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Age of the Empress
Series: Enterprise
Miniseries: Mirror Universe
Author(s): Mike Sussman
with Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Publication information
Printed: Glass Empires


Introduction (blurb)

(From the back cover): She seized power in a heartbeat, daring to place herself against all the overlords of the Empire. Empress Hoshi Sato knows the future that could be; now all she has to do is make sure it never happens. For her to rule, she must hold sway not only over the starship from the future but also over her warlords, the resistance, and her Andorian husband. As quickly and brutally as Hoshi seized power, imperial rule is taken from her. Her only chance to rule again is to ally herself with a lifelong foe, and an alien.


Leaves off from the events in ENT:"In a Mirror, Darkly". Empress Sato I takes control of the Terran Empire.

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States and Organisations


ahn-woon | Antares shipyards | Antos IV | Jonathan Archer (mirror) | ISS Avenger | Beta III | binary clone | Deneva | Maximilian Forrest | George the Second | kal-toh | kanzashi | kohl'ash | kroyka | lap-wadi | lirpa | oikeniwa | Paxton (mirror) | phyllisite | P'Jem | Proxima shipyards | Romulan Star Empire | Sato Dynasty | ShiKahr | Shishinden | Soval (mirror) | spa'ash | Syrinx | T'Karath Sanctuary | T'Les (mirror) | tal-shaya | Talla (mirror) | Tantalus V | Tau Ceti | Weytahn | Wilson | Zakel Sanctuary


Pre-publication publicity indicated this novel had a subtitle, "The Reign of Sato I" (or "The Rise of Sato I").

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Last Full Measure
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The Good That Men Do
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