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Oxygen Mix, Type 1 (Breathable)




78% standard

Primary terrain

Forests, plains, seas

Native species


"Adonai? It is hidden. Hidden where none can ever find it, even if all of the ages of this world were multiplied a thousandfold and a day was the life-age of an earth. It is special. It is home."

Adonai was a world located in some untouched corner of the galaxy, a temperate world about which incredibly little is known. It was the homeworld of the Rohi, and, like them, it is described as surreal by the few Rohi that wandered the galaxy. It was lit and supplied with warmth via a unique natural phenomenon unseen anywhere else in the galaxy. This phenomenon, called the Elyon by the Rohi, was an ever occurring event that consisted of an unknown amount of some bright celestial objects, possibly superheated gas or extremely small and cold stars, that whirled and danced around the planet, trailing shining, mist-like tails of stunning beauty. They seemed to be borne on galactic winds, and ever traveled around the planet, which, because of its lack of rotation, cause the days and nights. However, because of the misty trails, even the nights were lit with a blue, dawn-like light. Because of this, the lighting of the planet was surreal and eerie in a beautiful and soothing way.

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