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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

The Administrator
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth?
Home Era: 30th century
Appearances: DW: The Mutants
Actor: Geoffrey Palmer

The Administrator of Solos was the Earth Empire's civilian overseer for that planet. The Marshal of Solos answered to him, but saw him as little more than an obstacle to his own continued rule of Solos. Arriving at Solos at the same time the Doctor did, he brought the order from Earth that Solos was to be granted independence, but was assassinated by a Solonian working for the Marshal before independence was officially declared. As the announcement was known only to the Administrator and the Marshal, it seemed that the freedom of Solos would die with him. (DW: The Mutants)

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

You may also be looking for administrators of Memory Beta.

Administrator is a title that is granted to an individual who is an executive leader of an organization. The term is often modified to indicate the level of the leader (junior, senior, High, etc.), but the particulars vary according to the specific organization.

In the 2150s, V'Las held the title of Administrator of the Vulcan High Command, and had wide-ranging powers that involved both military and civilian matters. (ENT episode: "Kir'Shara").

In 2266, a junior administrator aboard Starbase 26 oversaw the transfer of replacement security officers to the USS Enterprise. (TOS novel: Errand of Vengeance: The Edge of the Sword).


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From Grand Theft Wiki


Staff (Moderators, Administrators and Managers) are users on Grand Theft Wiki with the responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly. The main job of all Staff is to help users, so don't hesitate to ask a member of Staff if you have any problems or questions.

Certain Staff also have various rights, administrative tools and authority over the wiki. There are three levels of Staff on Grand Theft Wiki. No users other than the ones mentioned here have any administrative privileges or decision-making authority.


Moderators are users on Grand Theft Wiki who have been trusted with additional tools to keep the Wiki clean. Moderators are trusted helpers, rather than having "power" or "authority" over other users. Moderators are always experienced editors, so should be able to help you if you have any questions.
Moderator Rights:
  • Rollback edits (quick revert)
  • Move pages
  • Patrol other users edits
  • Set own edits to automatically-patrolled
  • Protect talk pages


Administrators (Admins or SysOps) are members of Staff with tools and authority to solve disputes and keep the wiki running smoothly. Administrators are still just editors of the wiki, and the main part of their job is the help other users; but they enforce the policy of Grand Theft Wiki, and occasionally need to step in and use their additional tools to solve problems.
  • A-Dust
  • Spaceeinstein
  • ZS
Administrator Rights:
  • Protect, move & delete pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Suspend/block users and IPs
  • Some discretion with rules


Managers (Bureaucrats) are the users that steer Grand Theft Wiki. They have authority in any disputes, and can approve large-scale changes to the wiki. As well as being full Administrators, Managers can also promote other users to staff.
  • gboyers
Manager Rights:
  • Promote staff
  • Final decisions on rules
  • Approves, interprets and modifies policy
  • Major decisions about the wiki
  • Edit 'MediaWiki' system namespace

Wikia Staff

There are also Wikia Staff, VSTF and Wikia Helpers who have administrative privileges in all Wikia wikis. These users are not managed by Grand Theft Wiki, although they should still operate within GTW policy.

The main Wikia Staff that work with Grand Theft Wiki are:

  • w:User:Angies - Community issues
  • User:Kirkburn - Technical issues
  • w:User:TOR - Import & migration issues
  • User:Sannse - Wikia policy enforcement

Inactive Staff

These users are previous or inactive staff.

  • User:Thai420 (Bureaucrat)
  • User:Thorpe (Sysop)
  • User:Chief of Staff (Sysop)
  • User:GTW-Chris (Sysop)
  • User:GTW-George (Patroller)
  • User:GTW-47 (Patroller)
  • User:Blakegripling ph (Patroller)
  • User:Eganio (Administrator)
  • User:MattyDienhoff (Moderator)
  • Biggest gta fan ever (Administrator)
  • Hardrock182 (Administrator)
  • BloodyGTA (Moderator)
  • GTA4PC (Moderator)
  • Masterpogihaha (Moderator)
  • GuildKnight (Manager)

Promotion to Staff

See Grand Theft Wiki:Promotion to see the process for nominating staff for promotion, and to provide nominations and opinions.


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Up to date as of February 08, 2010
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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

This page is official Halopedia policy.



Introduction to Administrators

Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators are trusted users that can access a few additional functions.

