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Image:Quote1.png You should've protected her. A man protects his family. You let us down, son... you let us down. Image:Quote2.png
-- Jonathan Kent

Appearing in "Dangerous Visions"

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Synopsis for "Dangerous Visions"

Another of Lex Luthor's fail-safe weapons is activated over Metropolis. A noxious green vapor cloud settles over the city, causing all those within the infected area to suffer severe hallucinations. A group of survivalists imagine seeing an invading alien army descending upon them. Another man believes that his friend is actually a who is trying to kill him. Yet another man, imagines himself being persecuted by Nazi soldiers.

Meanwhile, Superman is at S.T.A.R. Labs talking to Doctor Kitty Faulkner. Faulkner informs him that Project Cadmus sent them all of their data moments before their facility was destroyed. Included in this data, is the treatment cultivated from Guardian's blood to curing the clone plague. Superman's super-hearing picks up a distress call in downtown Metropolis and he flies off. After disarming a man who was attempting to destroy a "werewolf", he turns and finds Lois Lane standing in the ruins of the city. One of the survivalists, perceiving Superman as some sort of monster, opens fire on him, but the bullets ricochet off his chest, striking Lois. Superman cradles the dying Lois in his arms while his parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, admonish him for failing to protect his family. Superman now realizes that he too has fallen victim to the hallucinogenic vapor cloud. He is then taunted by images of a healthy Lex Luthor who proudly declares that the destruction of Metropolis is Superman's legacy. Superman grapples with the phantasm, but come to terms with the fact that none of this is real.

Elsewhere, Professor Emil Hamilton finds himself the victim of a trigger-happy prostitute who mistakes the professor for her pimp. A white-haired woman appears and saves the Professor's life, but his arm is bleeding badly. Hamilton is not immune to the effects of the vapor, but he does possess the means of stopping it. He has the white-haired woman drive him and his crate of synthetic enzymes towards the bay, with the intent of dumping them into the water. Superman arrives and helps to distribute the enzymes, by creating a water spout that rains down upon the city. Within short order, the cloud disappears and the hallucinations fade.

Superman flies Professor Hamilton to a triage unit, but the medical staff are unable to save his arm, and are forced to amputate it.

From a secured location, the last of Luthor's fail-safe weapons comes online - a giant Kryptonian Warsuit.


  • This issue is triangle number 27/1994.


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Fall of Metropolis Crossover

This issue is related to the Battle for Metropolis and Fall of Metropolis storylines, spanning through the Superman Titles in 1994, and involving... uh... the battle for, and then fall of Metropolis.

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