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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 46)
6,000 51,000
Elemental affinities
- - - -
- - - -
Japanese アデル
Romaji Aderu
Location Lunatic Pandora
Scan Esthar's ruler before Laguna and company confined her. Released by Ultimecia, and regaining strength.
HP Formula 1000(Lv) + 5000
Card None

Adel is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII, fought at the start of disc 4. In this battle, Adel has Rinoa Junctioned to her. Rinoa also has HP, but not much of it, so if she dies, it is Game Over.


Cast Regen on Rinoa at the start of the battle, followed by Shell, and be sure to Regen and Shell the party as well (Quistis's Mighty Guard works wonders). Adel will frequently drain HP from Rinoa, so make sure one of the fighters has the Recover command to top her up occasionally.

Adel uses a host of powerful spells, but as she has been cryogenically frozen for the last seventeen years, she is a bit rusty at actually casting them. She will drain HP from Rinoa, then blast a character with a Flare, Holy, or something similar. Her Energy Bomber skill is a physical attack against the whole party, but does little damage, so do not worry about it too much. When "Magical powers are concentrated on Adel!" appears be prepared; her next spell will be Ultima. This spell can do up to 3,000 damage, but if the party have high Spirit and Shell status, they should survive it with ease.

All multiple-target attacks are out. Ignore Ultima, any GFs (except Cerberus) and most Limit Breaks, especially the Renzokuken because while it can deal a ton of damage to one character, some final attacks effect both Adel and Rinoa and will deal massive damage to both of them. Have Squall, Irvine, and/or Selphie serve as the healers of this battle, topping up Rinoa's health and protection. Put Aura on Zell and/ or Quistis: for Zell's Limit Break, do not activate any of the finishing moves; for Quistis', use Homing Laser, Gatling Gun, Laser Eye, or Acid.

Adel should be relatively easy to defeat if Rinoa remains safe through the battle.

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