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Adrammelech, the Wroth
"And so on you, Ramza, my gaze alights. Now know regret, a traitor's recompense!"

Adrammelech, the Wroth ( in Ivalician), also known as Adramelk, Ghost of Fury, is the fourth Lucavi demon that Ramza Beoulve must face in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is associated with the Capricorn Zodiac Stone. Adrammelech takes over Dycedarg Beoulve after he is injured during a fight with his brothers Zalbaag and Ramza. He immediately kills Zalbaag and several nearby Order of the Northern Sky guards, and attacks Ramza. Ramza defeats him, and as he dies he expresses regret over assuming a mortal body and complains about Ultima not being present to help him.


The Wroth Abilities


Innate Abilities


PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed
Seal Petrify Inflicts Petrify. 5 1 Now
Chicken Race Fowlheart Inflicts Disable. 5 1 Now
Lose Voice Aphony Inflicts Silence. 5 2 Now
Loss Befuddle Inflicts Confusion. 5 2 Now


PS1 Name PSP Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Holy White magick that attacks the target with sacred light.
Can be Reflected. Can be Calculated.
56 5 1 17
Fire4 Firaja Black magick erupts in a blazing inferno.
Does not damage the user.
48 4 3 10
Ice4 Blizzaja Black magick releases falling ice shards.
Does not damage the user.
48 4 3 10
Bolt4 Thundaja Black magick strikes down in a flash of lightning.
Does not damage the user.
48 4 3 10
Flare Black magick that converts energy into heat, scorching the battlefield with searing temperatures.
Can be Reflected. Can be Calculated.
60 5 1 15
Demi 2 Graviga Time Magic damages with the powerful pull of gravity by creating ultra high-density space.
Can be Reflected. Can be Calculated.
50 4 2 12
Bahamut Megaflare. Summon monster unleashes a devastating breath attack. 60 4 4 10
Odin Obliteration. Summon monster charges through enemies on the back of a dragon-horse. 50 4 4 12
Leviathan Tidal Wave. Summon monster engulfs the battlefield with a huge water swell. 48 4 4 12
Salamander Wyrmfire. Summon monster burns battlefield with scorching red flame. 48 4 3 12

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