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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Minimum Stats
Level Evade%
49 0
18,004 999
Power Defense
77 26
M. Pwr M. Def
26 30
Vitality Speed
55 22
6,156 576
Maximum Stats
Level Evade%
60 0
28,518 999
Power Defense
98 32
M. Pwr M. Def
44 35
Vitality Speed
72 28
8,424 1,221
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - Weak -
Wind Earth Dark Holy
- - - -
Japanese アイロネート
Romaji Aironētto
Location Lhusu Mines
(Lasche Span)
Pharos at Ridorana
First Ascent (Wellspring Ravel - 1st Flight, Wellspring Ravel - 2nd Flight, Wellspring Ravel - 3rd Flight, Wellspring Ravel - 4th Flight)
Third Ascent (Spire Ravel - 1st Flight, Spire Ravel - 2nd Flight)
Bestiary Location The Pharos
LP Awarded 2
Common Steal Wyvern Fang
Uncommon Steal Hi-Potion
Rare Steal Leo Gem
Common Drop Wyvern Fang
Uncommon Drop Ice Crystal
Rare Drop Dragon Helm, Wyvern Wing
Very Rare Drop Leo Gem
Monograph Drop Wyvern Wing (10% - Dragoon's Monograph)
Canopic Jar Drop Arcana (21%)
Common Poach Wyvern Fang
Rare Poach Wyvern Wing
Attacks (5-hit max), Ram, Crushing Fangs
Abilities Aeroga, Blizzaga, Poison Breath
Innate abilities Null Knockback, Adrenaline, Spellbreaker, Last Stand, HP Devour
If HP <50% - Null Evade
If HP <30% - Attack CT = 0
Immune to Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Lure, Berserk
Other Information Has Protect, Shell, and Bravery (50%)

The Aeronite is a dragon/wyvern-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Lhusu Mines and the Pharos at Ridorana. Aeronites are flying enemies, meaning that the party can only attack them using ranged weapons, magic, or the Telekinesis Technick.


Bestiary Entry

Genus: Dragon
Class: Wyvern


Page 1: Observations

"Being a creature of extreme rarity, its body lighter than the air itself. Vents upon its back belch heat and steam upward, keeping the creature from floating too high. Should these vents be damaged, it would rise up and be carried away on the winds. Aeronites are revered among many cultures as a symbol of holiness, appearing as a motif in sculpture and murals."

Page 2: Concerning Heraldry

"The airship armadas of one far-off land display the red wyvern wing as their heraldic crest. In this land, colors are used to distinguish class, with red being the most auspicious and thus the highest rank, used both for the royal family and, it being a military state, for their elite fleet. This Redwing Armada is said to be the strongest in the world, and serves as an excellent deterrent to invasion."

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