  • Deleting and undeleting pages, uploaded images and page histories.
  • Protecting a page so it can not be edited or moved by anonymous users (autoconfirmed protection) or non-admins (full/sysop protection).
  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing; and quick reversion ("rollback") of undesirable edits.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages and skins (editing MediaWiki files).

These functions are solely for housekeeping for keeping Wikia wikis nice and tidy. The community does look to administrators to perform the essential chores that require the extra access administrators are entrusted with. However, otherwise, administrators are the same as other users, and are expected to be well-tempered in all respects.

Can I become an Administrator?

Administrators are selected on an as-needed basis only. As Halopedia grows, more administrators may be needed to assist in its operation. Administrator positions can be filled via Requests for Adminship.

What can Administrators not do?

Administrators should not use their administrator powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism. Administrator powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Administrators should not be considered "in charge". The ideal admin is a regular user who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of Halopedia.

List of Halopedia Administrators


CommanderTony (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Devout Atheist (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Dragonclaws (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
HaloDude (talk) (contribs) (e-mail) 1
Manticore (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Nicmavr (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
RelentlessRecusant (talk) (contribs) (e-mail) 1
Smoke. (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Specops306 (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Spirit of Fire (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Subtank (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
1 Is currently on a leave of absence


  • Buz - Inactive since November 2004
  • AgentSeethroo - Inactive since July 2006
  • Porplemontage - Inactive since August 2006
  • Esemono - Inactive since March 2007
  • Guesty-Persony-Thingy - Resigned February 2008
  • ED - Resigned August 2008
  • EwCDnaudee419 - Resigned October 2009
  • Simon rjh - Resigned October 2009


Check back later for candidates and their Request for Adminship.


Wikia Staff and Helpers also have administrator access to Halopedia, as well as every other wikia. These users should not be contacted about local issues; Halopedia administrators will deal with local problems.

Administrator Help Guide

See Wikia's administrators' how-to guide for a complete guide on using administrator functions. See Halopedia:Bureaucrats for a Bureaucrat Help Guide.
  • Special:Blockip - block a username, IP address, or IP range
  • Special:DeletedContributions - view a user's deleted contributions
  • Special:Import - import pages with full history and content from other wikis
  • Special:Multipleupload - upload up to 10 images at a time (rollback users also have access to this tool)
  • Special:Problemreports - take action on a problem report
  • Special:Protectsite - alter site-wide settings in cases of extreme vandalism
  • Special:Undelete - view and restore deleted content
  • Special:Unwatchedpages - view a list of pages not on any users' watchlist

This article uses material from the "Halopedia:Administrators" article on the Halo wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Up to date as of February 07, 2010
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From Lostpedia

See also: List of Sysops
See also: Lostpedia:SysOps

Lostpedia Administrators (en)

User Op Date Bio
LostpediaAdmin creator & original owner of this wiki Admin (aka Kevin) is the man behind Lostpedia. He originally built the site to find the answers to the show, as well as pick up wiki skills. Since then, he has been surprised by how quickly the site has taken off.
 Plkrtn  talk  contribs  email  24 January 2006 Plkrtn hails from the UK, and works across the site, spreading his work load between graphic design as well as wiki and forum moderation. Along with Jabberwock, he designed the now famous Lostbook skin for the site.
   Jabberwock    talk    contribs    email   25 March 2006 Jabberwock is from Chicago, IL. He designed the Lostbook skin with Plkrtn, theory tab extension, and is a strong template coder.
Mr.Leaf 22 February 2007 Mr.Leaf comes from Ontario, Canada, and is always involved in numerous projects on Lostpedia, from voice actor pages to character appearances.
 Robert K S  11 February 2008 Robert K S, a long time contributor from Ohio, became a SysOp in February 2008 as Season 4 had just started. He helped revive the Featured article of the Week, has contributed a number of transcripts, and occasionally takes a hunting knife to "Unanswered questions" sections.
Blueeagleislander 4 August 2008 Blue eagle islander is a South Australian user who first came to Lostpedia during The Lost Experience. He is also a regular on the Lostpedia IRC channel, under the name "Bleag". He was made a SysOp in August 2008.
 CTS  Talk   Contribs 10 November 2008 CTS is a user who first came to Lostpedia prior to the airing of Season 4. He has made many contributions to the site, and loves to contribute to episode and character articles. He was made a SysOp in November 2008.
 Sam McPherson  T  C  E  11 March 2009 Hailing from Alabama, Sam McPherson joined Lostpedia during early season 3. He enjoys writing the biographies for character articles. He can occasionally be found on the forums. He was made a SysOp in March 2009.

