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Aeroga in Final Fantasy V.

Aeroga, also known as Aero 3, is a recurring magic attack and an upgrade of Aero. It carries the element of Wind and is usually classified as Black Magic.

See also: Aero, Aera, and Aeroja.




Final Fantasy III

Aeroga is a spell for White Mages and can be first bought in Doga's Manor.

Final Fantasy V

Aero 3 or Aeroga is a Blue Magic ability for the Blue Mage Job, learned from Enchanted Fan, Magic Dragon, Elm Gigas, Crystal, Baldanders, Azulmagia, Neo Exdeath, Dark Elemental, Enuo, Cherie, and Ziggurat Gigas. It causes heavy Wind-elemental damage on a enemy or group of enemies and costs 24 MP to cast.

Aero 3 in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII

Aero3 is used as an enemy attack by Wind Wing and the boss Rapps. No other levels are shown.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Aeroga is a Non-Elemental Magic Materia. It deals strong Wind-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy XII

Aeroga is a Black Magick spell, its license being Black Magick 4 that costs 40 License Points. It causes heavy Wind-elemental damage to all enemies in range.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Aeroga is a Black Magick 8 License that costs 70 LP. It can be bought in a magick vendor in Mosphoran Highwaste. Two Job classes can use it: Black Mage and Uhlan, although Uhlan must obtain the License for the Chaos Esper first.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Aeroga is a HP attack for Shantotto, which is used while her Bravery is between 3,000 and 6,000, and by using the Spirit Magic: Air attack. It conjures a large whirlwind that draws in opponents.


One of the actors in the Final Fantasy XII Potion commercial "casts" Aeroga.


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