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This is an article about the Fallout 2 armor. For other uses of the term, see Advanced Power Armor (disambiguation).
Advanced Power Armor
File:PARMOR2.gif   File:Apoweras.gif
AC bonus: 30
Damage Type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
normal: 55% 15
laser: 90% 19
fire: 70% 16
plasma: 60% 15
explode: 65% 20
electrical: 60% 15
weight: 45 pounds
cost: $20,000

This Advanced Power Armor was created by the Enclave's skilled team of engineers and scientists after the Great War. It is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key stress points. The motion-assist servo-motors used in the armor appear to be high quality models as well, giving the wearer a +4 strength bonus. It was issued primarily to Enclave troops operating on the United States mainland, with the Enclave insignia prominently displayed on the breastplate[1] while rank indicators were usually painted on the shoulders of the armor.[2]

Later, the superior Advanced Power Armor Mk II was introduced, and by 2277 it had become the standard-issue Enclave Power Armor used by all of that organization military units.



  1. 2198: The Enclave begins the first work since the Great War on the development of various new technologies, including Power Armor variations. None of these are much of an improvement over the original pre-Great War models of Power Armor, and some actually prove to be worse when used in actual combat.
  2. 2215: Under Presidential Order, the Enclave's scientists and engineers begin to work on an upgraded version of Power Armor that exceeds the performance of the T-51b model. Many prototypes are developed and tested.
  3. October 2220: Enclave scientists finally develop a reliable version of what they call Advanced Power Armor. The prototype's capabilities (and the various accidents/explosions/deaths involved in its creation) are classified by order of the Enclave's President Dick Richardson for the sake of the morale of the Enclave's personnel.


  • Navarro, in a locker in the subterranean-level.


  • When the Advanced Power Armor is equipped on the player, the NPC's in New Reno will react, usually with crude comments. Prostitutes make comical sexual comments regarding the armor.
  • When Advanced Power Armor is equipped, Marcus will respond negatively if you try and get him to follow you. He will say "I thought you were one of the good ones. I ain't coming" and refuses to follow you.



Fallout 2


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Power Armor in the Fallout games
Armor of Fallout 2

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