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Marvel Database

Up to date as of February 09, 2010
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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help

Watchtower (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias



Base Of Operations



Unusual Features
Cybernetic Eye, Robotic body

Marital Status


He's now a robot.

First appearance

Wolverine Vol 2 #154
(September, 2000)


History of character is unknown.


  • Appearances of Watchtower (Earth-616)
  • Character Gallery: Watchtower (Earth-616)
  • Images that feature Watchtower (Earth-616)
  • Fan-Art Gallery: Watchtower (Earth-616)
  • Quotations by Watchtower (Earth-616)

Discover and Discuss

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

"Administrator" redirects here. For the Wikia usergroup, see RuneScape:Administrators.
A player trying to trade, and requesting assistance with a Jagex Mod.
Mod Mark's gravestone.

Jagex Moderators[1], also known as Staff Moderators,[2]Jagex Mods, JMods[3] or admins are employees working for Jagex Ltd. Jagex Moderator accounts are only used for work purposes such as play-testing, debugging, attended surgeries, and dealing with in-game situations. Additionally, employees can only login to a JMod account while inside one of the Jagex offices. Currently, there are about four hundred JMods.[4]

Jagex Moderator accounts will always have a gold crown File:Jmod crown.png beside their name when in public chat, and a gold background when posting on the forums. JMod usernames will always begin with "Mod", except for three exceptions - Ian, Paul, and Andrew Gower's RuneScape names are simply Ian, Paul and Andrew, respectively [5]. There are also at least two former Jagex Moderators (Sirmodsteve, and Rsguide) who no longer work with Jagex.[6] Jagex has also made it so that players' names cannot begin with 'Mod' so that it will cause less confusion among players. Other types of moderators include Player Moderators and Forum Moderators.


A level 1 Jagex Moderator.
  • Jagex Moderators have the combined abilities of both Forum and Player Moderators, and additional abilities above and beyond which enable them to carry out functions related to their duties. Jagex Moderators may also possess additional abilities not normally available to players, such as turning invisible, but such abilities have not yet been confirmed by a Jagex Moderator.
Jagex Moderators can simply type a command to teleport.
  • Jagex Moderators have the ability to add or remove items in their inventory, modify their skills (and thus their combat level)[7], and teleport to any location in Gielinor. They may also walk through scenery and onto any terrain, including physical boundaries which would normally block passage, an ability commonly referred to as noclip.
  • Players used to be able to trade with and attack Jagex Moderators. Now, however, Jagex Moderators can no longer be attacked or traded with by a player in any way. The change was to prevent players from receiving unfair advantages resulting from a JMod's ability to create any item. If a player were to trade with a Jagex Moderator now, the player would receive the message: "Sorry, but you can't trade with Jagex Moderators." Players can still play against a Jagex moderator on FunOrb, however.
Jagex Moderators possess gold crowns in clan chat.
  • JMods can be teleported away, attacked, and killed by random events and other Jagex Moderators. Gravestones of Jagex Mods cannot be repaired or blessed[8], and it is not known whether or not other Jagex Mods can do so. It is not known whether or not a Jagex Mod loses items when they die.
  • Anything said by a Jagex Moderator can always be seen regardless of a player's chat settings. Additionally, Jagex Moderators can always see when a player is online and send private messages even when private chat is turned off. When in a clan chat channel, Jagex Moderators have a gold crown icon and abilities comparable to the channel owner.
Jagex Moderators also have special abilities on the RuneScape Forums.
  • On the RuneScape Forums, Jagex Moderators have the ability to use HTML and JavaScript. This ability allows them to include images in their posts, use different fonts, and change their background colour. Additionally, Jagex Moderators can edit other player's posts as well as make threads into stickies. Actions preformed by Jagex Moderators such as locking a thread or editing a title cannot be undone by a Forum Moderator. There are possibly several other forum related abilities which are still unknown.
  • Although Jagex Moderators are widely known for their golden crowned accounts, most, do have normal RuneScape accounts but to protect their identity they cannot be revealed to anyone whatsoever.
Two Jagex Moderators "noclipped" into the middle of a pond.

