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Rebellion era

"I was on an information raid once, back when we were trying to get data on Grand Admiral Makati out of the Boudolayz library…"
Wedge Antilles

Afsheen Makati was a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. He was one of the original twelve Grand Admirals, raised to that newly-created rank by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin.



Makati was noted for his long-running feud with the Prophets of the Dark Side, especially the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side, Kadann. Makati's hatred stemmed from an incident while assaulting the Alliance to Restore the Republic base on Thila, when he was nominally under the command of the Secret Order of the Emperor, another name for the Prophets. Kadann had boarded Makati's flagship to personally oversee operations in his arrogant manner, and Makati's second-in-command was deeply amused by Kadann's robes. Unfortunately, Kadann heard the second's mockery, and struck out at Makati with Force lightning, advising him to "Learn to rein in your subordinates, dear Admiral."

Makati would narrowly survive the Battle of Endor, having been aboard Death Star II with the Emperor. However, he cowardly fled the scene with colleague Grand Admiral Miltin Takel rather than try to rally the Imperial fleet as Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik did. With the Empire in turmoil, he avoided any reprimand from Imperial High Command. Unlike many of his fellow Grand Admirals who became warlords, Makati remained staunchly loyal to the Empire, defining the legitimate ruler as whoever possessed Imperial Center—first this was Sate Pestage, then Ysanne Isard.

Around this time, Makati's old foe Kadann seemingly made a fatal move: he attempted to grab power by prophesying himself ruler of the Empire. Isard refused to countenance this, and after a request, dispatched none other then his old enemy Makati to eliminate Kadann. Makati tracked Kadann by first using Imperial Intelligence to locate Kadann's student Azrakel, forcing him to reveal the location of the Prophet's Space Station Scardia. Kadann was not there, preoccupied with the events surrounding the Trioculus affair, after which he barely managed to escape the City of the Jedi and make his way back to Space Station Scardia—where he discovered a welcoming committee of the dead bodies of his fellow Prophets. Makati took a moment to mock Kadann (and more specifically, his robes) over the intercom before the Station disappeared in a hail of turbolaser fire. Makati would not long survive Kadann though, as he too soon met his fate.

Ironically, Makati had not achieved the revenge he sought. The rival of Isard he had killed on Space Station Scardia was not the true Kadann who had once employed Force lightning upon the Grand Admiral: it was merely an Imperial Intelligence pretender. The real Kadann survived both the impostor and Makati, safely in hiding on Bosthirda.

Wedge Antilles participated in a New Republic raid on the Boudolayz archives, trying to find information on the admiral.

Behind the scenes

Though never published and thus not canonical, Star Wars Insider author Daniel Wallace indicates that Makati's personal Star Destroyer was named Steadfast.[1]

Star Wars Insider author Abel G. Peña indicated that the circumstances of Makati's death were deliberately left unrevealed, so that Timothy Zahn, who first named the character, could decide how and when Makati died if he so chose.[2]



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