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A chathead of a player wearing an afro hat.

An afro is a wig that can be worn in the Headwear Slot. Afros were released on the 28 April 2009. These wigs can be bought from Party Pete for 50 coins each. They provide no equipment bonuses and are merely a decorative item.

Party Pete has a stock of 10 of each afros, with 1 respawning every 10 seconds, and Jagex has stated on the website they have no plans to ever discontinue afros.


There are a number of people who say that this is a rare item and is a reward from clue DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. It is just players scamming you.

Street price

Some players profit by selling afros to unsuspecting players in Lumbridge, or any town which is a significant distance from Party Pete. Street prices can be several thousand coins higher than the price Pete charges. It is often newbie players which fall prey to this type of scam.

Jagex had announced on 15 June 2009 that several items will be removed from the Grand Exchange. The afros were not part of the original 101 items removed on 15 June 2009, but were removed several days later.



  • The "Dark grey afro" can sometimes be confused with a Granite helm as they both look similar when seen from above, and are very similar in colour.
  • Many people now spam the Party Chest with Afros to annoy other players, as Party Pete does not consider them 'junk items'. They often remain in drops for hours or even days after they were originally dropped.
  • When afros where first introduced, many player's thought they would be discontiuned, making people buy bulk of each type. However, this will not happen, as Jagex has confirmed.

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