How to become a Jagex Moderator

In order to become a Jagex Moderator, players must be a member of Jagex's staff. Applicants for jobs must be at least 18 years old, and be able to work in the United Kingdom[9].

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has this advice for prospective Jagex employees: "Being bright, passionate, creative, hard working and living in the UK (which is where the offices are based) is a distinct advantage... Typically, maths and science are the most sought after skills for our developers... Working for Jagex is not just about your degree but more about identifying with the Jagex culture, which is all about excellence, hard work, passion for games and having fun... we tend to look for bright, hard working people with a passion for games... We tend to employ a lot of people as they leave university, so around 21~22, I would say."[7]


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ST Expanded

Up to date as of February 07, 2010

The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

project navigation

Administrators, or "admins" for short, are STEUDians with sysop rights.

If you need to request administrator assistance, click here.



Administrators are equal to everyone in terms of editorial responsibility. The terms "sysop" and "administrator" are misnomers in a sense, as they simply indicate users who have had performance- and security-based restrictions on several features lifted because they seem like trustworthy folks and asked nicely. Administrators have no special power over other users other than applying decisions made by the user community. In certain cases, such as vandalism, speedy deletions or dealing with abusive users, administrators may act autonomously. In this sense administrators are trusted and expected to behave impartially, and in the community's best interests (as with all users).

The community looks to administrators to perform essential housekeeping chores that require the extra access administrators are entrusted with. Among them are watching votes for deletion and executing the consensus of the community on keeping or deleting these articles, keeping an eye on new and changed articles to swiftly delete obvious vandalism, and meeting user requests for help that require administrative access. Since administrators are expected to be experienced members of the community, users seeking help will often turn to an administrator for advice and information.

List of administrators

Below is the list of administrators on this wiki:

  • Jrofeta (semi-active)
  • Kevin W. (bureaucrat)
  • Luke80 (bureaucrat) (semi-active)
  • Sasoriza (bureaucrat) (semi-active; contact when needed)
  • Sneg (inactive)
  • TimPendragon (inactive)

What administrators do

Wiki software has important features which are restricted. Of those restricted features, administrators have access to the following:

Protected pages

  • Directly edit protected pages. For information and guidelines, see editing protected pages.
  • Protect and unprotect pages. Pages are only protected in certain rare circumstances. For information and guidelines, see protection policy.

Deletion and undeletion

  • Delete pages and their history. For information and guidelines, see the deletion policy. To suggest a page to delete (after reading the policy and guidelines pages), see votes for deletion. Sometimes deletion is a technical matter, in which a redirection page has to be removed to make way for renaming an article, or a page whose history has been broken up has to be deleted and the pieces recombined. Other times it's a matter of cleaning up simple junk edits on pages with no actual content, or removing material that has been pasted in from another site and infringes copyright.
  • View and restore deleted pages and their history.
  • Permanently delete images. This is a non-reversible change: Once deleted, it's gone. For information and guidelines, see image use policy. To suggest an image to delete (after reading the policy), see images and media for deletion. To challenge a decision to delete an image, make sure that you still have a copy of the image (there is no way to restore it), then leave a post at the administrators' noticeboard. Note that there is no particular reason that image deletion should not be reversible; this is simply the way the software works at present.


  • Revert pages quickly. Any user (logged-in or not) can revert a page to an earlier version. Administrators have a faster, automated reversion tool. When looking at a user's contributions, a link that looks like: [rollback] – appears next to edits at the top of the edit history. Clicking on the link reverts to the last edit not authored by that user, with edit summary (Reverted edits by X (Talk); changed back to last version by Y) and marks it as a minor change. In a fairly recent change, admins can also rapidly revert changes when viewing a difference.

Hiding vandalism from recent changes

  • Sysops can hide vandalism from recent changes. To do this, add &bot=1 to the end of the URL used to access a user's contributions. For example, When the rollback links on the contributions list are clicked, the revert and the original edit that you are reverting will both be hidden from the default Recentchanges display (by using the marker originally added to keep massive bot edits from flooding recentchanges, hence the "bot"). This means that they will be hidden from recent changes unless you click the "bots" link to set hidebots=0. The edits are not hidden from contributions lists, page histories or watchlists. The edits remain in the database and are not removed, but they no longer flood Recentchanges. The aim of this feature is to reduce the annoyance factor of a flood vandal with relatively little effort. This should not be used for reverting a change you just don't like, but is meant only for simple vandalism, particularly massive flood vandalism.

