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Appearing in "How Luthor first met Superboy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Captain Noah

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "How Luthor first met Superboy"

Superboy meets and befriends Lex Luthor, a brown-haired teenage scientist who is his biggest fan, after Luthor saves him from a Kryptonite meteor. The Boy of Steel creates a modern laboratory for Luthor, in which the latter creates a simple form of protoplasmic life and uses it to make an antidote for Kryptonite. But, when Luthor accidentally starts a fire, Superboy comes to the rescue, blowing out the blaze. The blast of air knocks an acid bottle into the bottle containing the life-form, destroying it and creating a gas which causes all of Lex’s hair to fall out. Enraged at the loss of the life-form, the irreplacable formulae for its creation, and his hair, Luthor vows vengeance against Superboy. He traps Superboy with a Kryptonite meteor, but the hero survives by inhaling the last few drops of Luthor’s antidote. Superboy declares that they are even now, and he owes Luthor nothing, though he refuses to take him to jail and tells Luthor to straighten out. Luthor vows that he will someday become more famous than Superboy, and will destroy him.

Appearing in "The Second Deluge"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Second Deluge"

Alerted of a goings on on the surface by his undersea friends, Aquaman and Aqualad surface to investigate. There they find a giant ark being piloted by a man calling himself Captain Noah. The Captain warns Aquaman of a second great flood that is due to come and asks if he can collect two of each sea creature for his ark. Aquaman, believing the old man to be a harmless crack-pot agrees.
Throughout the passing days there are a number of freak storms in which Aquaman and Aqualad have to help epeople trapped at sea, and after each storm they are visited by Captain Noah who warns them that it's only the beginning. In one instance, Aquaman asks to see Noah's ark and is granted permission to come aboard. Examining the sea life that he has collected, Aquaman offers to bring Noah two octopus for his collection. Once Aquaman leaves after delivering them, Noah muses how Aquaman is helping him out. It turns out that Captain Noah is really a crook who is using a device that creates violent weather patterns that attract particles of gold from the sea which he collects.
After the most recent storm, Aquaman and Aqualad suddenly arrive and stop Noah, revealing they know about his machine and deactivate it. Shocked, Noah asks how Aquaman could have found out that he was behind it all, Aquaman explains that he can communicate with sea life telepathically, and when he brought his octopus aboard, they told him everything he needed to know.


  • "The Second Deluge" is reprinted in Showcase Presents: Aquaman #1.


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