova Guard believed that Galactic Emperor Palpatine embodied their belief, and supported him however they could. The Humanocentric Empire took advantage of this, and often hired them for "glorious" battles which were really suicide missions. Two notable missions by the Nova Guard during this period were the toppling of King Satyr Azzlectico and the Sundering of Slession.

After the Battle of Endor, however, they worked to eliminate any Imperial threats. The Nova Guard started by fighting Imperial forces in the Inner Rim and, due to their high success rate, later targeted fortress worlds in the Mid Rim.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Ailon Nova Guard switched its allegiance to the impressive Yuuzhan Vong and aided the alien invaders in conquering the Inner Rim most notably Cona, Manaan, and Zeltros.

Organization and Philosophy

The Ailon Nova Guard are one of the most successful and fiercest fighting forces in the galaxy, and their organization shows that. Upon entrance into the Nova Guard, the recruit is given the rank of Guardsmen. From there, promotion is possible. The next rank is Corporal which leads a 40 men group named a Section. After Corporal comes Lieutenant which leads a a Platoon which is made up of 6 sections. From a Lieutenant comes a Major which leads a Company which is made up of 8 Platoons. Lieutenant Colonels lead Battalions which are made up of 8 companies.

From Lieutenant Colonel on comes Colonel which leads a Regiment, which is made up of 2 or more Battalions. Next comes a Division which is 6 regiments and is lead by a Major General. Corps are lead by a Field Marshal. All the Field Marshal(s) make up the Ailon Marshalate which is an elite command force that also doubles as a Ruling Council. The Supreme Commander of the Ailon Nova Guard is the High Marshal of Ailon.


Ailon Nova Guard

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