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Vox Populi

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A Century Baby imprisoned by alien Fever Men, Vox was freed by Synergy and Prof. Q and reluctantly joins the ranks of The Monarchy.

The story of Addie Vochs begins in 1901.

A Century Baby born a year late, she was born to a poor black family in the deep south. On the day of her birth alien beings known as Fever Men descend on her house and take her prisoner, presumably slaughtering her family.

The Fever Men, beings of living "ideas" (psychic energy, presumably) were sent by Chimaera, an interdimensional army, to subdue this woman who was destined to become "the voice of the people". And so they kept her in a state of normal-humanity for a century, imprisoning her there in her house.

While The Monarchy was being formed, Prof. Q and Synergy travel to Addie Vochs' house to awaken her latent Century Baby powers. After the Fever Men attack and kill Professor Q, Synergy still manages to succeed and in the awakening of her powers she heals Q and destroys the Fever Men who had tormented her for a century.

At first reluctant to join The Monarchy and risk life and limb, she was convinced (albeit in a fairly heavy handed way) to join their battle against Chimaera.

Vox Populi is a Century Baby and so one assumes the normal powers seen in her kind--enhanced strength and durability, immortality--exist in her. Mainly though Vox's powers revolve around her voice, the literal voice of the people. She can heal or kill with her voice, creating healing songs or devastating cacophonies at will.

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Immortality: She was born "with the true century" - on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve of 1901. As she grew she displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills, as well as immortality (not aging beyond her 20's). It has been theorised that they act as an immune system for the planet, her very existence protecting Earth. As such she supposedly represents an aspect of the century into which they were born.

  • Voice of the People: Addie is one of the Century Babies, a being produced by the multiverse for a specific task. In her case, this was to influence the people.
  • Decelerated Aging: Additionally, she stopped aging at nineteen and remained this way until her death. Her appearance alters from time to time and it is unclear if this is an effect of her connection to the planet or artist interpretation. She had at least a 100 year lifespan, not aging once she reached adulthood.

Audiokinesis: is the purported ability to mentally manipulate sound waves. capable of using her voice for various effects ranging from her abilities to heal or kill with her voice, creating healing songs or devastating cacophonies at will.

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