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Appearing in "The Forgotten Legion"

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Synopsis for "The Forgotten Legion"

Invisible Kid slugs Ultra Boy, stopping his attempt to learn Sir Prize's identity. Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy, Ferro Lad, Matter-Eater Lad, and Miss Terious reach the small planet that is the Brande estate. The four Legionnaires meet the Hag, who conjures up pictures showing the fate of each hero. After she vanishes, the Legionnaires retreat, Miss Terious advising them that they need to create a spell to counter their enemy's magic. As the needed ingredients for the spell are not available, the Legionnaires at the Clubhouse, as well as the Legion of Substitute Heroes, are pressed into service. The Super-Heroes time-travel to Superboy's era to enlist his aid. Because the Green Kryptonite capsule is still erasing his memory of them, Element Lad changes it to helium. Now recognizing the Legionnaires, Superboy, accompanied by Mon-El, flies to Master Mxyzptlk's fifth dimension to get one of the ingredients, a lock of Mxyzptlk's hair. Chuck Taine, the former Bouncing Boy, who has been left to guard the Clubhouse, is captured by Sugyn, who brings him before Evillo. Arriving at Stanhope College in Supergirl's era, the Substitute Heroes find that she doesn't recognize them, and summons the Legion of Super-Pets to attack them. In the battle that follows, Comet leaves his hoofprints in a slab of cement, thus giving the heroes their needed ingredient, the print of an enchanted shoe. The two teams brings their items to Miss Terious, who mentions that the Wild Huntsman has kidnapped Matter-Eater Lad. The Hag reappears, and Miss Terious uses the ingredients to cast a spell which transforms the Hag back to her real self, Dream Girl's sister, the White Witch of the planet Naltor. Sir Prize and Miss Terious then reveal themselves to be Star Boy and Dream Girl, and the Legion invites them to stay on as members. The White Witch lead the heroes to Tartarus, Evillo's planet, where they find that his doctor has double-crossed him, giving Lightning Lad a human right arm, reducing Matter-Eater Lad to his normal weight, and recreating the super-plastic fluid, restoring Chuck Taine's bouncing power. A battle erupts in which the Legion easily defeats Evillo and his men and learns that the doctor helped them in revenge for the inhuman face Evillo had given him in an earlier experiment. Finally, Superboy and Supergirl are able to rejoin the Legion because a new Substitute Legionnaire, Color Kid, has altered the color of the Kryptonite cloud and capsules from green to blue, which has no effect on them.


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