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Addiction to a substance, or activity, means your body (or your mind) is in need of a daily dose to avoid withdrawal symptoms.



  • You can get addicted when you use too many drugs. As an addict, you suffer withdrawal symptoms only when you run out of supplies. Many substances in the Fallout games are addictive. Each chem has a chance of addiction. One of the most addictive drugs is Jet.
  • For Fallout 1 & 2, withdrawal effects occur after becoming addicted and going for some amount of time without using that chem. For non-jet addictions, addiction lasts 7 days from the onset of the withdrawal effects (nine days of non-use), while jet addiction lasts forever without the Jet Antidote .

Different kinds of Addictions:

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

Beer 5% ? 7 days Alcohol Addiction -1AG, -1CH
Buffout 25% 2 days 7 days Buffout Addiction -2ST, -2EN, -3AG
Jet 50% 2 days Until Cure is taken
Jet Addiction -1ST, -1PE
Mentats 15% 7 days 7 days Mentats Addiction -3IN, -2AG
Nuka-Cola 10% 30 minutes 7 days
Nuka Cola Addiction N/A: "You crave more Nuka-Cola"
Psycho 20% 7 days 7 days Psycho Addiction -2IN
RadAway 10% 10 days 7 days
Rad Away Addiction -20 Radiation Resistance
10% ? 7 days Alcohol Addiction -1AG, -1CH
Tragic Disabled from Fallout 2, depends on mod version Disabled from Fallout 2, depends on mod version Disabled from Fallout 2, depends on mod version Tragic Addiction N/A: "You feel a burning desire to open another box of Tragic cards"

Fallout 3

  • An easy way to avoid addiction is to save before consuming said substance. If you become addicted, simply load from the earlier save.
  • Items not listed in this table are not addictive in Fallout 3; This includes Rad-X, RadAway, and some other substances.
  • Additionally, two properties associated with addiction are present; duration and magnitude. It is unknown at this time what these two values represent, though they probably amplify the chances of addiction somehow, as not all addictive substances have these two properties.
Buffout Chems 10% 108000 30 -1EN, -1ST
Jet Chems 20% 108000 30 -1AG, -1CH
Ultrajet Chems 20% 2880 12 -2AG, -1PE, -1ST
Mentats1 Chems 5% 108000 30 -1IN, -1PE
Beer Food 5% 0 0 -1AG, -1CH
Vodka Food 10% 0 0 -1AG, -1CH
Wine Food 5% 0 0 -1AG, -1CH
Psycho Health 10% 108000 30 -1EN, -1PE
Med-X Hospital 10% 108000 30 -1AG, -1IN
Scotch Liquor Bottle 10% 0 0 -1AG, -1CH
Whiskey Liquor Bottle 10% 0 0 -1AG, -1CH
Ant Nectar Quest Items 5% 3600 20 -2ST
Nuka Cola
Quest Items 10% 2880 12 -1CH, -15 Radiation Resistance
  • 1Note this only applies to plain mentats, the other variations (berry, orange, and grape) are non addictive.
Conditions in the Fallout games

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