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"Emperor among the scions, able to reduce to nothing aught he strikes with a single vengeful blow of his fist, created in opposition to Deudalephon the Benevolent, scion of light. Though he was made by the gods to quell the fiends that raged in the Otherworld, his immense strength and fearsome visage drew the fiends to his side, and turned him against his creators. Adrammelech rose to prominence in the Otherworld, whence he led a fiendish horde against the gods, but in the end, he was defeated."
Clan Primer Bio

Adrammelech the Wroth (憤怒の霊帝アドラメレク Fundo no Reitei Adoramereku lit. Adrammelech the Furious Departed Emperor) is an Esper from the world of Ivalice. The Esper of Thunder, he represents the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, the Goat. Despite his dragon-like form, there are several parts in relevance to a goat, most notably his goat-like head and the cloven hooves on his feet. Due to his power over Thunder, his color sign is Yellow. He is also referred to as the Makara Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its Zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.

The Esper is based on the Lucavi Adrammelech the Wroth from Final Fantasy Tactics. They share the same Zodiac sign, Capricorn, that both the Esper and Lucavi represented.




Final Fantasy XII

For the enemy page, see Adrammelech (Final Fantasy XII)

Adrammelech is located in the Zertinan Caverns, in the middle of a sandstorm.


Judgment Bolt

Flash Arc: A Thunder Elemental attack. Like your standard higher level Thunder spell.

Judgment Bolt: A Thunder Elemental attack, and Adrammelech's ultimate attack. Spiraling upwards, in high-speed flight, Adrammelech suffuses his body with electrical energy. The clouds surrounding Adrammelech darken, he then unleashes bolts of lightning from his body, sundering the ground around the enemy, followed by a blast of lightning striking the enemy directly, sending debris flying into the air.

License Information

  • Required License Points - 25 LP
  • Required Mist Carts - 1

Gambit Information

Priority Condition Action
1 Summon time remaining < 10s Judgment Bolt
2 Self: HP < 30% Judgment Bolt
3 Summoner: HP < 50% Curaga
4 Foe: absorbs thunder Bio
5 Foe: more than one foe present Thundara
6 Foe: thunder-weak Flash Arc
7 Foe: any Flash Arc




  • Piercing Magic

Final Fantasy XII International

Flash Arc's power has been boosted. Adrammelech casts Cura instead of Curaga. He has gained the Null Vitality augment.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Adrammelech being summoned
For the enemy page, see Adrammelech (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

Adrammelech is a Totema of the Bangaa race, and is obtained by fighting him in the dimensional rift. When summoned, Adrammelech is less damaging to Bangaa.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Adramelech appears as a Scion. He can be called by anyone equipping the Raging Brooch when the Smash Gauge is orange. His Wrath is called Judgement Bolt as in Final Fantasy XII, and it deals Lightning damage to all foes on the battlefield.



  • The Adrammelech seen in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has a large golden ring like ornament around his neck, which is not present in his Final Fantasy XII appearance.
  • The backstory for Adrammelech in Final Fantasy XII bears some similarities to Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. Kuja was created by Garland to speed up the deaths of those on Gaia so Terra could assimilate it, but Kuja eventually turned on Garland and destroyed both him and Terra. Adrammelech's counterpart, "Deudalephon the Benevolent", may refer to Zidane Tribal, Kuja's counterpart.


Adramelech was a god called Baal Adramelech ("Baal" means "Lord" and "melech" means "King" in Hebrew) in Assyrian mythology. It is said that children were sacrificed to him. Although Greek accounts saying that child sacrifice via burning them or placing them within a heated bronze statue of the god are not historically verifiable as no archaeological proof of such a large, bronze statue exists.

Adramelech is also considered a demon in Judeo-Christian tradition (like most pagan gods). Being generally depicted with a human torso and head, and the rest of the body of a mule (or sometimes as a peacock).

Adramelech was described as "The enemy of God, greater in ambition, guile and mischief than Satan. A fiend more curst — a deeper hypocrite."

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