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Affinity is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a numerical value that determines the type and number of allied Yarhi that can be on the battlefield at one time. The blue area of Affinity bar at the top of the screen shows the amount of Affinity currently in control of the party, while the full length of the bar represents the potential Affinity that the player party can gain.

Using Affinity

Each Esper has a different numerical value that stands for the amount of Affinity it uses while on the battlefield. New Espers cannot be summoned when there is not enough Affinity in control of the party. To gain more affinity, capture Summoning Gates. Each allied Gate adds 10 total points to the player's Affinity. The Affinity used to summon a Yarhi will become available for re-use when that Yarhi falls in battle. This takes time, however, and the red bar that appears next to the blue stands for the potential Affinity that will be recuperated after a period of time. In addition, you may Dismiss a Yarhi to recuperate its Affinity for use in summoning another.

Esper Affinity Costs

Espers are alphabetized for convienient organization.

Esper Affinity Esper Affinity
Alraune 10 Aquarius 10
Atomos 14 Bahamut 25
Balasa 14 Belias 20
Bomb 10 Cactoid 10
Carbuncle 16 Chaos 20
Chocobo 10 Cúchulainn 14
Cu Sith 15 Diablos 18
Djinn 10 Exodus 20
Famfrit 22 Garchimacera 10
Gilgamesh 22 Gnoam 10
Goblin 10 Golem 14
Hashmal 20 Ifrit 20
Ixion 14 Lamia 15
Leviathan 20 Mateus 20
Odin 20 Quezacotl 10
Raiden 14 Ramih 10
Ramuh 20 Remora 10
Sagittarius 15 Sahagin 10
Salamander 10 Shemhazai 20
Shiva 20 Shivan 11
Shivar 18 Siren 15
Sylph 11 Tiamat 20
Titan 20 Tonberry 14
Ultima 20 White Hare 12
Wyvern 14 Zalera 25
Zodiark 30
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