Block and unblock

  • Block IP addresses, IP ranges and user accounts, for a specific time or indefinitely.
  • Unblock IP addresses, IP ranges, and user accounts.
  • See bans and blocks for more information on when blocks are appropriate and when they are not. See Special:Ipblocklist for currently blocked IP addresses and usernames.

Design and wording of the interface

  • Sysops can change the text of the interface by editing the pages in the MediaWiki namespace. This includes the text at the top of pages such as "Special:Whatlinkshere" and the page that a blocked user sees when trying to edit a page.
  • Sysops can edit the style of the interface by changing the CSS (cascading stylesheet) in the monobook stylesheet at MediaWiki:Monobook.css.


Administrators should keep an eye on all pages to help keep the wiki "cleaned up" and running efficiently. Administrators are expected to play an active role in helping out on one or more of these pages. If you are an administrator, please sign up below for an area to supervise. Working together lightens the workload for each of us.

Becoming an administrator

Our policy is to appoint new admins only when and if the current number becomes insufficient to handle daily tasks. At this time, we are not looking for more administrators.

Admins may be chosen from among those who contribute regularly, show good sense in terms of content and wikification and comport themselves well in dealings with others. They should be trusted, respected members of the community, with only the community's best interests in mind.

If you would like sysop access, and you are willing to take on a little more responsibility in our community, add your name to requests for adminship according to the guidelines mentioned there, and fellow editors will discuss then vote in order to determine if you should become an administrator.

NOTE: At present, we do not need more admins. Only when this notice is removed should you consider requesting admin status.

Be careful, please!

If you are granted access, we ask that you exercise care in using sysop functions, especially the ability to delete pages and their histories, to delete images (which is permanent!), and the ability to block IP addresses. You can learn more at the Wikia administrators' how-to guide. You should also review pages linked from Wikipedia: Administrators' reading list before using any of your sysop abilities.

Other access types

In addition to administrators, there are other types of identified users, listed here in roughly ascending order of power. Administrators fall between signed-in users and bureaucrats.

Signed-in users

Users with ordinary access, including visitors who haven't "signed in," can still do most things, including the most important: editing articles and helping with maintenance tasks. But only signed-up users can upload files or rename pages; see Special:Userlogin to sign yourself in.


Users with "bureaucrat" status can make other users into sysops (but cannot remove sysop status). Bureaucrats are created by other bureaucrats on projects where these exist, or by stewards on those who don't yet have one. Sysoppings are recorded in Special:Log/rights.


Users with "steward" status can change the access of any user on any Wikimedia project. This includes granting and revoking sysop access, and marking users as bots. Their actions are recorded at Meta:Bureaucrat log. Requests for their assistance can be made at m:requests for permissions. Normally, they will not perform actions that can be carried out by a local bureaucrat.


The highest degree of technical access (actually a group of levels, the difference between all but the lowest of which isn't really visible to users) is "developer", for those who can make direct changes to the Wikia software and database. These people, by and large, do not carry out administrative functions, aside from sock puppet checks and reattributing edits. See m:Developers for a list of developers and further information.

Dealing with grievances

If you think an administrator has acted improperly against you or another editor, you should express your concerns directly to the administrator responsible. Try and come to a resolution in an orderly and civil manner. However, if the matter is not resolved between the two parties, you can take further action by posting your grievance on the administrators' noticeboard.

Administrator abuse

Administrators can be removed if they continually misuse their powers. To report admin abuse, leave a detailed message on one of the following:

  • Jrofeta's talk page
  • Kevin W.'s talk page
  • Luke80's talk page
  • Sasoriza's talk page
  • Sneg's talk page
  • TimPendragon's talk page

Or, leave a post on the admin noticeboard. If you are unable to do so (because of a block), you may e-mail an admin or contest the decision on your talk page.

External links

project navigation

Content on this page was adapted from Wikipedia.

This article uses material from the "Star Trek Expanded Universe:Administrators" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the in-universe usage of the word. You may be looking for the administrators of Wookieepedia.

An administrator was an individual who was given command of a facility which they had to manage and moderate. Typically, these would be factories that required some form of efficiency and management for them to be run smoothly.

List of administrators


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88


This article uses material from the "Administrator" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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