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The Adventures of STAG follows the Star Triangle Advanced Guard, a quasi-independent orginization afiliated with the United Federation of Planets, With agents in many galactic powers, they have adapted the latest technologies to further their goals. The Adventures of has occasional interludes from Q which is my meathod of commenting on events.


Crossover information

The Adventures of STAG also enters other Probability Axes (Universes) such as that of Stargate.


AoS is in a period of transition.



In 2390 The Federation is enjoying peace on all fronts. The Klingon Empire has opened talks of integration with the Federation. The Romulan Star Empire has collapsed giving way to the newly formed Romulan Republic which has opened peace talks with the Federation and The Klingon Empire. The Cardassian Union and The Dominion have also collapsed with many planets and species from each joining the United Federation. In this time of peace Starfleet has stagnated in exploration focusing primarily on maintaining peace and order within the Federation’s ever expanding borders. It is in this time of peace that STAG is born.

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