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Aileen Rao

Aileen Rao




Airīn Rao

Alternate names

Aileen Rao (English romanization)





Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 017

Appears in


Seiyū (Japanese)

Aileen Rao is a Canadian-Indian dancer and who also happens to be the third game master.

Kaiba tells Aileen, who returns from a Paris fashion show, to play a game against Yugi. Aileen first challenges a soccer player named "Heida" (平田) to a game of Raijinhai, a fictional version of chess from India. Aileen states that if he wins, she will submit to his will, but if Aileen wins, Heida will lose the most important thing to him. Aileen wins and Heida is seen injured in a hospital on TV. Aileen lures Yugi and Anzu, who is a big fan of Aileen, to her condominium. Aileen holds Anzu hostage and forces Yugi to play Rijinhai. Aileen tells the same thing to Yugi: if he loses, he will lose the most important thing to him. Aileen threatens to kill Anzu with a tiger if Yugi loses. Yugi wins and Aileen lets go of Anzu. Aileen acknowledges Yugi as a good player. Later, during the final Death-T episode, Aileen and Ryuichi are paired against Miho and Jyonouchi. Jyonouchi and Aileen have the battle suits while Miho and Fuha are at the controls. Jyonouchi and Miho defeat Aileen and Ryuichi.

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